The Pines

Restaurants in Skala

Tony & madeleine P          8/10

Excellant relaxed evening meal...good quality, friendly service and you must visit at least once to experience the 'Special' Toilets. Press the button and stand back in amazement.

Tracee S          10/10

My husband and myself have been to this place a few times and we would highly reccommend it!

Atmosphere and food are great! The staff are very friendly.

Lisa T          9/10

Myself and My hubby always go on our first night, as we love the food and the service here, they always have room for you and such a great view. The food is varied and you may have a problem choosing as theres so much to choose from.

Not badly priced, would recommend to all who are thinking of visiting Skala this year.

Karen W          5/10

Very disappointing here and not sure what all the hype is about-seemed ideal for families as opposed to couples. We went once in 2005, but have not returned since and do not intend to as we think there are much better places in Skala with better food and atmosphere.

Clark P           



Clark P           


Dawn H           

  Fantastic place to eat the people were very friendly and they do the most fantastic Greek roast beef diner on a sunday.     We loved it !!

Karl M           

We were recommended to eat at this restaurant. But like some of the other comments the restaurant only seemed interested in getting you in and out as quickly as possible. Of the fourteen nights this was easily our most disappointing and only bad meal. We felt rushed. The food was average and expensive. I would avoid.

Doreen H           

We ate here twice during our 7 day stay in Skala, the stuffed tomatoes and peppers were absolutely wonderful, in fact everyhing we ordered was good, we had a surprise when we went to the loo, and I am surprised nobody else has commented on it.... it was worth the visit just to see the sink in action.  The staff were very good considering how busy they all were -  nothing was too much trouble.   Would recommend this restaurant.


Everybody told me to have a meal here but I was very dissapointed ,all they seemed interested in was getting you in and out as quick as they could.In fact they actually turned up with the main course whilst my wife was still eating her starter.To make matters worse when she tasted her main course(beef strogonof)it was disgusting the cook must of spilled half a box of salt on it. My advise if you want a nice relaxing meal is dont eat here.


We loved the Pines!  The Lamb Kleftico and Moussaka were the best we've ever had and the choice of wine was really good for a restaurant in Greece.  The service was excellent both times we went and we never felt rushed to leave our table - maybe this was because we never ate until around 9.30pm.  I would definitely reccomend this restaurant.

Steven D           

we loved this on our first visit to scala two years ago.  this year not so meal spoilt by screaming toddlers running between the wifes wine was knocked over...this continued for about hlf an hour whilst the parents (english of course) were getting drunk in the corner.  do all holidays need to be spoilt by unruly english children?.....other children were womderful....especially the greeks.  the food is good though.

Claire B           

Food : Excellent
  Service : Excellent
  Price : Excellent
We really liked it here, esp for breakfast they have a specific breakfast menu and that almost anything you would want for breakfast on it, freshly squeezed orange juice, as much freshly brewed coffee that you can drink and the luxury of a fresh breeze and to read a newspaper, Very friendly staff without being overbearing.
  Claire Backhouse (Friday, August 18, 2006)  View 4 posts by Claire Backhouse
  Location: UK

Rob P           

We went to the Pines on a number of mornings for breakfast and they had a huge selection different foods - and they didn't have the embarrassing bottles of HP sauce on every table that ensured we wouldn't be going anywhere near the likes of Scandinavia

  If you like Greek yoghurt and fruits try a 'Fresh & Fruity' - bananas, strawberries, melon, yoghurt, honey and walnuts.  They'd also prepare anything you wanted so I had fresh tomatoes on toast  couple of days and a Greek salad another.
Never ate here on an evening as it looked pretty regimented and the 'Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding' on Sunday dinner times was a bit off putting.

Michael C           

Yes it's often busy but the waiters are ultra-efficient. We werent put under any pressure to vacate the table at the end of meals, even though others were waiting for tables. Wide range of dishes : some better than others. lamb fournisto & some of the veggie options bit bland. Spaghetti basilico ( a la pesto) good: fresh basil. Lamb a la pines Ok but looked as if been prepared well in advance & re heated. Meat Ok.

