Greek Night

Kefalonia Excursions

Kevin 3           

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargeGood night had by all at the greek night ,Makis restaurant (Agia Afimia)

complete with dancing and food.


the word greek night doesnt mean anything until you have been 2 oskars! the entertainment is briliant!! the food id yummy, and also all food and drink is at a resonable price! and not forgeting the tasty waiters, who make you very welcome and do everything to make you enjoy the evening. oskars is a must, at least try it!!! i wouldnt be written all this and also the other comments that i have wrote if oskars isnt worth it!! nuff love x x x

Olwyn M           

Just got back from Kefalonia(Lassi)Had a great time.There are some great restaurants,but for something completely different try OSCARS,about 3/4 of a mile outside Lassi along the Fanari road.The entertainment value of this night out is worth the walk or the taxi fare alone?A GREEK NIGHT EXPERIENCE you won't forget in a hurry!Oscar is completely over the top and very proud of his restaurant,his staff,their food and entertainment.The BBQ was worth the money, the starters were a meal on their own,and you could refill your plate all night long.Also try the Greek Style Beef in a pot(if you dare?)Joining in with the dancers is a good laugh after a few drinks and Oscars enthusiasm is contagious and never ending.Although very cheesy and slightly naff a very good night out!

Dimitri T           

We Love all things greek and being greek that helps a lot :-) But we have to say the best fun atmosphere greek night we had was at Zorbas in Lassi! It's not the best dancing or best traditional style but for pure enjoyment and participation and the feel good factor you won't find better!

Louise C           

Went to a greek night in lourdas at a restaurant on top of the hill (past spiros etc) near the third/second supermarket. It was a fantastic night-even got a free drink for joining in!! Really enjoyed the dancing-one of my best nights on the island-nice to sample the culture!!

Janette M           

It is a must for your first visit but be warned - it's not for the feint-hearted or shy person. Everyone must try Greek dancing but watch your toes! Lots of wine and it all gets very energetic! Best left to the professionals who put on an amazing performance.