Myrtos Beach

Beaches in Kefalonia

Ameliia Z          10/10

This beach is out of this world! Very beautiful and you can swim not like the Caribbean where you only see the beaches and can't swim that's the beauty of the Mediterranean sea!i am sorry reading some of the comments here I was disappointed commenting on sunbeds really?this beach should remain unspoiled should not have any sunbeds or cafeterias we should leave beauty to nature!!

Owen B          10/10

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Owen B

The nicest beach I've been to! Found the water calm and still in mid October and had my 4 year old in the water with armbands no problem at all. It does get deep quite quickly and I wouldn't go into any water with waves above 4 or 5 feet. It is true that the stones, while smooth are sore on your feet - so buy flip flops! There is a nice cave at the southern end of the beach that you can swim through without having to be particularly brave - providing water is calm. Take a snorkel as the island has interesting little fish.

Asem s S          10/10

Recently returned from Kefalinia one of my favourite destinations.

Having been coming to the island for the last 8 years a truly beautiful unspoilt island, with the only difference being that of ever growing tourism to the island.

If you have not experienced Myrtos Beach then you've missed out. From above it is picture postcard perfect during the summer months, and if you stay until sunset or just before you get to experience the orange effect from the sun rays.  As with many rugged un touched places there is an element of danger but none more so than the other. Yes it is white pebbles with mountain goats on the cliff edges (so on the odd occasion) stones may roll down and yes the water is not meant for the inexperienced swimmers - but this is no different to any other natural place of beauty.  The road leading down has been improved as is not as bad as people make it sound - if you drive like a tourist you will be fine and most locals will pass you by.  The improvements are evident for example two years ago the barriers were not around on major roads, the road leading to the beach itself is better marked out (compared to a non concrete gravel road which some attempted and failed) The key is if it is not concrete don't drive on it!

I think Myrtos is one of the most magical and beautiful places you can visit if you are looking for something different.

I will be back next year!

Bonny M          4/10

Beautiful view from above. The beach is NOT sand, just big pebbles. Tricky to get in and out of the sea but OK when you do. Glad I've seen it but won't go again, got beautiful pictures. We hired a car and parked at the top of the mountain. Couldn't drive down due to falling rocks. If you Suffer with back pain, joint trouble etc DONT walk!! A beautiful view but not as magical when you finally reach the beach.

Luvly_jubbly A

From above the beach looks very nice, the view is stunning, and the scenery is very paradise-like, once down on the beach it's not AS it seems from above, it's very rough on your bare feet, the pebbles are big, hard and round and your feet will ache either due to the heat or the stones rubbing your feet, the sea is very dangerous unless you're good in the sea water because the sea floor become too deep to touch after just a couple of meters, and the waves are big and rough unless you swim outwards a bit to avoid the brunt of the wave, but then you'd be in a very deep water. Getting in and out is difficult, mainly getting out, since you have to be quite precise at watching a wave hit the shore, then scrambling out as fast as you can (resulting in a painful foot) before the next wave drags you back in. And we went on a hot day (about a week ago), after speaking to locals the next day in another village, he had to say that apart being one of the most beautiful looking beaches, it's very iffy depending on what the current are like, the beach is often closed for swimming too. I saw most people gazing at the sea from the shore line in doubt of whether to get in or not, very few people actually were in the water, some people left, i saw and heard others deciding to relocate. And the bar there is not good, there's not much there, and me and another person were short changed, I bought 2 ice creams, and I checked my change after walking away, it was 4 euros short, i went back and told the man who was blatantly ignoring me so I had to be quite rude myself and interrupted him whilst he was serving other customers, he finally responded saying 'i know wait!!' and still tried to keep me waiting for 5 more minutes, when i saw him give someone else change in he form of coins i realised he was just expecting me to disappear so before he then shut the till i said 'listen to me, give me my money now' and he handed it to me. So if you do go to Myrtos beach, take photos of the view before descending down the steep slopes, park and get out if you must, its beautiful, and be very careful of the rough seas, if you're not a confident swimmer and prefer shallow waters, dont even attempt to enter the sea, if on the other hand youre a life guard or a confident swimmer, you may be ok, oh and bring exact change for the busy bar where you may be short changed.

Gabriela S          5/10

not the best beach.  beautiful but bad organized. poor umbrellas(you cannot hide from the sun) and very poor bar where you can buy only drinks and sandwiches. it's a pitty that the potential is not valued by the locals.

