Island Tour by coach

Kefalonia Excursions

Francesca R           

To Diane Hughes - thanks for the comment. Loyalty discount of ten per cent to all returning guests. Kind regards from Francesca at Kokolis Travel!

Diane H           

We loved the island tour. We got to visit a nunnery, winery, Drogorati Caves & Mellisini Lakes, aghia efimia, Assos and Fiskardo. A wonderful day out. Very tiring but worth it.

Gordon W           

A good introduction to the the Island if you do not hire a car.

Alastair M           

This trip is definately worth it if you don't want to hire a car, You get to see all the best places on the island, and if you get to know a bit about the history of the island (especiall y the 1953 earthquakes, which is mentioned every 5 mnutes!!)
It was well worth the money, and gives you an idea of where else to visit on you next holiday, cos once you've been to Kefalonia you want to go back!!
Alastair & Vicky

Jessica W           

Went with Kosamar, some of the locations were interesting such as caves, lake and fiscardo. But did not like the church or wine making place!!It was pretty expensive for a coach tour. About£56 for 2 of us, paying further amounts for the cave and lake. Next time i would hire a car.

Kay G           

A good introduction to the island's places of interest - unfortunately it rained all day, so we didn't perhaps appreciate everything on offer as much as we should have.

Mark H           

Round Island trip with Olympic was good apart from disgruntled Mancunian woman behind me.
'Seen one stalactite you've seen em all.'
'You'd think we'ed never seen winery before'
'I'm not getting off if I have to pay 3euros' (£2.10)
'I'm not going on that underground lake. it don't look safe'
Well I enjoyed it! Pity she didn't!!
Last seen she was sending back potatoes cos they weren't chips. Dear God!

Helen +           

We did the Island Tour with Etam - and thought it was reasonable for the money. Our Guide was able to offer lots of information and we visited a church, monastery, winery (if you dont mind bees!) photo stops for scenic views, Drogharati Caves, Mellissani Lake and Fiscardo. Would'nt recommend Fiscardo - as the Restaurant the rep takes you too is too slow - when you only have two hours and it was very expensive. (4 Euros for a beer that cost 2.5 Euros everywhere else) Definitely a playground for the rich.

Stuart W           

Had a long long long day on this really interesting day out. Learnt loads about the history of the isalnd from patron saints to John Hurt. I think there were about 6 stops and loved the caves, lake, fiscardo, the fanatstically odd church stop and agosoli; felt really knew the area afterwards. Booked through Thomas Cook; coach great and our guide Anne is a legand and full of knowledge and good humour.



Laura N           

Learnt a lot about the history of the island on this tour, and gave us information to further explore the island on our own. Visiting the lakes and the caves were the best part of the tour! Photo stops and scenery were breathtaking.

A H           

Didn't go so can't say how good it is. However, have read mixed reports.

Cost of car hire was 95 euros for 3 days. guidbook was 5 euros giving details of all the places to visit. We went to all the places on the island mentioned below - at our own pace and aviading the crowds. Why try to do it all in one day? My advice - get a car.

Helen R           

Had a great 2 weeks in Lassi, visited the Capital twice, was a bit disapointed as no nice buildings due to earthquake in 1953.
Went on the Island tour with ETAM travel, cost 30E each and was quite disapointed with rep. Didn't seem to care much about passengers comfort.
Stayed at Galini studios, great location with sea view from our appartment.(Don't all have sea views) Reccomend the small beach near to Galini. Our favourite eating place was Monte Nero, great food and pleasant service. Good value for money.

Alessandra V



me my partner and five children have all recently done the Natural Kefalonia
and the Captain Corelli's tour which we booked through Kokolis Travel Lassi
(06710 24476 or 06710 26203) 9am - 9 pm (they are two hours infront of us )
and would rate them as a 10 out of 10 the coach has air con the drivers are
fantastic as was our tour guide Pam who has a wealth of knowledge of the
Island and will give you a fantastic insight into the real Kefalonia we had no
problems at all even the kids loved it by far the best way to get the most out of
your holiday all the best places to go are covered on these tours great value
for money

Chris W           

We must have booked with one of the worst operaters in Skala, we paid 20e, which in our view was about the right price for what we had,we had to change coaches in Argostoli, no reason given by the rep who found it difficult to communicate, we then drove north to Mytos and Fiscardo both fabulous places, we unfortunatley sat at the front of the coach watching the driver steering around mountain roads whilst answering his mobile phone ( scary )on the way back to Skala, the air conditioning packed up, with temp'+40 it was quite unbearable, we all complained to the rep, the driver stopped and attempted to repair the system with a hammer, which looked very much like a spanner.after ten hours, we were all pleased to reach Skala.
We wished now we would have booked the trip with the rep, and paid the extra.

Jamie W           

We booked the tour through ETAM travel in Lassi. The your itself was quite good. We went to a nunnery, a winery, and north to Fiscardo which was lovley. The problem was the guide really wasn't very good. She seemed to know nothing about the island and insisted on telling us stories which (in my opinion) really were quite dull. Her excuse for not knowing what the cross of St George looked like was that she wasn't a football fan. That said, lunch in Fiscardo was superb. Next time, I'll think I'll hire a car.

Rebecca N           

I was really impressed by the tour. However we found it hard to understand the tour guide. It was well planned, stopping at the most interseting places for the right amount of time. Fiskardo was lovely as was myrtos beach. I would urge anyome not to take the tour with the holiday company reps as it is usually very over priced. We went with KTEL.

Gary W           

There were three tour operators offering this trip from Skala, at various prices between 20Euros and 28Euros. We went with KTEL tours, which was very good stopping at all the main places. (Fiskardo, Drogarti Cave, Lake Melissani etc), although it was difficult to understand the guide at times.

