Day trip to Zante

Kefalonia Excursions

Beth R          10/10

AMAZING TRIP- SUCH BEAUTIFUL VIEWS! We went with Captain Vangeli's cruises for the second time and it was a highlight of our holiday! Firstly we went to shipwreck beach, but couldn't land due to filming. Gorgeous views anyway with turquoise blue sea Then saw the blue caves, also very picturesque and looked fab, followed by a swim stop- jumping off the boat! Brilliantly blue water and lots of fun (I advise rubber rings and snorkels). Then to Xi (I think!). The most amazing sandy beach and blue water (quite busy), with water sports and good tavernas, often with pools. Parasailing is at the far end of the beach- I reccommend this highly!! The hydrojets are also fun  Another swim stop on the way back. A totally fabulous trip- around 35 euros for adults, 25 for kids, with a 15% discount on further cruises  Totally spectacular!!!!

Kay G           

Despite Karen, the Panem guide, who was very friendly and informative, we felt this excursion was a bit like a shopping trip, with the winery visit, the craft village, and the time in Xante town. It was interesting to see Xante, as it was an island we had thought of staying on, but much preferred Kefalonia. Xante town not recommended - unfriendly atmosphere, and we had the worst meal of our holiday there!

Marie K           

We had visited Zakynthos twice last year - 2 weeks in June/July and a further 2 weeks in late September. So obviously we loved it and were looking forward to going back for even the day on this visit to Kefalonia. We were very disappointed when our rep did not do the trip and the KTEL office in Argostoli advised that the trip, despite being advertised, was not being run this season as "it is not popular with British visitors" (we are Irish). Anyway a helpful guest in the White Rocks passed Panem Travel and discovered that they run the trip every Friday. It cost 33 euro and was well worth the money. The guide, Karen, was very informative and great company. The ferry crossing was lovely and we even saw dolphins. OK we saw nothing that we had not seen last year but it was wonderful to be back on the island and to make a comparison with Kefalonia - we much prefer Zakynthos. It was a long day but good value for money.

Martin W           

Do the boat BBQ day out, its the best! A fantastic day out with food and friendly people, includes ship wreck beach, tour of the blue caves, plenty of beach time and saw loads of dolphins along the way all for only 35 euros. Sailed from Agostoli and booked on the water front with a local operator.

Nia E           

There are lots of agencies that offer trips to Zante. We went to Arogstoli and found an excellent boat trip (on the pier) which took us to shipwreck island off Zante(beautuful beach). We had a BBQ swam in the sea, jumped off from top of the boat and had a really good day out. Much cheaper than what your rep will charge you. Wel worth a vist if you want to top up tan, have a swim, see some caves, and a beatiful beach. We left at 9.00am and came back at 5.30pm

Rowan M

Can anyone help me? I'm going to Kefalonia this year and am thinking about going on the Zante/ Zakynthos trip. Does anyone know where you sail from? Is it from A.Efimia, Sami, Poros or Argostoli? Also, which tour operators offer the best trip? I've heard that you can see the blue caves and the beach with the shipwreck. I'd be grateful if anyone could help, thanks :)


I am going to Kefalonia in June and i have friends who are visiting Zante. I would like to know:
1) where can i catch the ferry to Zante?
2) how much it would cost?
3) how regular are they?


Ray D

Can anyone please tell me where and what time i can get a ferry to Zante i will be staying in Skala from 22.5.03 for 7 nights.

Cilla L

At the end of May beginning of June, friends of ours will be enjoying their hols in Zante while we're on hols in Kefalonia ... we'd like to go across and visit them. Can anyone tell me a) where the ferry from Kefalonia to Zante sails from? b) how long the ferry takes? and c) where in Zante does the ferry dock? Any info would be much appreciated.

Eileen F           

I was a bit disappointed with the trip to Zante. The ferry crossing is very nice, but I found that once you got to Zante it was a bit disappointing. The island isn't as stunning as Kefalonia which may have something to do with it. The tour tries to take in a comprehensive mix of sightseeing. We had a tour round the island and free time in Zante town, but it was a bit uninspiring. There seemed to be a lot of driving round whilst on Zante. Also a very long day.