Resorts in Kefalonia

Alison G           

Assos was as lovely as I remembered it but I really must agree with the previous comments on the public loos. I read them before I went to Kefalonia this time and decided to see what was meant by 'truly disgusting'. It means that they are the traditional hole in the floor type toilets. Not only are they a big shock but they are 'truly disgusting'. Don't follow my lead and try them out, make sure you use the facilities in the tavernas and enjoy your trip to Assos, which is a very quiet and peaceful location with great food.

Richard T           

The town of Assos; beautiful, compact, friendly, and tranquil. It is spear headed by a`Venetian fortress; it transports you back in time as you walk up a track from the towns harbour through shaded fir and cyprus trees to the outer battlements and then itself the fortress. with the remains of a lost civilisation. Take water as the fortress is huge. Exploration is the key; go of the track. As with most historical cites on the island you have to put the pieces together yourself or ask. When you get down you will need a swim, get your snorkel and mask out the car; i did it was breath taking.

John H           

Just returned from a week staying at the Kanakis Studios in Assos. We hired a car for the week and saw the entire island and Assos was my favourite place by a long way. Coach loads of day trippers tend to head for Assos during the day, but once the sun goes down, the atmosphere is absolutely amazing. Best restuarant in Assos is Platanos - great food washed down with the fantstic local Robola wine and very friendly staff.
Also ask for Dimitiry at the Sea Side Bar for boat hire. It cost us 80 Euros for the day but was well worth it. We went right up the coast to to Fiscardo in the North and then over to a remote bech on the neighbouring island Ithaca for a picnic. Fantastic!

Martin S           

Beats Fiskardo any day.

Greg S           

Hi - any ideas on accomodation in Assos would be much appreciated - finding it difficult to find places, without taking a flight as well.


Sonia S           

The walk up the steep mountain was worth, the views are breathtaking. Also there is a Taverna there sorry cannot remember the name (I think the guys name was Pathos, the food was so fresh and the staff very friendly, definately one of my favourite places on the island.


Assos is a lovely little village, although like everywhere in Kefalonia, try and get there when there are no coach parties, otherwise getting to the car park and be interesting. The walk up to the ruins of the castle is quite long and if you’re fat and unfit make sure you take plenty of water. The views from the castle are quite nice and if you like ruins you’ll not be too disappointed (although the castle of St George is better maintained and nicer in my opinion). One work of caution, the public loos near the car park are truly disgusting, buy a drink in a restaurant and use theirs instead.

Alison O           

This was our favourite town on the island. So beautiful and peaceful. The walk up to the Venetian fortress may seem like a hard slog but you're rewarded with the most stunning views imaginable.

Tim G           

Absolutely beautiful and quiet. Scenery amazing - public toilet not!


beautiful and quiet.Much more up market than some of the places,therefor more expensive.well worth a visit

Gary H           

Just got back from 7 nights in Assos. Very relaxing quiet Greek village. Coach loads of
tourists come for an hour or so on some days but not at night. Much more expensive
than 15 mins drive away which makes it quite exclusive. No loud music or tourist
rubish for sale. Lovely beach. Good fish restaurant on the quay. Great bar (North) for
evening drinks w spectacular views across village and bay. Castle actually v
interseting if you like history - frustrating because it is difficult to find info about it.
Lots of other beaches and towns around for variety if you have a car or boat. Much
nicer and more peaceful than Fiskado - though in ten years from now who nows...

Shirley W           

What else can I say but pure charm!

Pauline S           

Assos town is very beautiful & quiet. I walked up to the castle & was disappointed not to see one! There's v.little of it left, BUT, do walk up to view the town below. Fantastic views.

Fay W           

Not much to do here except have an excellent lunch in the
restaurant next to the boat launch. Both my partner and I ordered
the stuffed squid which was fantastic (filled with big chunks of
mozerella and peppers) but the waiter got confused and only
noted for one, so when a dinner turned up, we thought the other
would be along shortly and when it didn't, we asked the waiter.
He was sooo appologetic that we still gave him a tip as it gave
us an excuse just to sit and feed the fish and enjoy a lazy
afternoon in a beautiful village.

Robert P           

We had to get some exercise as we were Greek saladed to death so we made the trek up to the castle but . . well the view was magnificent but the ruins were lost on me as I'm ignorant. It was lovely walk though so don't spoil it by trying to drive up. Assos itself was superb from any angle but I don's know how busy it gets - we were probably lucky as it was very quiet.

Julie W           

Assos is a beautiful, peaceful place. Not much going on, but if you want peace and quiet and stunning scenery then this is the place.

Rachel W           

Such a lovely village and well worth a visit. Very relaxing and friendly tavernas.

Ken S           

Didn't bother with the walk up to the castle - it was too hot, but loved the village. Sat in a wonderful shady taverna by the sea sharing a fab Greek salad washed down with a couple of bottles of Mythos - Well worth visiting.

Ed F           

Assos is very quiet and certainly more attractive than Fiskardo which unfortunately is normally packed with tourists. The castle.... well more ruins than anything a slightly disappointed as the walk to the top of the hill takes at least half and hour.Would recommend driving even though the road says closed, just hope you don't meet anything else.
Views from top are almost worth the effort.

