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Avyi B          5/10

  Pretty port and well worth a visit. Stopped there en route to spend day on Anti-Sami beach. Incredible view looking down at beach but beach is pebbly and has been taken over by 2 bars who give free sunbeds if you buy from their bar. They come up to you frequently asking if you want drinks or food, and play loud annoying music all day. They have spoilt a peaceful natural stunning area of beauty, as its now mostly covered in row after row of sunbeds and umbrellas. If you dont want shade or bring your own umbrella you can still go up the beach to a part not 'taken over' by the beds/music/bars

Rob S          10/10

hi james r

thomas cook do package holidays to sami at good prices,hope that helps.
my wife and i been to sami a few times always enjoyed it ,nice people ,nice food,we use the dolphin and never had any problams with staff or food both been good. 

Fran W          9/10

Hi we are returning in May 2012 for the 4th time. Sami is a working port with a lovely harbourside. When on hol its nice to people watch and the ferries add to that. We like the fact it is not commercialised and spend most days on the beach outside the Mellasani complex. Never busy fab. Sami is not for you if you looking for hectic night life and English food. It's what it should be Greek. We hire a car for 3/4 days and travel the island which is stunning. Have visited May and Sept and had good  weather every visit. We stay at the Pericles which suits our purposes fine. We like the owners and staff who are very friendly. 

Dave P          9/10

I would agree with everything said in the previous comment from last year. Some of the food is very pricey but if you go where the locals go it is much more reasonable. Very picturesque, close to Melissani Lake and Drogarti Cave but still not too busy. If we came back to Kefalonia this is where we would stay. We have heard the the Pericles Hotel is a good place to stay. ver good place.

Sam W          10/10

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Sami is a nice little habourside town with around 15 to  30 shops . Most of its restaurants (about 10) are all in a line on the quayside, its a lovely spot to dine and look at the ferry boats etc.It also has a very nice bakery on the road in from  the Poros direction .Anti samos beach is just ten minutes drive  from here .Also found a tourist information office ,very handy for some free advice .

Albert H           

I thought Sami was a great little town. Harbour and yachts were better than Fiscardo and you can also drive up to see the ancient city where they held out for 4 months against the Romans if you like that sort of thing, which we do. Yes it's ruins, but it's spectacular and some of the walls are still massive - I wouldn't want to try to storm it. It's also a short drive further to Antisamos. Just stopping at the viewing place to picture looking down at Antisamos is worth it.

Francis C           

Sami is a fantastic town for a relaxing holiday. The restaurants are generally excellent. The local food is delicious - I cannot wait to get back there so I can have Kefalonian meat pie again ! If visiting/staying in Sami - you have to visit Antisamos beach (providing you don't mind pebbles instead of sand !) Personally I prefer pebbles. It is about an 8 minute drive out of Sami. Those reviews saying that local beaches weren't up to much didn't take account of Antisamos beach. You will struggle to find a better cove. The approach through the coastal road is breathtaking (if not a little precarious). Paradise. I guess I'm contributing to its downfall but I feel selfish not to share it. We are returning in May this year. All being well we will marry there at the same time. Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!

Sabine I           

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We really loved it as it was great to sit and watch the port in action day and evening. Great locals also and not too many tourists. Found some lovely walks amongst local houses/gardens. Fantastic scenery and only walk away from Karavomilos and mellisani lake

Helen H           

The best family holiday we have ever had! We stayed at the hotel Pericles which has the cleanest/nicest pool we've ever seen and the most accommodating pool staff, all the taxi drivers are very helpful and very proud of the Captain Corelli connection and food is cheap and delicious - great base for trips and cruises which were great value for money and the scenery and weather out of this world! We will certainly be returning, because we didn't want to leave!

Shirley J           

Just booked for Sami got a great deal for mid September. Reading comments most sound good. We like a quiet resort, traditional. Can't wait!

P. A           

The "Sami by night" tour was better than we hoped. After getting there we alighted from the coach and thought "ok, let's give this a chance." We walked around the town, along the harbour and into the shops selling table cloths and finery. The lady gave us a 25% discount on what we wanted to buy.
We then dined at the Dionysis Taverna which had a waitress from Chicago living and working there. Excellent food and rather busy (well it was recommended by the tour guide, so naturally we all went there to eat!!)
The music bar afterwards was great with lovely red wine and a bowl of complimentary mixed nuts brought to our table.
The time passed very quickly and we had a very enjoyable visit.


Agree about the traditional nature of this place.
Good restaurant called o Faro or something which means lighthouse but they only take cash.

Alan L           

As a resort it was really nice the only thing that spoilt it was some bloke that worked in resturant called the Adonis, what a rude, loud mouthed little toe rag he was! And all my girlfriend did was to brush pass one of his chairs, and he went ballistic. Don't eat there....but the rest of people were very nice.

Lisa L           

Sami is a lovely place. we first went as as part of a 'sami by night' trip and loved it so much that we hired a car and went back three times. i would definaltey stay in this beautiful but small harbour town if we went back to kefalonia. As the setting for captain corellis mandolin it dosent appear to have suffered at the hands of hollywood and is definatley the most traditional and authentic place we have visited on kefalonia. Wouldnt reccommend the resturant 'daulphina' (i think its called that) , we asked for the bill 3 times and waited 35 minutes before giving up and leaving without paying!

Julie W           

Sami is a beautiful little fishing port with outstanding views. A must for anyone to visit. There are not many nice hotels or apartments in the area which is a pity as I would love to be able to stay near the beach at this resort. Will go back one day soon.

James R

Am hoping to stay in Sami, Kefalonia this Summer. Does anyone know if any UK Tour Operator does holidays in Sami??

Kate F           

Can't comment on the nightlife, but we loved everything else about Sami. It felt much more like a real place, rather than a tourist trap. Despite being a working port, it was really quiet and with a very clean and pretty harbour with excellent tavernas. Less crowded than other resorts, and with a really nice walk along the harbour. If we ever return to Kefalonia, this is where we will be staying.

Phil P           

Another 'working' Greek town and not a bit touristy which is nice. The sand & pebble beach is at one end of the town and is quite small although the swimming is good. Take the road from here to Argostoli over the is worthwhile and quite spectacular.

Liz S           

Really liked Sami, felt like proper Greece rather than a tourist attraction like Fiscardo. We went mid afternoon when everything was closed but enjoyed the wander round anyway.

Liz S           

A real Greek village!! No discos or nightlife Just Fishermen, tavernas and greek families.

Cathy M           

What a place to find - After touring all the Island we thought this was one of nicest places to relax, and our next visit to Kefalonia we will stay here for holiday. Only stayed over one night here, but went back a couple of times. It's a lovely curved bay with the Ferry for Ithaca coming in and out during the day, Its also the place the ferry goes to Italy.There is also the remains of a ancient theatre. Beach is small pebbles and sand and is nice a quite, there is also a excellent camping site here, the best on the Island with a lovely taverna attached which serve very good Greek Breakfasts.There is a promenade that you can walk around the bay during the evening. Sami is not a place of nightclubs etc, so wouldnt really appeal to the 20s/30s group. It's a place lovely for family's and Couple's. Althought it must be a good 25km from Argostoli and its over the Mountain! which is worth the trip for the view coming down the other side. Road to Sami excellent, wide with only a few bumps and bends. The main street is closed to traffic on a night as all the local's take there evening walk. Visit the Melissani Lake Cave, its only up the road.

Maria H           

quite abig port town that i didnt really take too. it all feels a bit tatty. anti samos beach is very nice though and it is useful place to be if you want to see other islands.