Emma C           

We did a north of the island tour and a south of the island tour.
On the south trip (Captain Corelli's trip)we travelled to
st. gerassimos monastery, then onto Sami. We then went to Poros. Next we stopped in Skala for lunch and finally to the Divino winery.
On the north trip(Natural Kefalonia)we stopped at Myrtos beach(for photos only) then to Assos, up to Fiskardo then to Melissani lake and finally to the drogorati cave.
The minibus and coach we went on were both air conditioned. Our driver on both trips was Demetrios who was very experienced and managed to get the bus through spaces that even a bike couldn't fit through (or so it seemed).
Our guide was a lovely lady named Pam, who gave us all the info you needed to know about the island and made it sound so interesting.

Rebecca N           

We went on the etam island tour. I agree that the tour guide wasn't fully educated on the facts and was having a few teething troubles, but the tour was interesting and the scenery was stunning. Spent a few hours in Fiskardo which was a bit too long as there's not an awful lot there.

H M           

The Island tour is a fantastic way of getting your bearings in regard to what there is to see and do, especially if you hire a Moped or car to do further exploring.
Unfortunately I wouldn't recommend the Etam tour which if you travel with Golden sun will be the one your recommended by the rep. The Tour guide didn't have a clue about the Island or greek history, so no use if you want more info about the gorgeous island of Kefalonia or Ithaka.
Ohhh and she also needs a bit of educating on what type of flags different countries have, as she openly admitted to not knowing what the St Georges flag was..... the rep was English. The trip was a bit like a 'carry on' movie!
The drivers of the coaches deserve a good tip though, those roads are a challenge for even a car.

Claire S           

excellent tour to go on but shop around first as you can purchase it locally for half the price that the reps will offer you. excellent views and stops in some beautifull locations. the view over myrtos bar is magical.

Tim W

What is the name of the coach company, and where do I book it? Thanks for your help
ps How much is it too, Ta!

Tim W

What is the name of the coach company, and where do I book it? Thanks for your help

Michelle S           

The trip is well worth it, it takes you to all the really good areas on the island. The guild was very knowledgeable and had time to answer any questions.

Alison W           

Brilliant trip, well worth doing. Found some lovely places which we wouldn't have found by ourselves and it is also very informative. Trip started at 08.30am and we got back at 5.30pm, plenty of stops on route and a nice comfy coach, normally not too good on a coach, but this was fine. 39 euros and it was well worth it.

Cheryl K           

A great to see the island if you don't have a car. I would really recommend going to get the most out of the island. The coach is comfortable and, thankfully, air conditioned - very nice!

Sarah T           

This is a lovely sightseeing tour, even if you have hired a car, you can check out where places are and if they are worth a longer visit later or not. It is quite tiring though, about 8 hours on a coach. Although the stops are frequent and relaxed (no more than about 2hours travelling in one go). **RECOMMENDED **

Alan P           

Check out which day you want to go and then look which locations they visit as they do differ but all seem to go to the caves and the lake. It's a great way to see the island if you haven't hired a car but it is quite pressured.

Emma W           

This was a great tour and good value for money. The visit to the winery was excellent and lots of samples after the tour. The scenery was out of this world. The caves and lake were breathtaking. Fiscardo was a beautiful village/town great chance to see lots of yachets and how the other half live

Anthony B           

An excellent and interesting trip. We had very friendly and amusing greek tour guide whose name I won't even try to spell. The trip includes an underground lake, cave with stalagmites/stalactites, a winery and much more. Well worth the money!

Ronald L           

Fida and Deborah (our tour reps) were brilliant,very informative and provided an fantastic insight into Kefalonia that you would not see otherwise. Our coaches were all airconditioned and we have to mention our drivers, Panayiotis and Dimitrios whose expertise was second to none. Kokolis are to be highly recommended. Excellent value for money.

Bob C           

Thought this tour was excellent, our tour guide Deborah was really proffesional and made the trip one of the best my wife and I have ever been on.

Joanne Y           

Great tour. You get to see lots of places on the island. Tour guide was very interesting and gave you lots of information. Entrance to the caves and the lake is optional.

Tanya C           

We were highly impressed with this excursion. Good value for money, although you will have to pay extra to go in caves and on lake if you wish, but worth paying for. This covered all the main attractions we wanted to see on the Island.

John T           

Excellent trip... saw most of the highlights of the island. Our tour guide Deborah was very personable and gave the trip just the right amount of information. Would highly recommend this for those who don't want to drive around the island. Be sure to book with Kokolis travel as many other operators offer a similar trip.

Janette H           

The caves are brilliant, the lake must be seen, Fiskardo is lovely. I have only one down side, the roads are soooooo scarey, I was nearly in tears as we sat upstairs on the coach, at the front, I was terrified especially when we neared Myrtos beach and Assos. But that is just my own fear, and souldnt put anyone off as the scenery is second to none.

Eileen F           

Good way to see some main sites such as St Gerassimos Monastery, Drongarati Caves, Melissani Lake and Fiscardo in the North. St Gerassimos is conveniently situated next to a local winery, and this is usually included on the tour - you will come out with some of the local wine. If you have someone less able to walk with you I would suggest that the Drongarati Caves may be a bit much for them as there is a steep descent - there is a cafe at the entrance though if you don't want to go down. Similarly Melissani Lake is a "must see" but the approach can be a bit slippy. Cafe is again at the entrance and when we went both Drongarati and Melissani entrances were "optionals". Fiscardo is worth seeing and the harbour is nice to people watch. Beautiful views as you drive round the island.