Anti Samos Beach

Beaches in Kefalonia

Tony M          8/10

anti Samos is what it is, a beautiful beach encapsulated by the hands of goddesses in that the scenery is to die for. Yes it is a stoney beach but fot 6 euros each a pair of beach shoes should sort that out. The water is crystal clear although very deep not in the dangerous current mold. We went here twice in the same week and it was a joy on both occasions. Yes the drive is a little bit scary for the faint hearted but not overtaxing to the average driver. The tavernas both had clean toilets and the food was very nice. If I ever go back to kef this is the first beach I would revisit. Chic classy is what comes to mind. A place to relax and forget life's worries ..... Well I did when I was there !!!!!

Beth R          8/10

Lovely beach situated in a lovely town (excellent bakeries ). Great snorkelling opporunities here on a pebbled bach with some rocks. Overall a lovely beach!

Colin T          8/10

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beautiful looking beach from above. usual twisty drive down.large  pebbly beach, steep drop off in the clear, clean sea.. tavernas and toilets ok. good size car park at rear or beach. sun beds packed together by taverna, shame they couldnt be spread out a bit. can get very busy, get there early.

Neal D          6/10

A great drive and situation for this beach. But not my kind as it's a stony, not sandy beach. That said, a small bar on the beach, and taverna to the rear make it very usable. It's a long walk! So car users prevail. Take a left turn on the way back and see the ruined church on the hilltop. The unmade road (B road) beyond gives a hint of Kefalonia pre tarmac.

Julie E          10/10

Beautiful Beach!

Was advised to visit this beach by the car hire company, it was beautiful.  The drive to it was steep as it always is to these fantastic beaches in Kefalonia.  There is a cafe on the beach with toilets, sunloungers and parasols to hire 6 euro per day for 2 beds and a parasol.  Lovely tranquil beach if you have a car to explore the island.

Lizzie R          8/10

Sadly the day we chose to visit the heavens opened just as we arrived and then the thunder and lightening started.  We were the only ones on the beach.  The journey home was trecherous, so make sure you visit on a day with guaranteed sunshine.  I can't give it full points because I didn't see it in any of its glory.

Gerald P          8/10

A very pleasant beach, though it can get crowded. The stones are a bit of a pain getting into and out of the water. We usually use this beach only once during our stay - then why should we when there are more comfortable beaches on the island.

Helena R          9/10

click to enlarge Andisamos for me is one of the best beach on the island. Breathtaking mountains around, clean crystal waters, small stones on the beach making siatsou while you are laid on your towel.  

James A          10/10

We stayed in Lassi for a week, hired a car and visited this beach as it was reccommneded to us by a guy working at our apartments.

What a fantastic beach!
The views on the way to the bay are breathtaking and once you arrive at the beach there is more fantastic scenery.
The water is perfectly clear and full of lots of fish.
We have visted most of the greek islands and rate this bay as one of the best (the other being Myrtos beach also in Kefalonia).
We liked the fact the beach is quite and wasnt over crowded by having coach loads of people visiting.
The beach bar set just behind the beach in the lush greenery was a great spot with fantastic food and drink.
A must visit if you go to Keflonia!

Sam W          10/10

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Stayed at Scala for two weeks but visited Anti Samos  four times ,prefering it to Myrtos.On our way we would stop at  the superb little bakery in Sami for some freshly made up rolls  and cool drinks .The beach is set in a natural cove with a wonderful background of greenery, which was never busy during our visits.Plastic or rubber shoes are a must as this is a pebble beach where the sea shelves very deep , it is not really suitable for non swimmers and children . but it is superb for snorkelling (take some bread with you to attract the fish )

Fi N           

pretty location but highly overcrowded with poor sand and lots of stones.  beach bar very limited with excessive quantites of wasps so pointless in trying to eat a relaxed snack and totally overpriced as well ... captive audience !!  we did not even bother to stay and went back to our usual beach ! 