Louise S           

Everyone goes on about how good the Pines is but costs a little more for quality.. well sorry but it was the worst meal we had.. in fact my boyfriend felt sick afterwards (and no it wasn't through drinking!).. so we never revisited.  We spoke to a few people who said they have had fantastic meals there and then ordered the same thing and it was awful.. so no consistency.. so pot luck if it's a good meal or not, which is not good enough when you are on holiday and spending good money as yes it's a little more than other places nearby!

Joanne H           

After reading all the rave reviews I expected something outstanding, however my husband and I were not impressed.  The food is very good but thats about all it has going for it.  The restaurant is always busy and the tables are very close together.  The atmosphere wasn't that of enjoying a nice meal in a typically Greek restaurant, I felt it was more about how quickly they could turnaround tables.  I have no idea how they cooked my husbands roast chicken so so quickly, the starter plates were removed and literally replaced by main course.   I had Kefalonia Meat Pie at 2 restaurants and the serving I received at the Pines looked like it had been cooked and stood for a while.  Whilst this restaurant is not horrible, our personal opinion is that there are far better restaurants to try in Skala before this one.  I guess it depends what you like.  If you want your food as quick as possible without relaxing and you don't want to attempt to try and speak any Greek, theis is the place for you.  This is the only place where the house wine is absoloutely horrid.

Saul N           

Being one of the biggest restaurants in the resort I was a little sceptical as to the quality here but we tried it as there were good vegetraian options for my girlfriend. Although very busy they found us a nice table underneath a fan and we were quickly served with lovely bread and fresh water. Starters were very good and the main course was even better. I had a chicken souvlaki which was top notch and my gielfriend loved her veggie lasagne. The dessert we wanted was not available but none the less we had a great meal here and I was wrong to dimiss it. Recomended!

Paul J           

A fair point from the poster below. This place is really classy, and the food is excellent (my favourite Kefalonian Meat Pie out of the restaurants that we have eaten in), but it isn't the most Greek of places. That's not a big problem for me because when we go for a meal we want good food, service and atmosphere and you definitely get that at the Pines. Eat here for sure but if you can't get in, and there's a good chance you won't because it's chocker most nights, nip next door to Flamingo's or down past the post office to the Aquarius and tuck in there instead.

Rebecca G           

Aquarius and the Pines were pretty similar - the food is excellent, but they just aren't very Greek. One tip I would give for anyone going to Skala who likes to enjoy a long meal is to ask for a 20 min break in between starter and main as in all restaurants they came too quickly.

Sorry - should have marked it good in the one below!

Rebecca G           

Aquarius and the Pines were pretty similar - the food is excellent, but they just aren't very Greek. One tip I would give for anyone going to Skala who likes to enjoy a long meal is to ask for a 20 min break in between starter and main as in all restaurants they came too quickly.

Karen C           

Well after reading all the comments we were determined to try The Pines on this trip to Scala, having missed it last time.  The food was great, the service was excellent, and the atmosphere relaxing.  Like all the restaurants in town our daughter was made to feel welcome and they were quite happy to make anything on the menu for her as a `child size` portion which was helpful. 

 A little more expensive than some of the other restaurants maybe, but worth a visit.
p.s. The self-cleaning toilet seat gave me and my daughter a good laugh too!

Nik C           

This seems to be one of the biggest debates on this website as to whether the Pines is any good.

We found the service, food and staff all excellent. We had been dubious of trying it after reading some of the comments on here but you couldn't deny night after night walking past and seeing how busy it was. We finally took the plunge and ended up eating there three nights running just to be able to try as much as possible on the comprehensive menu.
Could find nothing to fault the experience and certainly didn't find it anymore expensive than the other restaurants in town.
Each to their own as they say, try it and see what you think

Peter & jackie            

This was a very close second to our favourite restaurant in Skala (which was Aquarius), huge menu, lots of choice, great service and atmosphere.  Watch out for the strange toilets . . .

