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Lynda Y          10/10

Just returned from a lovely week at Petros Studios, Poros. Memi and Petros are wonderful hosts, nothing is too much trouble for them. We were given a studio at the front with beautiful sea views (the beach is only approx 40m away). The studios themselves are very clean and tidy, the pool is spotless. The studios are well situated to tavernas/restaurants, the nearest being 6m (Tebepna) which is well worth a visit, in fact all the tavernas are worth trying out. If you prefer the quiet traditional Greek village then Poros is the perfect place for a wonderful relaxing stay, with great views and friendly people Its such a pity that the holiday companies (other than Cosmos) don't promote it. We will definitely return to Petros Studios in the near futre - missing it already!!!

Carmel           10/10

One of the nicest places to eat in Poros is a small family run taverna called Steki. It's right by the beach & the food is beautifully fresh & home made. The owners Denice & Christos will make you feel really welcome. Just cross the little bridge away from the port & turn right by the sea.

Dave P          9/10

I would agree with the previous comment with the possible exception of Assos. Plenty to see and do, lovely cafes on the front, watch the ferries come in and out, drink fresh-squeezed juice, check out the shops - far better than over-hyped Fiscardo. Very fine indeed.

Ian W          10/10

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Jean C          10/10

BEAUTIFUL!!Wish I was there now.I stayed in Skala and loved it,but when I visited Poros I new thats where my next holiday is going to be.

Barry S          10/10

After a super week in Fanari we hired a car and moved south to Poros on 16/6/07.We had booked a week at the Oceanis hotel direct on the internet.We arrived with a certain amount of trepidation and were shown to our room.Wow ! The room was fresh and new and the view from the balcony was outstanding. Poros itself is a lovely underdeveloped resort with no British tour operators, so there is plenty of space on the beach.British tour operators used to come here, but the locals would not accept the low rates Airtours etc. were offering.The sea is crystal clear , ideal for snorkeling.

We ate at several restaurants and enjoyed the food at all of them.The Sunset restaurant just below the hotel is a superb setting to enjoy a meal and the views are spectacular.
Poros is an ideal base from which to to explore that side of the island, driving through wonderfull scenery to Assos, Fiscardo, Sami, and not forgetting Katelios.
All in all a wonderfull week, i would definitely recomend the resort and the hotel.

Chris S           

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Poros From Sea

John G           

 if you want to really escape the rat race and have a holiday which you can go back home really refreshed, poros is for you! the beaches aren't miles of golden sand, very pebbly in fact, but clean ( blue flag ) its a working port so can be a bit noisy at ferry landings. the rest of the time poros is wonderfull!  spend a few hours staring across the sea from the remetzo cafe over a cool drink. wander up and around the headland and look over towards ithaca and let the total silence envelope you.........heaven! spend the evening at the sunset taverna enjoying a meal and the fantastic views as the sun goes down. then round the day off with a few drinks at the fantastic mythos and maistrali bars, you are guaranteed a great welcome!  in fact everyone you meet in poros are so friendly, it's probably the reason i have been coming here for 7 years! what i would like to know, is why have the tour operators pulled out of poros? everyone visiting poros for the day falls in love with it and says they would love to stay! ARE YOU LISTENING TOUR OPERATORS? probably not, you never listen to us! but whatever happens........poros, WE LOVE YOU AND SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!! 


Mark F           

Poros is ideal for those that want to slow down to the Greek pace. Lots of small friendly Taverna's where you can eat. Have a drink with Spiros in a bar I cannot pronounce but look for the circular stone feature at the back of the bar which is located in the 'Square'in the central beach area.
Stay with Makis, Who, where and what he doesn't know isn't worth knowing. We took our 7 year old twins and they never got bored, we just got them a snorkel each and watched the top of their heads for 2 weeks in the pool, they played in the 'Square' with the very friendly local kids at night`. If we can get the time and the flights we'll be back this year.

Judy J

we stayed at Louiza appartments in September 2002, and would love to go back, but they no longer appear to be featured in any of the travel company brochures. Does anyone know if Louiza are still taking bookings via package companies? They used to be rented out to Airglobe/Golden Sun. Also, are any package operators flying from Newcastle to Kefalonia, who have properties in Poros? Excel Airways no longer fly from Newcastle, which appears to mean that Golden Sun have pulled out of Poros.....am I wring?

