Lourdas Beach

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John L          8/10

We've been to LOURDAS twice and loved it. We have stayed at the lara hotel, very clean and the view from the balcony and terrace is brilliant!! Bars and restaurants are good.Lourdas beach is 3 minutes away.its very nice and well organised. Next Lara hotel is a path leading to paradissi/sissia beach,you can also go by car from the main road(5km away) "Paradissi" is the Best nude beach of the island(and the only real optional/naturist beach) located in Simotata 2km from lourdas, near the famous monastery of Sissia.You have to park your car at the monastery park area and then walk down for 10 minutes coz the bad road(don't risk it take the car down the road). There is a small, secluded beach(1.4 miles long), with sand and turquoise waters.

Katie S

We are staying as a couple at Lara Hotel at end of August for 2 weeks.  After reading some of the comments I am seriously worried about the trek to the beach.  Both my partner and myself consider ourselves to be fairly fit individuals, early 50's.  How long does the walk to beach take? brochure says 300m? which should take 10mn.  What facilities are on beach? I understand sunbeds, fine are there WC's and showers? How steep is the hill on way up I don't mean to sound negative but sometimes these small issues can really spoil your holiday.
Any recommendations for restaurants, we eat a lot of fish and seafood?
Thank you for any advice.

Helen C          2/10

Just returned form Lourdas nice place but the hill to the beach is a killer better known locally as cardiac hill, car hire is a must especially in August when the weather is at it's peak.

Would i go back "No" but only because we did everything when we were there  

Dave P          8/10

We stayed in Lourdata so this was ou local beach. Either far end is great for snorkelling and the middle bit is good for swimming and for kids. Like all of Kefalonia, there is a strong wind that gets up every afternoon, so if you want to swim and beach, do it in the morning before it gets too hot and too windy. A really good general beach.

Abbigail H          7/10

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This was a very nice beach, possibly it doesnt compete with some of the other amazing beaches along this coast line but if its local to you its worth the visit.  The main problem is the very steep hill down to it.  If you are staying in Lourdes be warned it is a very steep slope towards the bottom and is quite hard work down - mind going up if you're on foot.  My mum (71 yrs) and myself (32) walked down in the morning and tried to walk up.  We nearly passed out, I kid you not.  Its not so much the hill, which would be quite hard work any other time but its the heat - we've just returned from an average of 32 degrees which is great - but not when you are climbing!
The bus goes at 10:15 am and 11:15 am from the top of the hill, you can flag him down too.  He drops you near the bottom as he cant turn around and picks you up from the same point at 2:45 pm or 6 pm.  Its only 1 Euro and well worth it!  Otherwise a taxi is 6 euros each way roughly.
Plenty of parking though if you have a car. The traffic is very limited to be honest, we found it didnt disturb us at all.  For the best parts of the single and sand beach drive along to the left as you reach the bottom of the hill.  There is a lovely restuarant called Klimitis near the end and a supermarket next door with just about everything.  The waves get very strong later in the afternoon and would knock a child or the elderley off their feet so be careful.  But generally its lovely and clean.  There is a tiny beach at the very end which looked nice but we didnt go too far down due to the JCB moving earth around down there.  Check out the little gardens inbetween the tavernas and apartments though - so sweet and right by the sea road!

Helen H          4/10


Jason F          8/10

Nice shingle beach, although it did get a bit noisy and dusty with vehicles using the road right behind, plenty of sun loungers and pretty quiet (compared to the beaches in lassi).  Brilliant to visit nighttime as the views over to Zakynthos are breathtaking.  Recommend Klimatis for evening meals

Lance F          9/10

This whole island is full of gems and Lourdas and surrounding beaches are all great for time out to relax and enjoy the incredable blue seas. Will be back again this year touring and enjoying this friendly Island August cannot come soon enough. ENJOY!

Yvonne & dale H           

What a lovely beach! We all loved it!

Steve M           

I spent most of my 2 weeks on this beach and it was perfect in every way.  The sunbeds are well spaced and 6 euros a day which is about average (except for Myrtos where it is 9 euros!).  If you are on your own, go for the striped beds and parasols in front of you and to the right at the bottom of the hill, the owner and his 2 boys will only charge you 4 euros.  Bar 7 is a perfect place to go for a drink but for food I would definitely recommend Klimatis.

