Glass bottom boat trip

Kefalonia Excursions

Frances Bennett          10/10

  Have returned to this trip year after year and it really is the high point of our holiday. My non swimming husband never fails to enjoy the day and is never phased by the water. He wades ashore in only waist deep water quite happily and even joins in the volleyball, so even if you can't swim you'll never be put off enjoying the best day out EVER. Don't miss out!  It will be my 13th visit to Kefalonia this year and I estimate that it will be at least my 26th sailing. I just wish July wasn't such a long while away, I counting weeks!!

Charlotte G          10/10

We are two 26 year old who were on a chill out break in Kefalonia for a few days. We did the boat tour on our last day and it was the perfect way to end our holiday. We were a bit skeptical at first and thought it might not be suitable for young people but it really was a fantastic day from start to finish and amazing value for money. The captain and crew are very welcoming and also a great laugh. We spotted dolphins very soon into our trip and had two beautiful swimming stops! Everything you need is provided- We swam, went snorkelling , kayaking, played beach volleyball, sang karaoke and it was topped off with and amazing fresh BBQ with watermelon and cherries for dessert. Would 100% recommend to absolutely anyone- it was the highlight of our holiday!

Frances B

Two weeks now and it'll be 25th trip out with our beloved Makis,Nikos & Sam. Daughter Ann and I can't wait. Any first time visitors MUST give this wonderful day out a try. It really is heaven on earth!

Ann S          10/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge Returning to Kef' in four week's time.... and the GBB trip shall be our immediate plan! Mum and I have been around 22 times and it's still as revitalising, fun and memorable as ever. Looking forward to seeing you all again.  Bring it on!! :)

Neil and tracy Boat clinger          10/10

we had a fantastic day with Capt Makis and his extremely friendly crew. Started with a talk on fish farming looking for Dolphins ( none that day ) then watching Catalan and sea bed through bottom, snorkelling swimming and diving for bottles of wine.Capt Makis even got my wife to swim in the sea with the aid of a lifebelt (thanx) she still raving about it now lol. Then we stopped on a secluded beach for volleyball kayaking and a Barbie with wine followed by a mud bath. Then karaoke on return to shore. Booked ours direct with the crew via text but Thomson reps also on trip with us and will be running them so be quick to book as spaces will fill up. Thank you again Captain and Crew see you next time. Neil and Tracy xxx

Lynn Kinnish          10/10

Well, recently divorced, I decided I had to do something for myself at last.  I booked my lone holiday to Kefalonia.  I am 60+.  Having previously been with my sister to Lassi, which is lovely.  Now travelling alone, I booked a quiet complex in Svoronata.  Longer walk to beach, but peaceful, amd family run. They were so kind to me.  I felt safe alone. Lovely accommodation, self catering, but food available.  Good pool.  I was a bit worried about being a lone traveller. However I never felt threatened or uncomfortable.  Lovely beach, shelves sometimes, after high seas, me a bit delicate in the sea, but always a way into sea gently.  The thing I loved best, that actually Svoronata is on the landing path to the airport.  I love planes, they came over so low, airport 2000 yards away:  I got up from my sunbed and waved a welcome!  Amazing.  My sun umbrella waved back!  I have no issues with that.  Restaurants were quiet and accommodating, often only a few couples in the ones near our resort.  My best experience was the boat trip with captain Makis, Glass bottom boat trip from the port.  I saw dolphins for the first time ever!   Did some snorkelling, and landed on turtle beach for a bbq.  Best lone holiday ever!

Dave O          10/10

Just got back from Kefalonia, Went on the Sun Cruise on my last full day there. This is a must trip to do. Pick Up from the Hotel at approx 08.25 and arrive back at approx 17.30. Captain Maki (Neptune) and his crew were great. Went over reefs, great view from the glass bottom - no dolphins - great BBQ plenty of food and wine (Captian Maki own brand). Plenty of time to swim and relax. Great Karaoke on the way back.

Rebs L

Im going to Lassi at the start of July and have read all the comments and really want to go on this glass boat trip it sounds great :) only thing we are unsure of is how much spending money to take, so how much would this trip be for 2 people ? (obviously wouldnt book with rep, would book directly from captain) :D

Ste P          10/10

Don't know if this advice is too late or not, but you don't need to be able to swim.

