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Kefalonia Taxi Fares 2020

As is common on tourist islands, Kefalonia taxi drivers don't use their meters and work to a price table for popular journeys instead. Only use these prices as a guide as different taxi companies will often use a different rate table. Do check the price with the driver before getting into a taxi. If you do find a driver using the meter make sure it is set on the correct tariff. Tariff 2 is only for journeys between midnight and 5 am and tariff 1 is for all other times of day. The journey times given are based on sticking to the road speed limit so a typical taxi driver will probably beat these times by at least 20%.


Destination Price (euros) Distance / Duration
Airport19.008 km (14 min)
Lassi6.001.7 km (5 min)
St Georges Castle17.008 km (14 min)
Leivathos17.0012 km (19 min)
Spartia Beach17.0012 km (20 min)
Karavados Beach22.0013 km (20 min)
Trapezaki Beach28.0014 km (22 min)
Lourdas28.0017 km (26 min)
Sami39.0026 km (37 min)
Katelios40.0030 km (40 min)
Agia Efimia50.0031 km (45 min)
Lixouri55.0035 km (45 min)
Skala55.0036 km (50 min)
Assos60.0036 km (53 min)
Poros60.0040 km (57 min)
Xi Beach66.0042 km (57 min)
Fiskardo75.0050 km (70 min)
All destinations within Argostoli6.00-


Destination Price (euros) Distance / Duration
Airport80.0056 km (80 min)
Assos35.0021 km (34 min)
Agia Efimia60.0030 km (44 min)
Sami70.0038 km (58 min)
Lixouri72.0051 km (70 min)
Argostoli75.0050 km (70 min)
Lassi75.0051 km (72 min)
Xi Beach83.0058 km (71 min)
St Georges Castle90.0054 km (75 min)
Leivathos90.0058 km (80 min)
Spartia Beach90.0058 km (82 min)
Karavados Beach90.0058 km (80 min)
Trapezaki Beach95.0060 km (83 min)
Lourdas95.0062 km (87 min)
Poros100.0064 km (90 min)
Katelios100.0075 km (102 min)
Skala110.0076 km (107 min)
All destinations within Fiskardo6.00-


Destination Price (euros) Distance / Duration
Airport19.006.4 km (10 min)
Argostoli6.001.7 km (5 min)
St Georges Castle17.009.7 km (16 min)
Leivathos17.0014 km (21 min)
Spartia Beach17.0014 km (22 min)
Karavados Beach22.0014 km (20 min)
Trapezaki Beach28.0016 km (23 min)
Lourdas28.0018 km (25 min)
Sami39.0028 km (39 min)
Katelios40.0031 km (43 min)
Agia Efimia50.0032 km (46 min)
Lixouri55.0036 km (47 min)
Skala55.0037 km (51 min)
Assos60.0037 km (54 min)
Poros60.0041 km (57 min)
Xi Beach66.0043 km (58 min)
Fiskardo75.0051 km (72 min)
All destinations within Lassi6.00-


Destination Price (euros) Distance / Duration
Airport30.0014 km (24 min)
Leivathos19.004.8 km (12 min)
Karavados Beach19.006.1 km (12 min)
Trapezaki Beach19.004.1 km (10 min)
St Georges Castle22.0011.1 km (21 min)
Spartia Beach22.0010.3 km (21 min)
Lassi28.0018 km (25 min)
Argostoli28.0017 km (26 min)
Katelios30.0014.4 km (22 min)
Skala40.0021 km (32 min)
Poros45.0025 km (38 min)
Agia Efimia50.0036 km (59 min)
Sami60.0028 km (40 min)
Lixouri80.0048 km (63 min)
Assos80.0049 km (71 min)
Xi Beach90.0054 km (74 min)
Fiskardo95.0062 km (87 min)
All destinations within Lourdas6.00-


Destination Price (euros) Distance / Duration
Airport28.0010 km (17 min)
Leivathos22.006.2 km (14 min)
Spartia Beach22.004.5 km (11 min)
Karavados Beach22.005.5 km (10 min)
Argostoli28.0012 km (17 min)
Lassi28.0014 km (20 min)
Trapezaki Beach33.006 km (12 min)
Lourdas33.009 km (17 min)
Katelios39.0022 km (35 min)
Sami44.0034 km (46 min)
Skala55.0029 km (45 min)
Poros55.0033 km (50 min)
Agia Efimia60.0040 km (54 min)
Assos70.0044 km (60 min)
Lixouri70.0044 km (57 min)
Xi Beach83.0050 km (67 min)
Fiskardo85.0058 km (80 min)


Destination Price (euros) Distance / Duration
Airport60.0038 km (56 min)
Skala22.0011.5 km (18 min)
Katelios33.0016 km (26 min)
Sami45.0027 km (35 min)
Lourdas45.0025 km (38 min)
Leivathos50.0028 km (42 min)
Agia Efimia55.0034 km (47 min)
St Georges Castle55.0034 km (50 min)
Spartia Beach55.0034 km (54 min)
Karavados Beach55.0030 km (45 min)
Trapezaki Beach55.0028 km (43 min)
Argostoli60.0040 km (56 min)
Lassi60.0042 km (58 min)
Assos80.0051 km (75 min)
Lixouri100.0066 km (85 min)
Fiskardo100.0065 km (90 min)
Xi Beach110.0073 km (95 min)
All destinations within Poros6.00-


Destination Price (euros) Distance / Duration
Airport50.0033 km (46 min)
Agia Efimia22.009.1 km (15 min)
Argostoli40.0026 km (36 min)
Lassi40.0027 km (38 min)
Poros45.0027 km (36 min)
Assos50.0026 km (43 min)
St Georges Castle55.0027 km (38 min)
Leivathos55.0028 km (40 min)
Spartia Beach55.0034 km (45 min)
Karavados Beach55.0035 km (45 min)
Skala55.0038 km (52 min)
Trapezaki Beach65.0028 km (40 min)
Lourdas60.0028 km (40 min)
Katelios65.0035 km (45 min)
Lixouri70.0045 km (60 min)
Fiskardo70.0040 km (60 min)
Xi Beach80.0051 km (73 min)
All destinations within Sami6.00-


Destination Price (euros) Distance / Duration
Airport55.0034 km (51 min)
Poros22.0011.5 km (18 min)
Katelios25.009.4 km (21 min)
Lourdas40.0021 km (32 min)
Trapezaki Beach45.0024 km (38 min)
St Georges Castle50.0030 km (46 min)
Leivathos50.0024 km (37 min)
Spartia Beach50.0030 km (48 min)
Karavados Beach50.0026 km (40 min)
Argostoli55.0036 km (50 min)
Lassi55.0037 km (51 min)
Sami55.0038 km (52 min)
Agia Efimia70.0046 km (66 min)
Lixouri100.0067 km (89 min)
Assos100.0063 km (95 min)
Fiskardo110.0076 km (107 min)
Xi Beach110.0073 km (99 min)
All destinations within Skala6.00-