Jo A

Stayed at Kalypso in June. Had booked Poros Bay but contractual problems so put in Kalypso. Clean and friendly and nice location opp beach. Not all rooms have sea view and some are small. We asked to move room as it was at back and very small and had to sit sideways on the loo it was so close to the wall!

Jo A

Does anyone know which travel companies use the Poros Bay and the Oceanis Hotels?

Reg F

Has anyone got any information/photos about the Kalypso Hotel in Poros as we are going for a fortnight in September 03, Thanks

Nikolos F

availability for muses hotel for august 03

Jeffrey B           

Poros is a nice holiday base. It is very pretty and stretches over 3 bays so it is quite large. If your there for more than a week you'll probably get very bored and feel the need to hire a car. This will seem economical compared with the exscursion prices which are as usuall cheaper in town compared with the rep but still quite expensive. The Island is beautiful but be warned driving on the mountain roads cannot be avoided and can be quite hairy! Especially do not attempt the 'yellow road' short cut to and from Poros unless you have a 4*4 (and if you do think twice!). We did and my life crawled in front of me for about 20 minutes. Thank God nothing came the other way! Nightlife centres around a meal at a taverna. There is little 'action' for any age group apart from a few slimey Geek males cruising for British girls. Prices are no longer 'dirt cheap'. Expect to pay 2E or more for a pint( of lager) or a soft drink and 3E or more for a spirit. House wine is cheap enough, about 5E a large carafe and can be purchased in most establishments. Taverna main meals start from 5E, a lot more for lobster! There is only one swimming pool in Poros(honestly). You are expected to hire their sunbeds or buy food or drinks from the bar to use the pool . A large beer is about as expensive as is gets at 3E but the hot and cold Meze meals are good value at 5E because they are intended for sharing and more than enough for 2 adults lunch.

Maxine S           

The Restaurant next to Miramare apts is the Dionsis !
hope that helps !

Ian Y

Can anyone tell me the name of the taverna in front of the Miramare apartments on the beach?

Many thanks

David T           

Friderika Studios are still being offered by Goldensun we are booked for September 03 although we cant find it in the current brochure it is available on line.

Phil P           

Poros is a town of 2 halves separated by a small peninsula. On one side is the resort and on the other (100yds up and over the hill, no problem) is the lovely little port. Great as a base or just to visit....we loved it.

Lynne P           

Poros is the most delightful place to stay for a relaxing holiday. Not a lot of English people there, which I find refreshing! We stayed at the Louiza apartments which are close to the "platoon" bridge and the village. Nowhere is very far, all is very walkable. The bakery is "to die for". There are not a lot of children there and certainly no 18-25s!! The church bells ring on a sunday morning from 7ish on the hour and band practise was Sunday morning too...but all very nice... If you need to "chill out" go to Poros.....


We spent a really relaxing week in Poros. The sea and mountain views were impressive and there was no lack of places to eat/drink. Although, if you want night-life Poros may not be the place for you. Our relaxation was marred only when we decided to explore and hired a car. A great idea in theory but a bit nerve-wracking in practice.

Denise W

has anyone stayed at the Louiza Studios in Poros. Our first time holidaying in Greece.

Andree P           

Poros is lovely, very quiet but at the same time there are enough tavernas and small bars to keep you entertained in a traditional way, no disco music blaring out. We stayed for two weeks and didn't find the need to hire a car, we had a lovely blue flag beach (small pebbles), great restaurants & bars and extremely friendly. There are approx 3 supermarkets (v.cheap), a bank with a cash point, chemist, fruit & veg shop, butchers, just about everything you need. There is also some good walking in the mountains (if you can stand the heat),the walk up to the monastary that takes about 2.5 - 3hours. my husband is a keen bird watcher & was told there are red kites, peregrines, eleanora falcons all in the mountains, he didnt see any but he only went up the mountain once as it was too hot (42degrees) so the walking boots stayed packed! I would highly recommend Poros.

David K           

Quite possibly the most beautiful place on earth! Friendly locals friendly tourists (although only a few) and compleatly unspoilt! As a tip, stop with Makis at the Santa Irena Hotel, and any problems you have he'll sort them, he is the man in the know!