Mandy S

My son is desperate to do do this trip , as am I. However, the information from Thomsons states this trip is not suitable for non-swimmers. Neither of us are strong swimmers but love boat trips, and my nature loving son particularly will enjoy the glass-bottom aspect of the boat, and looking for dolphins. Has anyone done this trip before and can maybe give me some feedback about it. I know there are other boat trips available and we intend to try them too but would really love to do this on too as it looks like it would be a brilliant day out. Thanks in advance.

Sally J          10/10

We did this trip 6 years and so pleased to hear still going strong, we also did it twice it was so good. Are Gary and Yvonne still there they were brilliant as well. Hope to return next summer.

Sally and Jim from Purley, Surrey

Emma A          10/10

We did this trip twice during our fortnights holiday in Lassi, Kefalonia. Dont book it with your rep, save yourself 12 Euros per person and wander down to Argostoli and book it with one of the guys or lady on the boat. This trip is fantastic, Captain Makis, Niko, Sam and Tim are brilliant people and go out of their way to make the whole trip enjoyable for everyone. The boat is well equipped with reasonably priced snacks and drinks on board. However you dont need much to eat because the BBQ that is cooked up for you on the remote beach is totally scrummy!!  Vegetarians do not fear - Sams Aubergine and Peppers are fab!! All the snorkelling equipment is on board and there are 2 kayaks that you can take out once you reach the beach. We were lucky enough to see 2 very playful dolphins as well! Just loved this trip and if we go back to Kefalonia we will definitely do it again! So much more to say but don't want to spoil any of the crews surprises!!  Thank you so much for a great time 

Jackie N          10/10

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This is the first time we have been to Kefalonia and we took our grandchildren with us, we did this trip on the day before we went home.  We had a fantastic time, we saw dolphins which was great for the kids (12 and 10)   there was snorkeling and someone found an octopus for us to look at, on the secluded beach there was volleyball in the sea, kayaking, a mud bath which the kids loved, the BBQ was delicious and plenty of it with wine and juice, on the way back there was karaoke which was great fun,  Captain Makis was a great character and Tim was very knowledgable about all the fish in the sea (when my grandson asked him about them) they all made the trip very interesting and enjoyable and well worth the money, would definately recommend this trip to anyone

Adrian T          8/10

I'm not normally a fan of boat trips, but i really enjoyed this one, as something always seemed to be going on. Makis is quite a character. and the rest of the crew are great as well. The boat had a well stocked bar and did snacks as well.

If you are lucky you will see dolphins which they encourage by sounding the horn and getting everyone to make a noise.
We then stopped at Rabbit island for a swim and champagne diving, they also lent out goggles and snorkels.
Then made our way to Xi beach, for the BBQ and a game of volleyball. We had the beach to ourselves. Brollies were supplied by the boat. They also had 2 sea kayaks for us to use.
The BBQ was really nice and there was plenty of it, plus wine and juice as well, and watermelon for afters.
Got picked up from the hotel at 8.30am and was back by 6pm

Ann S

Just home from Kef' again, and as ever Makis and Co topped it all!

Thanks so much everyone, see you soon.

Paul D          10/10

just returned from week in keffalonia(3 this morn to be precise)

i have never done a trip while on a package hol my other half..debbie suggested we go,begrudgingly i coughed up 100 euros for us and proceeded to moan about paying so much for a boat trip and a bit of manky food and some crappy local wine...........well i hate to admit this but she was right i did have a good time..even though my finger is in a splint after having six screws an two plates to hold it together...the food wasnt manky(i had 3rds) the wine was crappy but i didnt care it was hot and the company and surroundings were more than enough to make up for it...makis and all were great,so to sum up this usually misarable,dont wanna go on a stupid trip type person was very impresed.all in all
......................FANTASTIC!!!! if your like me and dont usually join in,have a go you might like it, even if you show yourself up you probably wont see the people again..just enjoy it

Price S          9/10

 A fantastic day out.  It was a little cloudy when we started out, - but that didn't last, so we pitched a spot on Rabbit Island and ate, drank and covered ourselves in mud!!  Plenty of food and wine and sunshine, it turned out to be a lovely day with time to swim in the sea and evenh snorkel if you wanted to.