Lynette M          10/10

Has to be seen to be believed!  When you see pictures, postcards etc, of ink blue sea beautiful beach, you think they must have enhanced the colours but no way, the colour of the sea, the sand perfect.  The drive down off putting, we chickened out first time but next time we could not resist anymore, well worth it, will always go back there every visit to Kefalonia, will be in a months time.

Julie E          10/10


This beach and surrounding area has to be seen to be believed.  The drive all around this area is so breathtaking you have to see it to belive it.  When you clap eyes on the beach from above its just awesome, we were all saying WOW Ahhhhhhhhh, OOooooo, etc then drove down and parked up.  We went in the sea which was FAB and walked along the beach ahhh it really was magical and I wish we were back there!!!!!!

Lizzie R          10/10

This beach was like being in paradise.  You have to swim in the sea to appreciate it because it was idyllic - warm, turquoise water.  The beach is pure white - but not sand unfortunately - smooth, white pebbles.  The beach cafe was quite nice and the WCs were absolutely spotless.
It is a trek up (or down) mountainous terrain, so go on a day with guaranteed sunshine and leave yourself plenty of time to get back to where you are staying before it gets dark as night descended on us very very quickly (late September).

Gerald P

Best seen from above - gets rather crowded. Excellent for the photo album, but we didn't stay.

Darren M          10/10

bought this boat 2 year ago , this is us cruising by myrtos may 2008. see you all in may 2009 to enlarge

Darren M          10/10


Shona W          10/10

This beach is absolutely stunning...from above it's like a picture postcard for the Caribbean and once you're on the beach it's's not as shingly as we had been told it was and the water is the most turquoise water I've ever swam in and very flat...there are apparently strong under currents but we weren't aware of them at all...a must see!!

Dave P          9/10

Stunning view and sight/site, but strong undercurrent and no flags - beware if you are not a good swimmer. gets very busy by mid-day.

Emma R          1/10

Fantastic views, fantastic fun in the waves. Got to be done.

The owner of the cafe - bar was awful. We had planned on going back to the bay but no way.

Trudy B          10/10

what a fantastic beach we viewed it from the top, and then drove down to the bay.

a very steep hill to get down and going back up was in need on 2nd gear very hard to get back up..........
but once down there it was fantastic but you need rubber sandals as the beach area is all stones and rocks and hurt your feet.....
but what a fantastic of the best ones ever seen
but beware do not visit the toilets, try and go before you attempt to go down................
they are just a great big hole in the floor..........yak..................

James A          10/10

We stayed in Lassi for a week, hired a car and visited this beach as it was reccommneded to us by a guy working at our apartments.

What a fantastic bay!
The views on the way to the bay are breathtaking and once you arrive at the beach there is more fantastic scenery.
The water is perfectly clear and beatiful colours.
We have visted most of the greek islands and rate this bay as one of the best (the other being Antisamos also in Kefalonia).
A must visit if you go to Keflonia!

Sam W          8/10

Very scenic when viewed from look out on cliff top , then scary drive down to sheltered natural cove, another sand and pebble beach where you need plastic /rubber shoes .Really quite stunning. Spoilt my visit by using the awful toilet .

Kev S           

If you go to Kefalonia, you must visit Myrtos. The view from the main Fiskardo road is amazing. The winding road down to the beach looks daunting, with numerous hairpin bends, but its worth it. One of the highlights of an unforgettable holiday. The water is so clear and the beach was deserted last week. Superb.

Neil J           

we went to kefalonia for the second time this october and went to myrtos beach for the first time......WOW what a place. the water is so blue and although there are pebbles at the waters edge there is lovely white sand aswell. we had a fantastic time the waves were like a swimming pool wave machine...... not to be missed  a place to go back to....the only drawback was the toilet facilities.....yuk yuk yuk

Dawn H           

What an amazing place.  We went back there twice and would have gone again if we didn't have to give the car back.  The place was like a hide away and the water was lovely and cool after driving all day.

Loved it!!

Nick B           

Very beautuful beach and stunning to look at. Water was warm and beautiful colour, although it does have a bit of a current and can be hard to get out of. Is a mixture of sand and pebbles and the pebbles so hurt your feet. A must for a day trip.

Rina V           

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Have just returned from visiting the beautiful island of Kefalonia. Visited Myrtos Bay as part of an island tour (well worth doing). Stopped off to take breath taking photos of the Bay. Really beautiful!

Lesley S           

Spectacular beach, proably best viewed/photographed  from above. Pebbles/stones make it very hard getting in and out of the water without shoes. Get there early to avoid traffic chaos going down and parking. Also beware, as there are some patches of oil on the beach. A must to visit for a short while and get those all important photos!