Mouikis Village - (Accommodation in Svoronata)

Michelle F           

Just arrived back from Mouikis Village Apartments, and found them to be spacious, clean and furnished to a good standard.  Unlimited use of Air Conditioning, which was great as temperatures rose to 46 degrees.

Bar area was to a good standard and the pool was excellent with views over the sea and Zante in the distance.
Kids played Tennis and used the pool as often as they could.  Food onsite was OK, not the best but not the worst by far.
Would definitely consider going back, however you really do need to hire a car, as apartments are abit out of the way and there is not a great deal in Lakithra itself.

Da Veronica - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Michelle F           

Fantastic place to eat, waiters all really friendlyl, really difficult to find somewhere where we all were happy but even the three kids said this was the best restaurant they had been to in the holiday, we went back several times, and can not complain about a single thing. Would definitely make this a regular haunt if we go back to Lassi again.

Skala Beach - (Beaches in Kefalonia)

Michelle F           

Just got back, Lassi was great for eating out, and beaches were good, but preferred Skala beach as it was bigger and not so packed.  Lassi wins hands down if your looking for bars and nightlife, as Skala is a bit more laid back.  We hired a car and you can travel to Fiskardo in about 1 1/2 to 2 hours from the south of the island.

Sirtaki Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Michelle F           

Food and service OK first night, but went back couple more nights and both had slipped, and we ended up waiting ages and food was not great when it arrived.

IL Gabbiano - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Michelle F          10/10

Got back from Lassi on 26 August after spending enjoyable 2 weeks in the sun.  Went to Il Gabbiano probably about 10 nights out of the 14 as found the whole experience enjoyable.  Service was great, Staff were very friendly, food was delicious and excellent value for money.  Beef Stifado was really tender, Pizzas were to die for, Kids loved the Fried Meatballs and Fish and Chips!!  Mousaka was a favourtie of my husbands and I could totally recommend the chicken gabbiano.  If we do go back to Lassi in the future (this was our second time) we would definitely go back to Il Gabbiano.

Mystic Gusto - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Michelle F          7/10

Went to Mystic Gusto 3 times during our stay this year.  One the whole food was good, although sometimes the service could have been a bit better. Only complaint I had was with the Veal Stamna which was great the first time but when I had it on our third visit it was cold at the bottom!

Olive Garden Apartments - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Michelle F          4/10

On arrival at these apartments thought wow, view absolutely spectacular.  Pool area and Pool bar were great and the weekly quiz was a good laugh.

The apartment itself was a two bedroomed one and this is where we came unstuck as we wanted to have the air conditioning on but was told that we had to pay 15 euros per night plus a 20 euro deposit as there were two units in the apartment and surprisingly one could not work without the other.  We spoke to the rep the following morning after a very hot and sticky night and the rep said that this was a regular complaint and that both he and the tour company had raised the issue with the owner but he was not prepared to budge on the cost.  Therefore we endured two weeks of sleeping with the balcony doors open (I would rather get bitten by mosquittos) and two bedside fans which were provided which rattled on through the night.
Obviously this is not advertised or stated in the brochure!!!!
The other point was although we had 2 sinks and one bath/shower, when we asked the maids for a plug so we could wash up we were told there were no plugs!!!!
And finally if you run out of loo roll after a few days you would expect to have a new one put into the bathroom when the maids come in - NO you ask behind the bar for one and get told that you have to wait til the following morning.  So you buy your own from the shop and you wait to see if the maid leaves one the next day but no you spend the rest of your holiday buying your own toilet roll.
Now this may seem trivial to some people, but you do take certains things for granted.
So to sum up, beautiful views, and well maintained pool bar area.  The people from across the road probably had the better option as they could use our facilities but did not have to sleep there!!!!!
Hasten to say will not be going back to Olive Gardens.

The Pines - (Restaurants in Skala)

Michelle F          8/10

Just got back from two weeks in Lassi, but as we had a car we usually spent most of the time up at Skala as kids liked to go to Mounda Beach.  So we would drive to Skala and have brunch at The Pines before going onto the beach.  Have to say that we always had a great meal and service was good with regular fill ups of coffee and tea without having to ask.  If we do go back to Kef then we would probably stay in Skala next time and this would be a regular haunt.