George Studios - (Accommodation in Skala)

Lydia B           

Have just returned from 2 weeks staying at George Studios. We were in room 5, this seemed to be the smallest room there and was like an oven especially during the night when we had to sleep with the doors open. Fan hire was available at 10 euros a week, you will need it! It honestly was so hot in there though I think the fans should have been free.

It is in a nice location out of the way of everything, just tucked away round the corner and a brief stroll up the hill from the main square by the internet cafe. There were lots of farmyard noises during the night and a mad dog too but the sound of the fan blocked them out! I'm not sure if it was just the location of our room, but it was very noisy indeed. I think this was because the family live directly underneath this room and they spent most of the time having very loud chats into the early hours. I was phoning home from inside and the person on the other end asked what all the noise was!
The rooms were supposed to be cleaned 3 times a week and linen/towels changed twice a week, but I am sorry to say this was not the case. They were only changed twice over the whole 2 weeks, and the room only actually cleaned once. The bins were emptied about evey other day though. There was alot of dust down the side of the sink cupboard too which could have done with a clean.
We did not actually meet the owner till the day we left when we left our bags with him for the day. Oh, another annoying thing was that although we were told we must vacate the room by 12, a lady came and banged on the door at 11 and turned the electricity off!! No fan = furnace, we had to leave then!
Everything else about our holiday was fantastic though! The weather was gorgeous, the food wonderful and the cocktails addictive. I don't think we'll be staying at these studios again though, there are plenty of other nicer places to stay in Scala, some even have air con these days.

Skala Beach - (Beaches in Kefalonia)

Lydia B           

Scala has a great beach which is mainly sand/shingle. It is very very long and so never gets overcrowded which is important to us. The sea is nice and clean and the water so clear that you can see the fish close to shore. It does shelve quite steeply in places but you soon get used to it. I always wear my flip flops into the sea as the stones can be a bit hard on the feet. A great view out to sea and wonderful beach tavernas too, what more could you ask for!

Socrates - (Restaurants in Skala)

Lydia B           

Socrates is very traditional and welcoming and has the most wonderful food. I love the setting with the grapes growing overhead. Look out for the pumpkin pie on the specials, it was delicious. Their stuffed tomatoes were second to none. Homemade cake for desert was gorgeous, try their coffee one - divine!

Noufaro - (Restaurants in Skala)

Lydia B  (08 July 2006)         

This was my favourite! I love the garden, it is in a relaxed setting and very welcoming.

The menu is second to none, a huge variety to choose from. My favourites included fried cheese, sea bass, sea bream, seafood risotto the list goes on! Very reasonable prices and delicious food in generous portions. Excellent house wine too.
I miss it so much now we're home!