Assos Beach

Beaches in Kefalonia

Fraser K          10/10

If you go to kefalonia you must visit assos a great place to stop for lunch or a weeks holiday a truly beautiful place 

Clare W          10/10

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Assos is amazing my favourite beach in Kefalonia swam accross to the cave in picture and back! Walk up to the old castle is hard work but the views are amazing!!

Neil R           

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Kalyan C           

click to enlarge click to enlargeAssos is great for a day trip if you have a car, the windy road along the steep cliff is fun. Try to get there for early afternoon the views from the road going into Assos are breath taking see the pictures - didn't find our way to the beach though...

Jodie P           

Assos is a lovely little cove, totally unspoilt by mass tourism, although maybe too quiet for a long stay.  Just a few waterfront tavernas which a reasonably priced, and in a beautiful setting, perfect to get away for a day or two,  The beach is pebble, a bit tricky, but a nice small beach with hardly any sunbeds, bonus!  What he hell is posing potential about, it is hard to pose when you are truing to walk on rocks and almost falling over! Definitely try Assos.

Gareth J           

Really nice, quiet place to visit - a contrast from Fiskardo which isn't that far away. Perhaps too quiet for a lengthy stay? Had a couple of nice meals at one of the restaurants there. The guy selling honey was still there - in July 2005.

Alison O           

Two shingle/pebble beaches in Assos - one larger one by the tavernas, and one smaller, more private one near the car park. Both excellent for snorkelling - very calm, clear water and beautiful scenery.

Mike R           

Assos is definitely a place to visit if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main resorts on the Island. Picturesque, quiet, and currently unspoilt by mass tourism. A nice shingle beach, and sea front Taverna complete the setting. Also check out the elderly local man that sells honey under the trees near the car parking area.

Kev D           

Get away from the parasol lined beaches and lean against the wall at Assos reading a book and enjoying a swim across the calm and safe harbour. Not a beach in the oft favoured Blackpool style, so favoured by many, but a beach none the less and what a setting. Beautiful and unspoilt. Good value food available from the small shop. (PS there is no sand but who cares. Posing shmosing)

Michael M           

A beautiful setting, with a small quiet beach and a calm bay. Good snorkelling - I even saw an octopus. As with many of Kefalonia's beaches, the shingle can make entering/exiting the sea quite tricky.