Jodie P           

Nice ebach, a little shingly witha bit of noise from the road running behind.  plenty of sunbeds, average 6euro per day, not the cheapest.  A little overcrowded for my liking but a decent beach overall, the water was lovely and is shallow for a good distance.  Dont be put off by reviews about the walk from the village, it is NOT that bad!  You can get a bus back anyway, but it is only about 25 min walk back with bars on the way, and fine if you wait till it is cooler in the evening.  yes it is a bit steep, but manageable, and think of the treats you can have to compensate after the exercise!

Michelle H           

We enjoyed every minute of being on this gorgeous beach.  We also had a great time in the taverna just a minute away from the beach where the family who owned it were very friendly.


best beach  we went  to. we saw some big fish, swimming around us.

Lee O           

Just returned from a week in Lourdas and thought the beach was very good.   Relaxing and not at all busy for this time of year.    Nice restaurants/bars along the beach especially the Klimatis.  Enjoy.

Don F           

A lovely long beach with a superb view up to the mountains especially liked the taverna on the beach had lovely drinks upstairs while looking out to sea.

Joanne B           

we only visited this beach on our first day, it is a nice beach with clear water, only thing is that the sand is tiny pebbles. We was going to get the bus back up the hill but we were one hour early so decided to walk, and what a walk it was, it is not a hill for the unfit, well not in a temperature of 34 degrees anyway.


Great beach,not too crowded and quite big.Well served and picturesque.


Have just got back and it's a lovely long beach, it is shingle and sand but there are other sandy beaches within walking distance from the resort of Lourdas. The water is clear and the sea is like a mill-pond. The road behind is not a proper road, it is the main road but more of a wider dirt track!! It wasn't busy when we were there, it would probably be busier in the next few months but don't let it put you off as the road only runs past part of the beach so if you want a quiet spot, just move down the beach a bit. There are no watersports on the beach which makes it quieter.

Stephanie N           

The was the first beach we went to and depending where you chose to sit on the beach you might have to pay more for your loungers ( and no real reason why) The water was beautiful, but the beach itself was rather average and I was put off by the cars and trucks going up the road right behind you. It kind of kills the mood of relaxing by the sea if you have to hear traffic.

I don't know what Posing Potential is all about, but you certainly had enough room and didn't feel on top of anyone at this beach.


We were staying at the Afrato Village, which is quite a walk from this beach. I was a bit disappointed by it as it's not the prettiest beach and did look a bit run down. The sea was clear, although there wasn't too much to see apart from sand. It shelves quickly at the waters edge but even then itís not deep, it then levels out and even about 30 meters of shore, you can easily dive to the bottom. Personally I though Trapezaki beach was nicer, although talking to the locals, the beaches in-between Lourdas and Lassi are the best.

Alison O           

Picturesque beach with hills to Mount Ainos towering over it. Mixture of sand/shingle. Water very clear though steeply shelving in places. Very relaxing looking back up the hill as you're swimming.
Good choice of beach-side restaurants.

Have to say that despite staying in Lourdas we only spent one morning here though as we found other, better beaches around the island.

Michelle C           

We are really surprised by the last comment made on Lourdas beach, I guess it must depend on the time of year you go. We visited Lourdas in September and found the beach clean, and the sea clear. The beach in our opinion was perfect, not too crowded or noisy and the sea did not seem too rough.
We personally thought it was great.

Sarah P           

this beach looks like the reminants of a building site! it is discracefully mucky. go to lassie if you want beautiful tropical sandy beaches and to Myrtos of agia efimia if you like paradise pebbly beaches with crystal clear water. i sympathis with any one who has wasted a day on this pathetic excuss for a beach.


the beach was beautiful and sea was the most magnificent i have seen and there was a relievingly fresh breeze there.though the beach itself was quite touristy.but you cant have it all!!


This was a very nice and relaxing beach, very peaceful. Wonderful clear sea and great for swimming. overall an excellent beach!