The Pines

Restaurants in Skala

Emma M          8/10

We only ate here once but the food was as lovely as ever. The waiters are still attentive although it appears they have stopped giving the free water away.
I had Skordalia for my starter, (which I have been waiting five years for!)Still as lovely as ever. I then had stuffed veg.......lovely. My partner also enjoyed his meal.
Pines used to be the most expensive restaurant in Skala but although prices in the other restaurants have risen, Pines have generally stayed the same.

Mike C          2/10

We were at the Pines last night my wife had the sea bass very nice I thought why not have that old classic Kelefaco how disapointing it was, It had not been cooked in the foil it came in,no shallots no tomoto no herb just some very poor old bits of lamb in fake gravy with onion a little feta that had never seen a oven and a few bits of fresh green pepper what a shame. I have been to this restarant a lot over the last 12 years and at the moment speaking on what I had last night I would say not good 

Julian F          7/10

Ate at the pines only the once for our evening meal and was alittle disappointed,as we've had many a breakfast here over the years,don't get me wrong the service was very good,but the food was only ok.

Rachael R          8/10

We ate here twice the first time we had brushetta with tomatoes and feta cheese it was really nice my husband had carbanara and i had chicken alfredo both dishes were really nice the second time my husband had pizza which he was really dissapointed with he said it was just like a frozen adsa one i had chicken in a tomato sauce it was ok but really salty i then had the creme brulee which was really nice and my husband had strawberry sorbet with fresh fruit this was really nice.

Bob S          10/10

The Pines is superb in every way. Food, service, atmosphere all first class. We have dined in many Greek restaurants over the years and this is easily the best.

Julian F          8/10

We had breakfast here most of the time,which was good value staff were friendly enough,and had plenty of coffee!!!,good.

Belinda R          10/10

Eat here twice that must say something. The service was excellent everyone had there role & it run like clockwork. The older gentleman (I would think he was the owner)| came with water a soon as we sat down and it was out of a jug not bottled and we were not charged for it which makes a change. Food excellent.

Sue A          10/10

Service is second to none.

Suberb cuisine, delicacies cooked to the finest detail but need to get there early.
Well done Yannis!

Steve C          10/10

 We have just returned from our second visit to Skala.
As with last year The Pines is simply the best
The service here is second to none.
The food quality is always first class.
The best "Stiffado" in town
The house red wine was the best i had during our 2 week stay.
The location is perfect too. The scent from the nearby fkowers and trees is spectacular.

It would have been so easy to have eaten here each evening, but we do prefer to try other places also. The only other restaurant to come anywhere close is the Aeolos, but it is not such a good location for evenings and it is also considerably more expensive between 20% and 25% than others we visited.

There is also one or two tavernas that do very good food namely Kaliva and Mannolis.

We did not have a bad meal from any of the ten or so different places we visited in Skala, The food ranges from good to exceptional, but the service ranges from very poor to excellent or in the case of the Pines..consistantly excellent....

Louise K          9/10

If you 're looking for the best restaurant in Skala look no further.

Top points for service and quality food, with staff bending over backwards to keep you satisfied at all times. As we had visited the Pines in 2007, we were disappointed not to see our waiter Nick there (the Australian fella!!) this year, who made our holidays previously. Kisses wherever you are babes!!!
Hard to find a table there after 20:00 so be quick or be left out!!

Michelle F          8/10

Just got back from two weeks in Lassi, but as we had a car we usually spent most of the time up at Skala as kids liked to go to Mounda Beach.  So we would drive to Skala and have brunch at The Pines before going onto the beach.  Have to say that we always had a great meal and service was good with regular fill ups of coffee and tea without having to ask.  If we do go back to Kef then we would probably stay in Skala next time and this would be a regular haunt.

Penny W          3/10

On our first day we had superb salad here, mine a Greek salad my partner had Tuna, it was really good.  We decided to have a lunch there on another occasion.  I had a 'fresh' orange juice and even though they put  oranges in the juicer, it was watered down and was not a pleasant drink.  the table was not very clean, nor was the floor.  Ordered a vegetable lasagne and my parnet the Breki Metze (which he had had previously as another establishment).  My lasagne was very watery, had been micro waved and was barely edible.  My partner was not too happy with his either, especially as there was a direct comparison. the food was much more expensive too.  The staff took our order, however it took a long time to come, however the second we had put our cutlery down the table was cleared as if we had to leave.  We did not go back.

Adam W          6/10

We must admit that we were a bit disappointed by the recommendations made on this site.Food was ok only but service was good though.We may not go back to it on our next visit to Skala.

Ian W          5/10


Abbigail H          8/10

On our adventure around the island by car we stopped at Skala and had lunch at The Pines before heading to the beach.  It was a very hot day and we came across this restaurant at the bottom of the main street, opposite the sea through a few pine trees.

A good variety on the menu, maybe a fraction more expensive than other places we saw.  We had the meze and it was lovely - vine leaves, little meatballs, cheese pies, saganaki - all of which was described by the efficient waiter.  Clean, lovely setting and good food.  We had a good lunch.

Matthew B          1/10

Was not that impreesed with the food at the pines ,my daugher ordered soup of the day ,which we were told was tomato well i have never seen grey tomato soup before which my daugher imformed us did not taste of anything at all ,in all our our meals were very average and we did not go back there

Mike C          9/10

still the best very nice

Sarah H          10/10

This place was just brilliant .  The food is really good, and not at all expensive.  We ate in the Pines (bread and humous, a main course each, and drinks - 2 people for a total of 23 Euros) - its a shame there aren't places like this back home.

Clare E          10/10

Suprised by the service and the food was just superb. Reasonably priced and purhaps the top restaurant in Skala. But what u will enjoy the most at the Pines is the waiters, as they are both extremely goodlooking and with a good sense of humor. Wish I could pack Nick in my suitcase for the cold winter nights, the greek australian god whose accent is such a turn on!!!

Overall a "must go" in Skala!

Karen M          10/10

The pines is just fabulous the staff  could'nt do enough for us.  Even though we had 2 nights of power cuts we were still treated  extreamly well and the food was still the best in the village.
The food was something else here.
Lamb a la Pines was incredable but so was all the food and the sweets were to die for.
The staff are so lovely but also are very professsional and did thier upmost to make the evenings at the Pines really enjoyable.
We ate here nearly every night it was so good no other restaurant touches it.
We were never rushed the food came out very quickly.  I think they need to expand as its very busy they could double in size and it would still be packed because by nine they have to start turning people away!!

Vicky F          9/10

difficult to rate this one as we visited during night of fires and power cut!  This said we had a very good quality meal - limited choice obviously.  Starters very good and main courses lovely.  Very popular indeed every night.  Would have def returned if we had been here longer than a week. Give it a go we are sure you wont be disappointed.

Natalie W          9/10

Excellent menu with a large variety of dishes including vegetarian.  Food was delicious and the staff were all very friendly and attentive.  This is a busy restaurant and some people do feel that they are a bit "rushed" to finish their meal, but personally I like that food is bought quickly and the staff often check if you need anything else.

Michaela S          9/10

One of my favourite restaurants in Scala.  The food was great and the staff very friendly.
They had a large Veggie menu with lots of tasty dishes to choose froom
 Look forward to going back next May.

Sam W          10/10

June 2007   Probably the best restaurant that we ate at in Scala , super food and very swift service .

Emma M          10/10

We have been here previously on our visits to Kefalonia, and went back on our first night. The meal was very good, and the waiters as friendly and courteous as ever.

The restauant was very busy, but is still one of the best restaurants in Skala.