Restaurants in Skala

Phil Greenham

we are staying in Skala and had a very unpleasant experience in a sea front Resterant Aquarius last night which has really spoilt our experience of the island. The chicken was over cooked dry and lamb kebab tasteless. So told our lovely wattress and quietly asked for bill. She offered us another but we said no thanks we'd just pay. The male owner, 6ft plus, slammed the check on table and stormed back to back of resterant without a word. We gathered the money and quietly said to waitress on way out he was intimidating and rude, at that minute he appeared again, storming back out of kitchen and pushed me and my partner on to street. Muttering under his breat policy and police! Shocked and intimidated and shaken. No apology just intimidation. And we paid for the privalage. Out on the Main Street 20 minutes later a British middle age man came up and told us 'our behaviour was bad'!? When I pointed out we'd paid in full for a poor meal and been pushed out on to street. He said 'oh you paid?' Clearly the Greek macho male owner doesn't do lesbians.. Beware Sept 2015.

Alison S

I hate to put a bad comment in the mix but i did not like aquarius if only because of one waiter who was extremely sexist towards me and the friends i was with! He not only was rudewhen ordering but spilt the food when it arrived after such a slow service i could have eaten the meal two times over!!! not impressed slow service leary waiters and sexist people are not the foundations for a good restaurant!!!!

lets hope the waiter will be sacked so i can have a pleasant meal if i ever return!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Claire H

Had a Fantastic Meal at the Aquarius, The Choice on the Menu was outstanding. 

The Manager of the Restaurant and all the staff made us so welcome,
I would Highly Recommend you visit this restaurant when stayin in Skala.  Its one of the Best

Jackie W          9/10

  We went to Aquarius on our last night in Skala, wished we found it earlier in our holiday Food was outstanding and the service was excellent I will recommend to anyone going to Skala to pay Aquarius a visit.

Robin S          9/10

We stayed in Skala for a week in September and tried several Restaurants but without doubt our favourite was Aquarius. The service was friendly and the food was delicious. I was particularly taken with the Seafood Spaghetti and you have to try the Feta Santorini. Wine was great value at Six Euros for a Litre and we were overall impressed enough to return for a second meal.

We would strongly recommend that you eat at Aquarius.

Jane & family L          10/10

Aquarius is an awesome restuarant, the staff are very attentive and friendly. To get a table you will have to get there early because it gets busy or reserve a table for the next night. If you go there i recommend the French style onion soup as a starter, it's gorgeous!   keep it up aquarius! 


Tom C          10/10

Excellent place to eat,one of our favourites,lovely menu,freshly cooked,perfect each time we went,owner and staff very welcoming.

Penny W          10/10

Ate here on the 3rd night of our  2 week stay and then every night after.  Cannot fault it. Food was excellent, good choices, we enjoyed the Greek dishes and the fish.  Also the pasta was really good too.  never had room for a pudding!  Had 1ltr of the house wine each night, white or Rose, both very good. Staff were very freindly and efficient, they got it just right.  Definintely recommend to anyone who enjoys good Greek food at very fair prices.

Matthew B          10/10

Had two great meals here and was very impressed with the food there are lots of different things on the menu which help if you want a change from the sameness of the other restaurants,my wife works in england with owners brother so we were given a very warm welcome and a lovley platter of desserts at the end,as a lover of food my comments are in no way biased try this restaurant and see for yourselves you will not be dissapointed

Amanda K          7/10

Really friendly guys, very varied and appealing menu - obviously popular as the place was very busy. My husband's meal (Pork Exohico) was really yummy, but my Chicken Romana was extremely salty and I was quite disappointed.  

Mike C          8/10

We enjoyed the food here found it better thane than most in Scala than ate at the pines and it was even better, what can I say.

Michael R          10/10

this place i discovered near the end of my holiday in 05 and its just differant again.great food /music/and unusual dishes. .The two guys that run it ,are a great double act.very funny polite and nothing to much trouble.maria from the bb club started there last year and together they are a great team. its always busy so go early!!! its great for breakfast 2.

