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Kefalonia Excursions

George S

There's a brand new PADI Dive Resort PIRATE DIVERS CLUB in Lassi Kefalonia 2km from Argostoli for those who are interested. It's located on the beach of the Mediterranee Hotel. Really nice dive sites with a RIB boat. Brand new equipment and excellent service. Wonderful shipwrecks from ancient to WWII, another recent shipwreck with trucks inside, caves, wall dives with lobsters, Dias (Zeus) a small island rock with a monastery on top where you can dive all the way around the rock on a single dive with lots of sea life, drift dives you name it. You're never rushed and often you get a boat tour as well. Sometimes the guys go for a cold one in a cool cantina. You're definitely have a blast diving with them. The stuff speaks really good english as they are native english speakers so communication with the stuff is never an issue. The prices are excellent and very competitive! Check them out at If you're going to Kefalonia check them out!!!

Tracy P

We are going to kefilonia in July staying in skala. My daughters want to dive how far is the best padi centre? I know their is one in skala but doesn't seem to be what my girls would be looking for as it's not been recommended. We are hiring a car so we can travel.

John H

Can anyone tell me how long it takes to drive from Katelios to Ag. Efimia?

We are looking to go to Aquatic World as we cannot find a good dive centre near Katelios.

Many thanks,

David G          10/10

I have just returned from Skala where I picked up a leaflet for Bubbles, the local dive operator. They have an office in the Main Street but as this was always closed I tried to phone the owner to try to book a day's diving but he wasn't interested. He told me that he was too busy as it was peak season and to try again the following week - then he hung up! So instead I went to Agia Efimia where Aquatic World were excellent. I had 4 dives over two days. All by RIB boat to a different site around the local bay each time. My wife a non-diver was made welcome too and joined us on the boat at no charge. The guides were excellent ensuring that the large groupers, ancient underwater steps, WW2 mine, amphora and ballast weights from a Roman wreck were all seen. 

Paul S

I've never dived before and intend to stay in Sami later this month. Does anyone know of a Dive School in Sami? If not the one further up the coast sounds popular - is it important to book before you arrive? Many thks

Daniel J           

As an experienced diver, I looked at various dive operators on the island. I finally chose to dive with the guys in Agia Efamia despite staying in Skala. They seemed to be the most experienced and had a more interesting range of sites to dive, including the ones off Ithaca (a short RHIB ride away). The diving was excellent including the briefings and safety elements. The WWII bomber site was just fantastic. If you are a qualified diver, I would recommend these to anyone as they seem friendly and interested in giving you a dive worthy of your hard earned Euros. Unlike the one in Skala who only seemed interested in the money and doing a shallow sceneic dive.

David S           

My wife and I went scuba diving several times with Aquatic World in Agia Efimia. They do introductory dives aswell as several more advanced dives for PADI/certified divers. Would recommend the cave dive. They also go to Melissani Lake, which unfortunately we missed, but heard it was awesome!

Andy M

Anyone have the names and email addresses of Scuba Diving Centres on the island and any recommendations

Beth L           

We did scuba diving in agia efimia - we were given a lesson on underwater communication - given all the stuff and then taken down under water. They cut up a sea urchin and handed it to everyone for the fish to come and then they took loads of cool photos which they then put on cd for us.

Colin P           

Have scuba diving in skala. Its very near from poros about 15min.

Tracey P

Where can we scuba dive on Kefalonia?