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Paul H          10/10

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The Bavarian Horse Riding Stables in Sami

A very professional outfit, beautiful and well kept Bavarian horses great for experienced riders and novices.

After visiting the stables last year John and myself decided to go for a longer ride (4 hours) this year.

We would just like to say thanks to 'Connie' for an excellent, entertaining ride through the olive groves, in the mountains along dried up river beds and down to the beach at Sami. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Check out their website:

Paul Holyoake  and John Mason 

Kitty C           

the english riding centre in lourdas is a definate for any one interested in horse riding on holiday. i spent two weeks at the centre, and enjoyed every minute of it. They cater for both beginners and experienced riders and the trek provides vistors with excellent views and a relaxing morning or evening ride. Alison provides exceptional love and care for both the horses and other animals around the stables and When i return to kelfalonia alison and Roy are first on my list.    

Karen B           

My 10 year old daughter and I went horse riding at the English Riding Stables in June 2005.  We booked it ourselves. Because we were not experienced Alison suggested a one hour lesson, which I was a little aprehensive about but once there Jenny and Clemmy made the lesson enjoyable. I would definately recommend booking yourself, not through the tour operators as Alison was telling us how much of the cost she received, which was not much!!

Sally J           

Had a really good morning ride out from Alisons riding stables at Lourdata/Lourdas, the horses are lovely, very well schooled and the tack and equipment is all safe and in good condition. The ride out doesn't involve galloping about at high speeds as the terrain wouldn't allow for it so I would recommend it for novices and experienced riders. Myself and my friend were both put on large horses one 17.1h and the other 15.2h+ that could easily carry us (as I find it awful when you get put on a tiny pony if you are a normal sized adult). I would recommend to book direct with Alison as both of you will do better out of it that way. I was happy to give my money to Alison, although the stables are a professional setup there was lots of rescued animals that were of no obvious benefit to the place financially (cats and horses alike) and I was glad to think our money would help make that possible. Alison, Jenny and Clemie (her two staff) are lovely people and our ride out was the highlight of our holiday.

Peter H           

Yes but the riding stables outside Sami Aren't insured. And the lady is prone to bouts of profanity directed at the horses. Which is why my friends son was taken away from there because he came home using these words and only when a kind english person pointed out to his mother 'do you know what he is saying?'.... The Reps can only send people to or on excursions that cover public liability. I would also suggest avoiding the stables of Hell in Lourdas- unless your an animal lover then by all means go- see the state of the horses cry in anger and pity and report them

Karen W           

Hi, just a question as visiting Lourdas in less than two weeks time. Very excited as only booked up today! Just wondered if the horse riding was at all suitable for beginners?


Horse riding stables just outside Sami called 'Bavarian' were excellent. Very professional and much cheaper than the quote given by the recommended stables of the rep. Caters for everyone experienced or not.

Alison H

I like to cater for any level of rider at Omala Valley Riding Club. However, we are unable to go galloping or jumping as the terrain does not allow this. I can offer a walk/trot through a very beautiful area of Kefalonia - the valley is full of Olive Groves, Vineyards and the old ruins of several villages. The ride is picturesque and my horses are not plodders. We would love to see you in July.

Dimitri T           

Yes Omala can. Try

There is a link to their site and information on contacting them. Our daughter went riding and thoroughly enjoyed her day out, from what we understand if you contact Alison first she can ,make arrangements for you.

Fay W

Do these stables at Omala cater for
experienced riders i.e. Cantering, Gallopping,
jumping etc. My partner and I are keen riders,
not into plodding(!) We are visiting Kef in July
and always sample the local riding when we
take our hols.

Shelly,jez,jack and ben            

Met alison on her Grooms day off (Thursday) and booked an evening trek for the following evening.Just the three of us rode out at about 5pm and enjoyed a relaxing walk and trot through the beautiful Omala Valley.The horses are obviously well cared for and this English lady has an (I think ) enviable set up!I woulld hpoe to ride with her again when we revisit this Island.

John T           

Excellent tours. Not for the absolute novice.. these are real horses, riders should have some previous experience. The trails are magnificent, and the staff at Omala riding school in Valsamata did a great job.