Malcolm T           



Louise S           

This is a fantastic restaurant in a lovely location with sea views though the pine trees. Service is excellant and the staff are very frinedly and helpful. There is a large menu with lots of choice, I can recommend the kefalonia meat pie. This is definitely one of the best, if not the best restaurant in Skala. I also think it is reasonably prices for the quality of the food.Tongue

Kato C           

Two of us ate for 25 euros. The food was outstanding: kleftico lamb (melt-in-the-mouth with an incredible flavour: quite simply the best lamb we'd ever tasted) and Cobb salad (good, strong flavours) plus bread, tsatsiki, fried Feta cheese and half a bottle of robola. The service was like lightning: we were served in about three minutes flat. The already-pleasant atmosphere was improved hugely by the celebrity presence of Roy Hattersley on the next table. We also ate at Aiolos (the only restaurant to rival The Pines) and Aquarius, Apostolis, Flamingo, Gallera and Scandinavia.

John M           

This was the first restaurant we used in our two week holiday. We must have gone to about 10 in Skala and they were all pretty good. Pines was not the cheapest but the quality of food and service is up with the best.

Gordon W           

Had breakfast almost every morning at The Pines.

Food well cooked and presented along with unlimited coffee.
Staff were all most helpful and pleasant.
We ate many different menu options and all were equally good.

Dawn D           

Cannot be recommended enough especially for breakfast, unlimited coffee/tea and were excellent with children. The toilets were spotless and the automatic toilet seat cleaner has to be seen to be believed. The owner ans staff were excellent

Allyn H           

The Pines is definitely the best restaurant in Skala.  Excellent menu and friendly service.  Some of the wines were a little more expensive than in other restaurants but you can still choose wisely from an extensive wine list or just drink the house wine.  The owner and all the staff always made you feel welcome whether it was your first visit or if you were a “regular”.  After food I always judge a place by its toilets and the automatic seat cleaner in The Pines has to be seen to be believed.  Try some of then other restaurants so that you have an idea of what the competition has to offer and then try the best, The Pines.

John K           

Cannot understand why this was so busy, food was average at best - I had grilled salmon fillet - salmon fillet was tiny, and was served with minimal potatos / vegetables!

David P           

Just got back and ate in Pines vertually every night with the exception of Aquarious on a couple of occassions. food was excellent and the staff were brilliant. Yani the owner always greats you with a smile and keep you water glass topped up as he does in the mornings with your coffee cup. They are always very busy for obviouse reasons, the menu is very varied and even a fussy eater like me has no problem eating there. I have to say the Lamb a la Pines is a definate must.

Chris S           

Just Back July 2005

We ate at the pines on three occassions and enjoyed every single one. I had the Kefalonian meat pie on my first visit and was blown away by how good it was. I tried the Kleftico on my second and really enjoed this also, on my last visit I sampled the Lamb ala Pines which to is georgeous, followed by the chocolate souffle for two which was also very good. A little more pricey than other restaurants in Scala, but I think it is to do with the quality of the food and constant free flowing water (shame it wasn't wine).
Also a bathroom with a self cleaning seat!

Louise B           

 We went to both the pines and the pines 2 - literally 50m away from one another, both equally popular and both equally busy. Fantastic service and the food was lovely. The pines 2 is set on the beach and is an absolute must for all you romantics!! 

Liz K           

Had 1st meal here when we arrived in Scala and was very impressed. Had the Meze and it was really tasty. When ever we walked past it was always busy and other people from our hotel went and enjoyed the food as well.

Elaine W           

Dont agree with the previous two comments however we always sat at the edge which i guess is a little less claustaphobic! I had read all the reviews on this restaurant before we went and really wanted it to fail as i thought it was too overhyped! Oh boy were they right - this restaurant is fantastic. It was the only one we went back to again and me and my husband are fussy. I had the lamb which was so tender it melted and my husbands steak was perfect. In fact the whole meal was  You must also have desert here as they are devine. This restaurant was SUPERB Pricey, yes, but you get what you pay for.

