Day trip to Olympia

Kefalonia Excursions

Colin J           

We decided on this trip as we thought it'd be a nice day out and good to soak up a bit of history. Yes the history side of it is fascinating but the 8 hours overall travelling was just too much. From Lassi you get the coach to Poros which, including pickups, takes around an hour and a half. After that there's an hour and a half ferry ride to the mainland, and after that, another hour coach ride to Olympia. And as the other reviews have mentioned, the Kosmar rep never told us that we would have to pay 9 euros each once we got there to actually get into the museum and the Olympic site. I know it's only 9 euros but when you paid 58 euros each up front, you'd think that was it. Plus, another thing with Olympia is that no matter how hot it is around Greece, Olympia is about 7 or 8 degrees hotter. We were warned about this and how true they were. When walking around the site at about 2pm the temperature was up to 48 degrees C, which is unbearable when you are trying to listen to a tour guide. He was very informative and very enthusiastic, but he was fighting a losing battle trying to get any response out of a group of baking tourists! Even the wind was hot!

I wouldn't recommend this trip unless you are really into your Greek history as it gets tedious. Something to see, but not from Kefalonia! 

Ian D           

We recommend this trip but please note if you book woth the rep there is hidden costs we were not informed of, we only found out when we were half way there by the tour guide on the bus, the extra charges where to gain access to the museum and site of olympia which you have to pay as this is the whole point of the trip! We felt robbed as we had already ready paid 58euros each for this day trip and thought everything would be included for that price? It was a long day and would be better if you could go off and do your own thing rather than listening to the guide as he repeated himself several times on that same thing. We also would suggest you take a packed lunch as you don't get to eat until well after 3pm.

Emma M           

Wow this trip was boring! Yeah, yeah the site was good, the museum was excellent but it dragged and I felt totally robbed. Damn Kosmar and the office next to them, something beginning with P. Damn them they rob you 58 euros, but the trip wasn't offered anywhere else.

It takes ages to get there by ferry and coach, and then you go straight to the site but are expected to spend TWO hours in some shabby Olympia land. I would have preferred the two hours at the site more

Jamie W           

A *very* long day but really enjoyable and interesting. There isn't much point in me repeating what has already been said but I do think that the lunch break was too long as there wasn't really much to do in the village. An extra 30 minutes or so at the museum and site would have been time better spent. Really good guide who showed us round both sites.

Phil M           

We had two coach trips to get there , a ferry crossing from Poros to Kilini with the coach. It was an excellent day out even if you are not deeply into Greek culture.We had an excellent tour guide who took us around the site, we then had an hour and a half on our own before returning to thecoach and moving on to the museum. This is superb. Well laid out and the tour guide was able to answer quite searching questions. It would have been better with a little more time on both sites but it was a full day.

Nick B           

It is a long day but worth it.After disembarking on the Peloponnese
mainland we headed for the ancient archaeological site of Elis that is still being excavated .The Guide provided a good background history to the importance of Elis and its connection to Olympia.We then went to the Olympic Village where we stopped for 2 hours.To be honest it was tacky and a waste of time.Would have preferred more time at the ancient sites and missed this stop altogether.At Olympia the Guide gave a very interesting account of the history of Olympia and the ruins on the site which helped fuel the imagination when exploring the site afterwards.Very enjoyable day out.

Philippa Y           

Be prepared for a very long day, not really enough time at the site but worth the visit.