Onassis Dream Cruise

Kefalonia Excursions

David S           

Mixed feelings about this tour but generaly we were glad we did it.We booked with Panem on Skala high street rather than through our tour company who were charging 14 Euros more each for the same trip.

It's a long day -picked up at 7.20am and dropped off at about 7.00pm.
The boat was full which meant we were sat arm to arm.
I got two coffees (overpriced at that) and was shouted at by 'George' when he hand me than and I then asked for sugar in one of them - apparently I should have asked for sugar 'before' he made them!!
If you do this trip, you are on board for many hours so I would suggest a packed lunch and drinks as there is no food to speak of on board.
The scenery is stunning and the stop at Meganisi lets you walk up into the old village which is worth the slog.
Glad we did the trip, but would not do it again.

Susan S           

A nice relaxing day out although a bit long. Enjoyed hearing the Onassis story and loved Lefkas although while we were there we heard about the London bombs, so spent most of the time in a bar watching Sky News. Try to do the trip with  a local operator rather than your rep, its no so expensive, and they use a better boat .

Kevin 3           

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargeLoved every minute of it,went on the IKAROS from Agia Afimia

Karen D           

Cruise was very interesting - but a very long day. Swimming off the boat was fun. Shame the boat didn't provide a buffet or something?

Kerry -           

Fantastic day out! Got the boat from Agia Efimia, collected from Skala at 8.00am (with a couple of stops on the way) and the boat left around 10.00am. Stopped at Fiskardo to collect some more passengers - great photo opportunity! Stopped a Meganissi - climbed the steps to the view point at the top of the hill for some of the most amazing views I've ever seen! Had a nice beer on the beach before we set off for Scorpios. We were taken all around the Island and got to swim off the boat onto one of the beaches which was amazing - remember to take a pebble from the beach as they are supposed to be lucky! Went onto to the port of Nidri in Leftkas for lunch and some shopping and then sailed back to Agia Efimia where our coaches were waiting for us. Highly recommend this day out!

Gordon W           

Long day - good trip. Interesting.

Alastair M           

This is an excellent trip .. the only downfall is the early pick up time!!
We had a beautiful day and cruising along ont he boat was fantastic!!!
It's a long day though, although I did manage and hours sleep on the way back!!!!
Alastair & Vicky

Tim G           

Wonderful day cruising round some stunning islands. Lovely.

Boat a bit cramped. Also, word of warning for anyone staying in Lourdas. You're the fist pick up at 7.10am; followed by lots of other pick-ups and a long trip to Fiscardo over those scary Greek mountain roads. It's nearly two and a half hours before you get off the coach! With all the coaching it's a twelve hour day.

Stuart W           

Lovely day out. Great views, calm waters, swimming of the island was memorable and loads of fun. The stop for lunch was good and the drink stop at Meganissi was nice too. No dolphins (shame for the children..the organisers shouldn't mention them) but still a great day out with a really good atmosphere.

Sarah P


We went to kefalonia last year and loved it so we are going ack this sept. we want to go on the onassis dream cruise again as it was wonderful last time. but this time we are thinking of driving ourselves up to Fiscardo and booking privately ratyher than paying reps prices. does anyone know the proceedure i.e what time we need to get there and where to book it, and how much money we stand to save?

Peter E           

I didn't really intend to get onto this website, but as I'm here I'll tell you that we went on a small boat out of Nidri on Lefkas, visiting Meganissi and Scorpios, and sailing around the islands.(15.7.03) Swimming in the cove at Scorpios was fantastic! as was learning a little about the Onassis family.
The best day I've had in years !!!

Marie K           

Loved this cruise. Left from Sami and returned to Fiscardo. All the small satellite islands off Lefkada are stunningly beautiful. Boat very comfortable, all the reps took turns in giving us information over the intercom. No pressure to go to any particular restaurant for lunch (I like this because when you are given a recommendation you know the rep is getting his lunch their free). No dolphins - slightly disappointed but just sailing through beautiful clear waters on a calm and sunny day - what more can you ask for. Again particular thanks to the guides - Gary and Vanna

David C           

Ana, I can't remember the exact figure but it was about 30 each - probably about 40-50 euros.

We thought that sounded quite a lot but you are on the trip from about 9.30am until after 5pm so you're getting a whole day. And after that swim at Scorpios I would pay for it again tomorrow. Gives me goosys just thinking how beautiful that cove was!

Ana H

how much does this trip cost?

Dean K           

This trip was quite good if you like to travel by boat, its quite a exhausting day but worth it as u get to swim in a beach which is like no other beach - ITS LOVELY! I tell you what makes this trip good and thats if you see the dolphins like we did!

David C           

Went from Aghia Efimia, picking up from Fiskardo on way to a cave used by a Greek hero who torpedoed several German ships from his submarine (he cleverly evaded the radar by hiding in the caves - hurrah!).
By far the best part was the visit to Scorpios (Onassis' personal island) where we stopped for a swim. The beach where we stopped for a swim was nothing short of paradise on earth. Overhanging green vegetation - a small golden beach, turquoise waters. One of the greatest experiences of my life.
Went on to Lefkas, which was far more "touristy" - we weren't keen on the place.
On the whole, a wonderful trip (especially the swim) - only gutted we didn't see any dolphins and the seats on the boat weren't too comfortable, though that would be picking faults!
Book this as soon as you get there!

Darren P           

We stayed at LASSI and endured nearly two hours each way on the coach to the IKARUS at Fiscardo. My 3 & 4 year old daughters got a little restless but felt much better with what was to come... Within an hour we saw the dolphins and had great views as they swam along side the boat. The Captain was crazy, the tour guide was a little vague on the Onassis story but our rep filled us in on a fantastic fairytale. Meganissi was nice, the caves were enchanting, the swim stop was absolutely out of this world as both my two gained great confidence with there tweety Pie life jackets. A nice meal at Leftkas and time for a bit of shopping before a pleasant cocktail fueled, return cruise.

Susan M           

Just done the onassis cruise, we found it excellent. The boat was good the tour guide was excellent and the sights were fantastic. Our 10yr old was enchanted, she swam off the boat to scorpius island home of the onassis family, she then had the treat of a life time and saw her all time favorite animal, Dolphins, swimming alongside the boat. We could not have asked for a better end to a fantastic day.

Louise C           

Didnt know anything about onassis but really enjoyed this trip-it was great to learn about the millionaire who actually started off olympic airways!! It was a lovely day-early start of 710 but its worth it!! Especially if you like learning!! Get to stop for lunch in lefkas which is a lovely place too-there are water sports here so dont miss out if you'd like a go-went paragliding and it was fab-really nice staff! Went to recommended restaurant for a lovely lunch-mix your appetisers and treat yourself! Get to swim on the private beach of onassis-nice experience! Take your camera-lovely day out-prob better suited to adults/young adults-smaller children may get bored with it being such a long day x x x

Hayley S           

brilliant day if you dont mind gettting up early. The boat was great and I would recommend one of the donuts for breakfast. The island of Scorpios was interesting and it was great diving off the boat into the sea.

Laura S           

Very nice, educational day. Learnt all about Onassis and even swam on to one of the beaches on his Island. Lefkas was lovely too. Lunched at Panorama, nice menu. Also took advantage of the watersports there for extra price. Paragliding was a brilliant experience! Great relaxing and informative day.