Ron C           

not happy with this place tables to close you could eat of the next table and hear all they said bit pricey for what is was

Gloria t           

We spent 2 weeks in Scala last August. After trying a few local restaurants we discovered The Pines and ate there for the next 10 nights - working our way through their menu! The food was always great and the service exceptional. I had my birthday while there and The Pines made it very special by scattering rose petals on the tablecloth and making me an amazing chocolate birthday cake. If you have something to celebrate while on holiday let them know and they will spoil you.Nothing was too much trouble for them. I long to go back! 

Sarah Y           

We had an evening meal and a breakfast in the Pines.  Our evening meal was very nice, deep fried camberet with blackcurrent jelly, very nice.  Beef strogonoff was nothing like it should have been but a pleasent beef casserole all the same. House white wine very nice.  A little bit pricey for the meal.

We had the full english breakfast which was very nice, very good value, coffee refilled as much as you like.  English news papers available.

Don F           

like Linda we enjoyed the food here the kefalonian meat pie was good and the house white wine was okay at 6euros per litre. However you are rushed so they can re sit your`e table only visited once but was popular.

Don F           

like Linda we enjoyed the food here the kefalonian meat pie was good and the house white wine was okay at 6euros per litre. However you are rushed so they can re sit your`e table only visited once but was popular.

Linda L           

Having read everyones comments before we went we thought we would try this restaurant first but was very disappointed. Food was good but the whole evening was so rushed and we felt they just wanted to get you out and someone in on a quick turn round. It was the only place we didn't feel we could stay the whole evening and so therefore never went back. It was more pricey too.

Lynn P           

The Pines was the gastronomic highlight of our wonderful holiday! As vegetarians we struggled to find high-quality, well-cooked, imaginative, well-flavoured veg. cuisine elsewhere.
Can anyone tell me how the apparent molecular deformation of the toilet seat occurs? Revolving is understandable, but the figure of 8 deformation is mind-boggling!! My son cannot understand how I could have left the place before working that one out!

Neil L           

can't overstate just how much we hated dining in this place, we certainly didn't go back on a second evening. we are obviously in a minority, because the place was packed with english tourists every night, but you won't find many greeks eating here. lost my will to live when a nice, juicy hirini brisola (pork chop) turned up cooked the english way instead of the tasty greek way.

about as authentic as a greek restaurant in sc**thorpe or salisbury, but certainly knows what his customers want, familiar food, friendly service and clean toilets.

wine was about 25% to 50% more expensive than the same wine elsewhere, overall one of our most expensive meals and very disappointing.

great for breakfast, for all the same reasons, familiar food etc. - non-stop coffee top-ups, full english breakfast with "proper english sausages", i could go on but you either want that sort of thing on holiday or you don't, and if you do then this place does it better than anyone.

Renny W           

My girlfriend and I stayed in Kefalonia in 2001 and 2002. We're both cabin crew and travel the world most of our lives so we know a good thing when we see it. Overall Kefalonia is the most beautiful place we have been anywhere in the world and the people are simply superb. The Pines is a great example of this. Superb service and an atmosphere second to none. However, it's the food where The Pines well and truly wins, with probably the best dishes we believe the Island has to offer. Whatsmore, these guys are consistant. They deserve your's as simple as that!! By the way, regarding the bad review that someone has given it...they're probably talking about The Pines Too down on the beach!!

Steve B           

The Pines is by far our favourite restaurant in Skala (and that is saying something as we cannot recall ever having a bad meal in the resort). We have spent our last three wedding anniversaries here and this year our hotel owner, conspired with Yanni to ensure we had a wonderful meal (petals over the table etc.).

I can highly recommend the food and the steaks are superb.

You must also ensure you take a look at the toilets with the assorted gadgets they have (self cleaning toilet seat and paper bins that open themselves).

Steve & Sue Brown


2nd holiday in Skala - 1st one in 2002 and we dined at the Pines a couple of times because the food was so superb. Just returned from 1 weeks holiday in Skala last week. We visited the Pines again - we were so hoping the food would be the same 2 years on - and it WAS !! My favourite dish was one called Lamp Klefetico - to DIE FOR !! It's a dish wrapped in foil so you cant mistake it - lamb, tomatoes, onions, potato and feta cheese - absolutely scrummy - you must try it ! Very reasonable to - I think it was about 8/9 euros. My partner's favourite dish was swordfish which also is a must it that's your thing. Yes, it can be expensive but we wasted so much money on cheaper places before, it's best to stick to waht you know ! Again, yes it can get very busy but that's only because the food and service is so damn good !