On the way home there was karaoke on the boat too - and a fully stocked bar with plenty of choice.  Everyone in good spirits (literally) and a couple of surprise birthdays with some cake thrown in -ace.  All staff on the boat were lovely.  I'd recommend this as a fun day out for both adults and children. 
Take plenty of suncream. 10/10.
The Sarah's xx

Fran W          10/10

Got back from Kefalonia on Sun 30 Sept.  Went on Captain Makis's glass bottom boat twice while there - best day out ever!!  Not only did we see the dolphins on the first trip, but actually got to swim with them too, as the weather conditions were perfect, and the boat wasn't too full - absolutely the best experience of my life!!  No sign of the dolphins on the second trip, but the whole day is fantastic, dolphins or not!  I managed to get the champagne instead, so that was a bonus :)

Captain Makis, Tim, Yvonne and the rest of the crew... Thank you for two fantastic trips!!  I'll be back!

Lisa B

I am sure this is a good trip but just be warned of the following :
Booked this trip 6 days in advance, for 6 adults and 6 kids, booked through Etam Travel in Lassi.
The day before the trip Etam travel informed us that our booking had been cancelled .
They then explained that this was due to Captain Makis taking direct booking himself, and then if he fills the boat he then cancels bookings taken with 3rd partys, as he makes more money, as he then does not have to pay the 3rd party commission. Was also told that it is usually a  party with children gets cancelled, as an adult place costs more, and then adults spend more money on the boat at the bar, making Captain Makis even more money.
We were left very angry, annoyed and disapointed esp the kids, as they had been really looking forward to the trip and were counting the days, this was going to be the highlight of there holiday. We feel that this is not a nice honest thing that Captain Makis does, once booked you assume you booking is guaranteed.
The only way to guarantee a booking is to book directly with Captain Makis, at the harbour (though he may cancell another booking via a third party, to accept yours) or with your travel rep - though this does cost more.

James T          10/10

Don't believe a word the last person has put, its a load of rubbish, Captain Makis runs the best trip on Kefalonia and is one of the nicest people you can meet. Evonne who works behind the bar is brilliant and always at hand to help, in fact the whole crew will do everything they can to help you have a good time. 
The day is full of fun and the BBQ is incredible with loads of food and wine. There is a great atmosphere on all the trips and everyone i spoke to really enjoys the day out.
If you do go to Kefalonia make sure you go on this trip, it's the best!!!!

Ann S          10/10

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Here's The Boss with me (note the cigarette held considerately away) with his special shorts

Ann S          10/10

Last tuesday was my landmark 10th trip on Cptn Makis's boat, and it was fantastic.  The dolphins put in a rare performance, and thanks to Kristo, we got an extra round of the fish farms and another 20minutes with them :) 

The week before there were THREE turtles in the harbour.. We didnt know where to look they were so close together and so fast.  Thanks to tim for spotting them, my photo almost came out!  I recommend this day trip to anyone and everyone.  All for now, until next time

Eric G          10/10

My partner and myself for the third time did the BBQ cruise and as always Captain Makis and the team ,did themselves proud.However this year we took friends with us who had never been to the island before,and they were over the moon with whole day.As always we were well fed ,well watered and very well entertained.Our friends enjoyed themselves so much ,they want to do it twice in 2008!!!Wenever saw any dolphins this year but most people on the trip received a good spray of ink from a small octopus that was brought on board.Once again captain keep up the good work ,roll on 2008  This should have been done amonth ago ,sorry

Jean Q          10/10

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We were also on the glass bottom boat trip on 2 June, the best glass bottom trip we've ever been on. It was a very memorable day. Capt.Makris and his crew certainly know how to look after their passengers, even supplying sun shades for the beach barbecue, which itself was much more than we'd expected, with fun and games as well.  We were so pleased the dolphins decided to put in an appearance.

Emma M          10/10

We have just come back from Kefalonia and went on captain Makis' trip on Saturday. This is the third time we have done it, and it was jsut as good this time, if not better as I dont think the trip was full.
We saw the dolphins and they swum at the side of the boat which was just amazing.
The food was great and the mudpack brill. Everyone joined in karaoke on the way back and it was just fantastic.

For the unattached girls, Tim is a bonus as well!!!!

This trip is expensive, but it is one of the highlights of our holiday.