Gill D           

Just glorious here - clear water - pebbles but not a problem - just so relaxing and the beach taverna - service great here - the times we ate v. good - favourite attraction was Riga the kitten and his sibling -thanks to the crew there yasso

Steve M           

This was my favourite beach on the whole island.  Okay, it is shingle and not sand but personally I prefer that.  The setting is stunning and the water a beautiful turquoise, very similar to Myrtos.  The only drawback is that sunbeds (6 euros) are very close together and you do feel a bit cramped.

Jackie J           

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Just returned from our second trip to Cephalonia in 6 months & the only beach we visited was Anti Samos - we love it!  A beautiful location, absolutely stunning - obviously made famous from Captain Corelli's Mandolin.  Good number of loungers & umbrellas for 6.  There is a caravan selling any type of snack you could wish for & a taverna for meals & toilet facilities.  The beach is not tidal & swimming is very safe.  There are also some water sports to use if that takes your fancy.  The beach is pebble so probably not great for children; get some beach shoes you can swim in so you don't let the stones bet the better of you!  Definitely take a trip to Anti Samos, you will not be disappointed!!

Fred R           

   We visited here for the afternoon last year - the beach looks better from the distance - it is very much shingle and large white pebbles - not sand at all and apart from the scenery - green on 3 sides with stunning views over to Ithaka - it is a bit of a let down - may go back this year when we get the car but the road is not for the fainthearted and overall it is probably enough to say you have been there but don't need to go back again too often.

Allan P           

This is Mertos Beach, seeing is believing, good for the grown ups, and strong swimmers

The Pickerings

Jodie P           

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!  We found this beach by chance driving from sami, what a pretty little cove, set in fir trees and hills to the rear.  It is all pebbles, which is a bit painful, but a lovely beach, with good swimming if you can get over the stones to get in the water!  Plenty of fish, and generally a lovely setting makes this the prettiest beach we saw on the whole trip.  Lots of parking, lack of toilets or taverna though, although there is a caravan selling snacks at the end.  The wasps are LITTLE BUGGERS, so many of them!  Definitely try this beach.

Peter W           

Found Antisamos by chance. (16 September 2005) . A wondeful beach. We had our Snorkelling gear with us. What a fantastic place to Snorkel. Sea extremely clear and the reef not far off shore attracted a great variety of fish. Beautiful colours. The best snokelling beach I have found since I was in the Maldives in 2003.

Sabine I           

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We loved the sea, luckily it was very calm when we were there. Best to go early and not at the weekend! Legendary wasps were around but not near waters edge. The one bar was really nice and clean toilets!! Don't try the portaloos!

Wendy S           

Beautiful place, but busy. Wasps were a pain. We went to the cafe and were bothered by wasps all the time cos they nest in the roof.  We also found the cafe to be v. expensive. The prices there were also double what they are anywhere else. There's a caravan selling drinks and snacks at the near end of the beach (as you approach from the road from Sami) which is far more reasonable. So don't bother with the cafe, except to use the loos which are at the side but had wasps in them too.

David B           

Antisamos is gorgeous. The water is deep and cool and blue, the pebbles are white and smooth and the trees all around the bay are green. Pleasant little cafe, plenty of easy parking and some shade. Sunbeds not too intrusive and you can do your own thinhg easily.

Nice Corelli links if you like that sort of thing.
The wasps can be little buggers. Invest in some insect repellent waterproof sunscreen.

Helen P           

I must have been the luckiest person on Kef the week I had the car... No wasps when I went (I admit it was a little cloudy that day) but the fish were fantastic! It wasn't as picturesque as Myrtos and yes, the drive there from Sami was a little hairy but wowey wowey! Green ones, red ones, blue ones, my boyfriend didn't fancy getting in the water but once he heard what was in there I've never seen him move so fast!
I would recommend going but maybe not for the whole day....

John T           

We visited Anti Samos in the middle of June when there were very few people on the beach -it was lovely! No sand but pebbles requiring beach shoes to get into the water

Alison O           

Anti Samos excellent for snorkelling, but a real pain because it's very stony - the kind of stones where you need to wear shoes in the water, and even then it's difficult to stay on your feet!
The wasps were everywhere - very annoying!

Martin L           

Oooh, scary drive from Sami to Antisamos beach ! Nice enuf beach. Shame about all the wasps. Bzzzzzzzzzz