Stu & jo            

Ate at The Pines twice during our two week stay in Skala. On both occassions thought the food was of excellent quality and the portions very generous, we had the Beef Stifado, Mediterranean Chicken, Mexican Chicken and Chicken a la Creme as well as Tzatiki and the Greek Salad. The regular water top ups were a nice touch! and the house white is well recommended. Overall two fantastic meals very much enjoyed. The toilet is a must see!!!!!

Gemma D           

i really liked this place cos the food was gorge and not to mention one ickle waitor there lol. but the food is really good but be careful because they keep filling your glass with water all the time. my mum had to go to the loo three times, but it was worth it to see the revolvong loos they have. lol.

Catherine T           

The Pines was easily the busiest restuarant during our stay in Skala so we had to give it a try. The service was excellent, despite it being busy and they were turning people away by 8.30! However, we were slightly disappointed by the meal itself. I had the vegetarian Kebabs which consisted of about 6 pieces of onion, pepper etc, a small mound of rice and equally small mound of Greek yogurt. My partner went for a lamb dish and was disappointed to discover it didn't come with anything at the side. All in all a very small, basic meal at a high price. I would probably return to the Pines; purely for the service, but would order a few side dishes too!

Sarah L           

We ate here the last night of our holidays. Great service and excellent food. Pines lamb special was gorgeous.

Liz T           

A good restastuarant which we used a few times in our visit to scala. The food was very good, especially the Lamb alla Pineu. Best dish I j#have had for a while. Only problem is they get very busy and sometimes we were unable to eat here due to the amount of people already in the resturaunt

Kerrina N           

We've just come back from Kefalonia and stayed in Skala and we recommended The Pines to everyone. The service and food is excellent. It might be a little more expensive than the rest but well worth going to try.

Pat M           

The food was very good. The service was not very Greek (far too rushed). The ambiance was not very good & the noise from the fans did our heads in!!

Kerry -           

Was looking forward to eating here after reading the comments on this website but must say was the worse meal we had of the holiday. Can't see what the fuss is about - would highly recommend Aquarius as the best restaurant in Skala!

Vicki C           

OK Andy, tell us why-as everyone else loves the place I am very keen to hear why you rate it badly.

Andy M           

Really dont know what all the hype is about, probably the worst of the lot !!

Vicki C           

We loved it here! The special Roast Lamb a La Pines (with pine nuts, apricots mint and prunes) is sensational. Our lunch visit was more enjoyable as we were not hurried at all, however our Saturday night visit was definately rushed, which is even more noticeable when you consider the normal laid-back Greek way. The loos are almost worth a visit on their own!-and at least one photo.........

Darren L           

We went at the start of the season in May, and we cannot speak high enough for the owner and all the staff at The Pines.

This is without doubt the BEST greek food we have ever tasted, and the service leaves many of the other restaurants in Skala and indeed the rest of the island in the shade.

We would also like to say that in the two times we have visited the island first time we stayed at Svoronata and the second in Skala, we had such a fantastic time (Maria at the Porto Helis is most welcoming and even remembered us upon our return 3 years later) & the Ocean View Apartments in Skala have a fantastic setup, very clean rooms and much much more than meets the eye.

Needless to say Kefalonia has become our special place and will always be close to our hearts, that is mostly because of the people and the beautiful surroundings. One tip if you go respect the locals and the rewards will be that you will have a great holiday!!!

Darren Long & Sarah Weston

Mark C           

The best Greek restaurant that I have ever eaten in.
Try the Lamb dish under the House specialities"its superb.
Thought the olive paste & lurpack that accompanied the bread was much poorer than the olive & sundried tomato paste & garlic butter served in 2002.Apparently the head chef has set up another restaurant in Skala,the name of which escapes me,but the owner must have found another with equal talents.Well done Pines.