Barry S           

We visted Assos last week (10th June 2003). We liked it very much. Probably the most tranquil village on the island with lots of character. After soaking up the atmosphere we sta on a bench opposite the harbour and took in the views - magic.

Barry S

Ray H           

Walked up to the castle - a waiter told us it would take 20 minutes - so we did'nt take a drink. It was red hot, a drink is essential. Explored the castle for a little while but could'nt stay long (no drink). Went snorkelling in the bay opposite the tavernas below the castle road it was exellent.

June W           

We visit Assos, for one afternoon in June The gentleman, sorry dont know his name, who owns Plantios Taverna, always remembers us !!! He always serves us with a wonderful meal, and FOC gives us his latest dessert. Such a relaxing resort, well not really a resort, I cannot find a name for it !!!! Really Great

Michael S           

So peaceful- Ideal place to get away from the madding crowd and relax - even in the high season.

Michael S           

Stayed there for a week after a similar period in Fiskardo - Able to relax here - Best land base resort we have been to for along time. There is plenty to do, especially if you get to know the local people. We had a car for a week and only used it once, to drive over the mountain, exciting!

Pat G           

visited this October 19th, My wife particularly loved the quiet bay (just to ourselves when the coach visitors left), but not the turn into the hairpin off the main road which rivals any in the world for wiping out vertigo sufferers. Kindly local took us out fishing for free, taverna nice, views spectacular, snorkelling very good, ***** five star but would not like it in peak season.

Kate F           

Very quiet and peaceful and a welcome haven after the tourist hell that was Fiscardo. Food here was much more reasonably priced than Fiscardo and the village is very pretty and unspoiled.

Sarah T           

Not much here, but that was the attraction. Nice peaceful bay. Grab a coffee and watch the locals!!

Marianne G           

We loved Assos, not a great deal to do though. We didn't go up to the castle (i just wanted a beer!), but the town is really picturesque and worth a look (and drink) at.

Phil P           

Picturesque bay and quite relaxing but not much more........apart from the view from the top of the road down.

Phil P           

Nice picturesque bay and the view from the road down/up is spectacular but the place did not live up to its reputation for us. It is supposed to be in competition with Fiskardo as the most beautiful village location on the island but Fiskardo certaily had a lot more to offer.

Ian G           

Great place to stop between Myrtos Beach & Fiskardo - idyllic setting to while away a few hours. Restaurant we tried (Nefeli's)was only average but not expensive.

Alex M           

If you visit one place in your life visit Assos.Idyllic nearly gets it right. Single track up to the Castle is something else - just keep praying you don't meet a car going the opposite way - reversing can be a bit hairy. Tavernas by harbour serve lovely (and cheap) meals.

Ruth S           

I recon this is the nicest place on the island. It has it's own peninsula, and is very peaceful.

Ruth S           

Assos was gorgeous! This was the nicest place we visited. Try Platanos/Platos(?) restaurant in the square, as the food was lovely, particularly the deserts.

Liz S           

Assos was our favourite place on the island so pretty and not crowded at all, although I imagine it would have been different had we arrived at the same time as a coach trip!!

Alan P           

I stayed here on my first visit and it is a stunningly beautiful place. If you have a car come here for the sunset at the medieval castle which is breathtaking and you can drive part of the way up as it is a long hike but worth it. Quite magic as the sun sets and the sound of goat bells tinkling aound as they leap across the rocks

Becky C           

very pretty place and interesting view of a fishermans bottom while unloading his catch!

John H           

We drove from Fanari and the scenary was breathtaking. Assos is unique and beautiful and the restaurants were good value. It is a definate 'must' to anyone visiting the island. Don't forget to either drive or walk up to the old fortress, the views are spectacular!

Sarah O           

stunning views and so quiet well worth the scary car journey to get there

Mat H           

My favourite spot on the whole island. Lovely walk up to the ruined Castle from the village (take some water!!). Somebody else mentioned the public toilets and they are a bit grim but don't let that put you off.

Giles M           

Didn't spend much time in the town, we were exploring the castle which is huge! I want to go back to look round the rest of it. A bit of an adventure!

Jacqueline K           

Absolutely gorgeous!

Mark P           

Lovely little town. Breathtaking views on the way in. A great place to have lunch and relax. Kids enjoyed the little peeble beach too, with its shallow water in the harbour. We spent a very enjoyable day there.

Allison F           


Janette H           

Fantastic little village, so peaceful all we could hear were the crickets! One word of warning do not use the public loos ( not very nice )

Tony R           


Maria H           

very pretty little town with a huge fortress that looks like it is on an offshore island but is actually part of kefalonia. very clean, with flowers everywhere and very helpful locals. some nice tavernas too down by the waterfront.

Ivan M           

in my mind the most attractive & friendly spot on the island. recommend a visit there if you cant stay ther

Sue W           

Assos is a beautiful little town by the sea. Take a walk up to the castle and you get fantastic views.