Skala Beach

Beaches in Kefalonia

Freddy Johnson          4/10

Skala is cheap and cheerful people. Its where the youngsters go for a deal holiday and make a nuisance of themselves and people after a 'full english' and a pint of guiness. The north is the more sophisticated part of the island, Assos and Fiscardo and more expensive. At the end of the day you really do get what you pay for I suppose.

Miles R          9/10

Just had 2 fabulous weeks at the Paspalis Hotel on Scala beach

Used the beach most days.  Wonderful beach, we called it the Scala Shufle getting in and out of the water as the pebbles do make your feet hurt after a while.  Beach shoes recommended as others have said
Water lovely and clear, does get deep quickly so not ideal for small kids
Captain Vangelis day trips are really good day out and at 35 euros good value for money
The sunbeds are now only 5 euros a day for 2 beds and a brolley

Nickie W

Unfair comment made about Dolphin Ski Club by someone who obviously doesn't know the running costs of water sports.  Comments been up there a few years now!  If you check the prices they haven't changed, but you should also compare them against like companies.

Before giving your opinion for everyone to see make sure you know what your talking about.

Beth R          7/10

Lovely clear blue sea! However the pebbles meant we often went to nearby Katelios, which is sandy and much less busy. There are watersports here with the Dolphin Ski Club, but ridiculously expensive!

Gerald P          10/10

Also had two glorious weeks in Skala this year (our 5th visit) and we certainly enjoyed the beach and the sea once again. The water always is nice and clear.

Don't be lazy, save money - take your own brollies (two are recommended for more shade) and beach mats. The sand is somewhat stony, but at least you don't take it back to your apartment - and don't sit too close to the water's edge - there is the occasional swell. Highly recommended.
P.S. Take some bread and feed the fish.

Penny W          9/10

Just had two glorious weeks in Skala - enjoyed the beach and the sea. We hired a brolly and beds each day, we found to our cost, got burnt, that the cream/green brollies as you go onto the main beach from the steps from the square are made of mesh rather than canvas and do not give the protection you would expect. Go a little futher along either side and use the blue and white, they are made of thick canvas and give good prtection.

Ian W          8/10


Suzanne S          9/10

SmileFairly clean ( I did get a small amount of brown "tar" on my hands twice while sitting on the shore) and tidy beach, shelves fairly quickly, but as a 5ft 8in weak swimmer, I managed!

 I wore  the "sea shoes" for protection from the pebbles and stones and the water appeared warmer than usual during our stay .
The blue umbrellas and sunbeds nearer to the Poros end of the beach were 5 euros cheaper...  as the others were 6 euros...but the sea was a bit harsher underfoot (fine with sea shoes, or those with less delicate soles..I'm a wuss!).
Loved the time we spent there!

Carol           8/10

More of a shale beach than sand but very clean and tidy. The pebbles get bigger as you head down to the sea and it can hurt your feet. 6 euros a day for the sunbeds and parasol which seemed to be the same wherever we went.

Julie L          8/10

Regarding the beach, we too had difficulty getting into the sea without losing our dignity on the first day because of the pebbles. However on the way back up the main street there is a shop on the right hand side selling those lightweight pumps made for such a dilema and at 7euros a pair proved invaluable. Problem solved, so buy some or take a pair because the beach and swimming are worth it.

Sam W          7/10

 The one big dissapointment for us of our two week stay in Scala , was the standard of the beach,(.I was not expecting a golden sand stone free beach) but the  mixture of  large stones ,shingle and gritty sand with some litter amongst the weeds near the roadside was annoying , it was also very tricky getting in and out of the steeply shelving sea even with shoes on (an absolute  must ).  Non swimmers and children  must be aware . Parasol and two beds were 7 euros a day . Although the beach was just about ten metres away we only went there three times ,but spent four days on superb Anti samos beach instead .

Ollie B          10/10

Beach was fantastic - a mixture of sand and shingle, but we found it to be great! Sea brilliant for swimming - you can get quite far out safely. Pleanty of space back on the sand, never felt too crowded as we have on other more popular islands. Often a nice breeze, rather than at the pool where it is normally a bit of a sun trap. Beach also not too far away from shops / cafe's, etc, for lunch and to get a drink!

We were there August 2006, and in October, we booked up again for August 2007!

Definately worth visiting / spending as much time there as possible!!


i read the comments on these pages before going and they seemed contradictory some claimed that the beech was soft sand and others said it was pebbles. there is no contradiction it is both soft sand and pebbles, soft sand at the back and as you head towards the sea it becomes coa**er and by the time you reach the sea it's pebbles.


