Mi Abeli Restaurant - (Restaurants in Skala)

Beth R          8/10

Lovely restaurant, 5 minutes from the beach. Very tasty food (especially the bread) not particularly different from most other restaurants there- they all do the same food, but nice waiters and good air conditioning!

Mikelatos (Scandinavia) - (Restaurants in Skala)

Beth R          7/10

(Now called the Mikalatos Family) Lovely food, no problem there. Good air con and particularly good Kefalonian meat pie! Most restaurants are the same in Skala: same food at the same price, however we found the variety was slightly better other restaurants. Having said that it is very reliable and tasty!

Siroco Restaurant - (Restaurants in Skala)

Beth R          9/10

Of the 2 weeks we stayed, we went to Siroco the most- waiters were very friendly and welcoming (probably the most in Skala). The food was great and the service quite quick. Most restaurants in Skala are exactly the same- in menu and in price, but Siroco was our favourite (partly because we could watch the olympics on the flat screen tv!!) Overall a lovely restuarant.

Day trip to Ithaca - (Kefalonia Excursions)

Beth R

ONE OF THE HIGHLIGHTS OF OUR 2 WEEK STAY! Captain Vangeli's cruise was lovely- the crew were very friendly and funny One swim stop on the way there- you can jump off the boat for a swim! Vathi the capital was very picturesque and quite touristy, with lovely bakeries! Then Keoni a small fishing village, also very pretty with good tavernas for lunch. Another swim stop on the way back, which is very fun to do  I suggest bringing rings and snorkels here. Cannot reccommend them more highly (15% discount to cruise again)!! Allowed my little brother to drive the ship, and then recieve a certificate  About 35 euros for adults 25 for kids. AMAZING!!

Day trip to Zante - (Kefalonia Excursions)

Beth R          10/10

AMAZING TRIP- SUCH BEAUTIFUL VIEWS! We went with Captain Vangeli's cruises for the second time and it was a highlight of our holiday! Firstly we went to shipwreck beach, but couldn't land due to filming. Gorgeous views anyway with turquoise blue sea Then saw the blue caves, also very picturesque and looked fab, followed by a swim stop- jumping off the boat! Brilliantly blue water and lots of fun (I advise rubber rings and snorkels). Then to Xi (I think!). The most amazing sandy beach and blue water (quite busy), with water sports and good tavernas, often with pools. Parasailing is at the far end of the beach- I reccommend this highly!! The hydrojets are also fun  Another swim stop on the way back. A totally fabulous trip- around 35 euros for adults, 25 for kids, with a 15% discount on further cruises  Totally spectacular!!!!

Argostoli - (Resorts in Kefalonia)

Beth R          6/10

Watch out for the turtles!! They are quite common and quite friendly Lots of tourist shops, selling mostly the same stuff. The shops in the pedestrianised area are particularly good and quite varied, with the tavernas and restuarants in the square near it being also very good and quite young and up market  Went from a swim in the harbour- lovely!

Melissani Lake - (Places to Visit in Kefalonia)

Beth R          9/10

7 euros for an adult- and well worth it for the gorgeous views! our boatmen din't sing ( ) but it was still a lovely visit, so picturesque  I highly reccommend it!

St Georges Castle - (Places to Visit in Kefalonia)

Beth R          8/10

Castle is not much to look at, though amazing views Was more excited about trying the cheesecake in the Kastro, which didn't seem as tasty as the reviews made out, and I love cheesecake!! Still worth a visit for the views and perhaps an iced chocolate

Katelios Beach - (Beaches in Kefalonia)

Beth R          9/10

I was staying in Skala, but often went to Katelios, as the beach here was much nicer and sandy, rather than pebbled. Lovely blue waters, very shallow, with an excellent snack bar Lots of umbrellas and sunbeds to hire for a few euros. Not too crowded either... Lovely!

Skala Beach - (Beaches in Kefalonia)

Beth R          7/10

Lovely clear blue sea! However the pebbles meant we often went to nearby Katelios, which is sandy and much less busy. There are watersports here with the Dolphin Ski Club, but ridiculously expensive!

Poros Beach - (Beaches in Kefalonia)

Beth R          7/10

The beach had lovely blue, clear waters, but was pebbled and quite crowded. It's location near the town was handy, but if you travel towards Skala on the coast road there are some even nicer beaches- uncrowded with amazing snorkelling opportunities- which are much better

Anti Samos Beach - (Beaches in Kefalonia)

Beth R          8/10

Lovely beach situated in a lovely town (excellent bakeries ). Great snorkelling opporunities here on a pebbled bach with some rocks. Overall a lovely beach!