Sharon M          4/10

we chose to eat here one night, they were very understaffed, took forever to come round and ask what we would drink/eat.  The food was good but not the greatest.  When we got the bill they tried to overcharge us by 10 Euros.  Luckily we asked them to explain it to us & they realised their error.

Tony & madeleine P          10/10

After spending a week trying various restaurants in Skala, we eventually found the Aquarius, unfortunately on our last evening (I wish we had found it on our first evening) After reading a most comprehensive Menu, including wines from around the world, I started with Prawns in Garlic ~ my taste buds opened up...we followed this with Duck a la Orange, cooked to perfection and presented as good as any restaurant we have visited in the UK and or the continent,  (But then we are not the normal  'WELL DUN' ENGLISH . . you know the shoe Leather Type)  washed down with a beautiful cold Rose wine. Our gourmet evening ended with a selection of Greek sweets . . we especially enjoyed the Kataifi, which at our request was slightly warmed and served with Greek yogurt.    

Eleven out of Ten . .  cannot wait to go back next year. 

Karen W          5/10

Very disappointing. Although the main meal was nice it was unfortunately served with frozen veg, which was overcooked and watery...

Rose D           

8 out of 11 calls for a thumbs up for the Aquarius restaurant,I think that's a winner.Some people don't know good food when it's put in front of them,well done Yanni

Rose D           

A message for Jodie.Even the Italians don't always eat fressh pasta,and that comes from my Italian teacher so please give the guys a chance.

Rose D           

This is for the people who ate at the aquarius.This restaurant is owned by Yanni and his brother Gabriel,Yanni used to work at the Paspalis many years ago,they have worked so hard to make this work and personnaly I think they have done an excellent job.The menu I thought was very varied including Greek specialities,when we ate there on two occasions,I did not see any coaches come by,but these are the things that happen there are always new people coming into the village at different times of the day.Our meals were excellent on both occasions.The first night we were there we were the only people in there at first but by the time we had finished eating there was about thirty people in there,that to me says everything.Absolutely Fabulous,well done Yanni & Gabriel nice seeing you again,& thanks for the free wine

Linda L           

 We ate here1st Oct 2006 and we found the food good.  I had lamb stuffed with spinich and cheese which was really nice and it came with lots of veg and potatoes and my husband had a nice stamna.
They gave you a large bottle of water on the table with whatever wine you ordered and with the bill we had two complimentary cinnamon liquers - tasted a bit like cough mixture
Our only problem was the coaches which kept coming pass alot


We ate here on recommendation of people on this web-site and hated it!  I had swordfish which had obviously been frozen and was served with frozen mixed veg! My partner had pasta which was plain dried pasta, not the fresh type you would expect in a restaurant.  The only good thing was the service as the waiters were all really friendly.  Do not eat here if you like good quality food.

Claire B           

Everyone here was very attentive, with water given automatically as you sit done, had a couple of lovely pasta dishes, and my daughter had a special Icecream sundae, it is very poular here with people reserving their tables in advance.

Claire B           

We really liked it here, esp for breakfast they have a specific breakfast menu and that almost anything you would want for breakfast on it, freshly squeezed orange juice, as much freshly brewed coffee that you can drink and the luxury of a fresh breeze and to read a newspaper, Very friendly staff without being overbearing.

Jed W           

We ate here three nights out of fourteen.  You can't fault the service or the presentation, my only critisism would be that they are trying to be too European with the menu.  Great setting and very attentive staff, Kostas, Andreas and the owner Gabriel were very pleasant. Not at all expensive compared to some!

Well worth a vist.

Ian D           

We ate here twice my wife would highly recommend the Swordfish it was her first try and she adored it. The waiters were friendly, service very good, food excellent and the price was right.

Saul N           

After receiving a recommendation from some fellow guests at the Asteris we headed to Aquarius on our last night. We had what we expected to be a bruschetta type starter - it was foul. It literally left a bad taste in our mouths and consisted mainly of a bread I could not place and would not want to taste again. My main, which was the Lamb stamnaki ws much better althoguh my girlfriends rissotto was bland. I would go back as I think we may have made a duff selection but overall I was disappointed on this visit.