I've just got back from Kefalonia and stayed in Lassi. Me and my Sister took the bus to Skala for the day and I don't usually like shingly pebbly beaches but Skala beach is gorgeous! It is shingly but its quite soft and really clean. The water there is the clearest I have ever seen too.

The only down side are the pebbles as you first get into the sea, they do hurt your feet a bit.
Its a lovely quiet beach and very clean. Probably not suitable for young children with the pebbles and it is not that shallow when you get a few feet in.

Ian L           

Looking to book Marina Bay Studios.

They are no longer with Kosmar as Mick Fisher points out.



Go to Resort Guide

Then go to Mounda and somewhere else

Michelle F           

Just got back, Lassi was great for eating out, and beaches were good, but preferred Skala beach as it was bigger and not so packed.  Lassi wins hands down if your looking for bars and nightlife, as Skala is a bit more laid back.  We hired a car and you can travel to Fiskardo in about 1 1/2 to 2 hours from the south of the island.

Lydia B           

Scala has a great beach which is mainly sand/shingle. It is very very long and so never gets overcrowded which is important to us. The sea is nice and clean and the water so clear that you can see the fish close to shore. It does shelve quite steeply in places but you soon get used to it. I always wear my flip flops into the sea as the stones can be a bit hard on the feet. A great view out to sea and wonderful beach tavernas too, what more could you ask for!

Joanne C           

Although we loved the resort of Skala, the beach is a bit of a nightmare at times. Shoes are recommended at all times to prevent sticklebacks attaching to your feet! Watch out for the sea as well as it gets deep really quickly!!

Paul J           

We've been to skala for thelast two years and are going again this year (pelagos bay - fantastic). We have seenthe town grow a little with what looked like the start of a pavement from the town out towards poros on the beach road, but it is in no way spoilt. It is still a village with real charm, outstanding food (aquarius probably our favourite but still can't go wrong at flamingo or pines) and a great beach. I think it's a place we'll always hold dear and will go back to time and time again.

Neil J           

hi we went to kefalonia in 2001 and stayed in skala, it was without doubt the best holiday we have ever had and are returning this year in october with friends.   can anyone tell us whether skala has grown over the last 5 years or is it still the same quiet and lovely place??

Alastair D           

we love skala - its quiet and got some really fantastic restaurants - particularly socrates!

it has a fabulous beach - with a nudist section at the right-hand side - unofficial - but no-one seems to object.
definately recommend it.
we are a g*y couple and felt extremely comfortable in skala.
fab holiday - back in may 2006!

John M           

We've stayed in Skala 4 times, Tara, Skala, Captains and Paspalis hotels.   All very good in different ways but Paspalis probably best for kids and Poolside Meals. Bit noisy at times.   Greek beaches usually shelve too quickly for small children. I snorkel (ex Diver) so prefer Sami to Agio Ephymia road for rocky coves.  Don't miss the Old Skala walk. And Assos, bvefore they spoil it!    At Sami have a look at Antisamos, Corelli Italian Camp site but a super bay. Ancient Sami which we found years ago but now being uncovered...Acropolis they call it. (Think of Ulysses).  Try St.Thomas beach if you can park.  St George's Castle too.   Older folk should contemplate the Italian Memorial beyond Argostoli to 9,250 Italian dead - just like Corelli but worse in fact, a true and tragic story.

What a beautiful island and friendly people - try to see it before it becomes overdeveloped.

Tim L           

Come on you woosies. Wear some plastic shoes. No sand blowing anywhere,Bliss! Take some bread into the water and watch the fish eat out of your hands, what more do you want. If you want soft sand a 5 minute car drive to the next beach, Kaminia and hey prest o walk for 100 yards and water still only at your waist and not a stone in sight. Goes to prove Skala has the best of both worlds

Ray W           

Can't believe some of the comments about Skala beach - sand 10/10??? Come off it!  This beach is long but is shingle at best and stony and painful at worst. There is no sand apart from when you step on the beach and lie on the loungers then there is pain walking to the sea (not far) and very difficult to get out as the depth and stones kill your feet. After 3 days we hired a car and went to Lourdas instead. This is not suitable for young children as it goes deep quick, very quick. Best to sit to the left of the watersports, sea is nearer and it is a bit quieter. All in all ok but the stones make it a apinful foot experience.

Alan L           

click to enlargeSkala is a nice beach! Go there and check it out for yourself! If you're an early bird then you could catch the sunrise here.

Theres Para-sailing available there for 40 euros which my girlfriend enjoyed though it only lasted 12 minutes.