Cheryl T           

We ate here a few times and liked it very much. The waiters were always busy but attentive.Kids enjoyed the self cleaning toilet and tried to get us to eat there every night.Great place to go to breakfast, very relaxed although it was pricier than the other restaurants we went to.Would recommend

Emma M           

The food here was fab. I would recomend 'Very Vegetarian' if you are a veggie or like Pasta, although the Veggie pizza was also very nice, and my boyfriend said his mixed grill was one of the best that he had had. The waiters are very attentive and friendly,a nd come round and fill up your glass of water when needed, without feeling like they are watching you all the time.
the restuarant is situated in an ideal location as you can people watch the square and get a feel of genuine Skala.
This is the best restuarant in Skala. You should try it!

Derek G           

We only ate here once during our stay but would say that it served the best food in Skala. Probably the most expensive meal we had but was definately worth it. Didn't really cater for children sized portions of the main meals and my kids didn't like the usual childrens fare. They like to ensure that you drink plenty of water but I think this is so that you will use there toilet! Those of you have been will know what I mean!

Alan K           

after a lovely meal i went down to the pines II piano bar.
Saw Nikos on the piano and he was joined by a welsh girl called Deborah. She sang like an angel but after a couple of nights was no longer there.
kept going back but she must have gone home - they should have given her a job !
this was beginning of june 2003. if you saw her let me know what you thought.
i am sure she must be on a cruise liner somewhere.

Sue P           

Have been to Scala for two holidays and have eaten regularly at the Pines. One of teh waiters remembered us from the previous occasion, three years earlier! Found the waiters to be friendly and the food was excellent - we obviously chose wisely and tended to choose the Greek dishes. Portions very generous and we shared deserts because they were too large for one of us.


The Pines is a must in Skala if only to marvel at the toilet seat, it really is out of this world! The staff were really friendly and efficient and the food was great.

Mark & loraine T           

The service was superb in this restaurant! You get the feeling that they are genuinely trying to please you and make your meal with them a pleasurable experience. Throughout the meal you are served ice cold water so as to quench your thirst, very good in the hot July evening, leaving you the pleasant experience of enjoying the excellent house white wine.Food was superb! I had the Mexican Chicken and Loraine enjoyed the Kefalonian Meat pie which although a little dry was a superb flavoursome dish! We had their excellent Full English breakfats on two occasions overlooking the Ionian sea through, yes you've guessed it, those sun soaking shade giving Pine trees. Great experience 10 out of 10 for The Pines. Don't miss out on The Pines 2 down the steps on the beach. Great pianist (Nikos) entertains you into the late hours and one night on July 15 we saw the FULL Moon rise out of the sea...very romantic! Skala we shall see you again one day for sure!

Julie W           

The best restaurant in Skala. Lovely food and excellent service.


We were not very impressed with The Pines. The food was OK but it wasa hot night and the waiter was dripping sweat all the time which didn't seem too hygenic. It put us off and we certainly won't go again.We found the Flamingo very nice but best of all was the 9 Muses.

David B           

Ties with 9 Muses as best restaurant in Skala. Food, service excellent and worth the little extra. Also worth the wait if full.

Tim W           

The Pines was the best we visited in Skala, we went there three times in the week. Every time we found the choice was varied and well cooked and the waiters freindly and efficient, what more could you want?

Richard B           

Ate here one lunchtime while visiting Skala - the food is great but the loo is something else ! Visit it and marvel !!

Lynda W           

The Pines is by far the superior restaurant in Skala. We have just got back from a 2 week stay in Skala and ate at the Pines 4 times - it was so good!! It is slightly more expensive than surrounding restaurants - but well worth that little extra. - still excellent value compared to UK prices for a similar standard. Really friendly service, excellent choice of food and the best wine list in Skala. If you are visiting Skala - you must eat here at least once!

Tracey P           

One of the best places to eat - spagetti carbonara was the best. All local dishes were brilliant. Service was excellent altough always busy. Even had a waiter that looked like Eric Cantona! (don't let that put you off!)
Prices were slightly higher than some of the others but NEVER had cause to complain about anything. You must check out the toilets - even had self cleaning toilet seats!