Resorts in Kefalonia

Audrey K          9/10

We have been a lot of different Greek Islands and the place we keep coming back to is Kefalonia, Fiscardo. It is the best for relaxing in the sun, with hidden beautiful beaches. For food and restaurants, there is a lot of choice. The ones we prefere are Elly's, Tselenty, Lord falcon. It's great for walking, diving and sailing. I am reluctant to put this on here because I like it the way it is and if to many people know about it it would not be so unspoiled. But the negative comments on here are really unjust and as an artist ( who doesn't have a lot of money) Fiscardo is the best you will find in Greece

Helen S

I came on to this site as I was looking forward to holidaying in the area this summer. Sadly I have found myself disappointed to read comments in general to be less critiques of the area and more snobbery and indeed inverted snobbery about fellow tourists. Surely if people spent less time whining about the wealth of others, and in turn the suggestion that particular "types of tourist" would enjoy certain parts of the island more appealing due to the accessibility of televisions, to be boring in the extreme not to mention ridiculous when in the next paragraph the feeling of being made welcome by locals is rated as welcoming. Are you including ex pats as locals?

Chris H

The Roman villa at Skala has a mosaic floor in the antechamber depicting Phthonos (Envy) in the form of a young man being torn apart by wild beasts. Who was it that commissioned such a scene as a daily reminder of the perils of envy? The inscription is Greek so Its likely this villa was owned by Greeks who had taken the lifestyle of Romans but it would appear, not the Roman values. It was ever thus. The Greeks have been subject to the rude intrusions of their near and not so near neighbours for two and a half millennia. Yet the Greek soul seems as indestructible as the Greek language. So what of Fiskado? Fiskcado certainly caters for the rich but this is not the fault of the sailing fraternity. Wealthy or not, there are proper sailing people in Fiskado who clearly love the sea and have little interest in the shabby chic feeble mindedness ashore. But there are also visitors for whom 'La Bella Figura' is the sole reason to function as living organism. Other than the ability to make and retain money, these visitors have little else going on in their heads. Sitting near them in a restaurant is an irritating encounter. And of course there are the stupefying rich who are marked as extra terrestrials even in their own culture and certainly in any other society where they may land. A local Fiskado man swept his arm over the bay indicating a huge yacht that, at a distance, could have been an island ferry. "Do you think that was bought with clean monies."? He was laughing at the absurdity of it all and I detected no malice. "These people also have to fill their bellies. It's just that they crack open lobster and drink champagne. I eat souzoukakia and drink ouzo". "But", I added "you have immeasurably better conversation". More laughter. Unjustifiable riches and the vulgarity of conspicuous wealth may have diminished the spirit of Fiskado, but only in the short term. The soul of the Greeks; their tendency to anarchy and an eye for absurdity will I believe preserve the soul of this place long after the irritants, undeniably useful for now, have moved on. Who could blame the locals for responding to the vicissitudes of these visitors. We should celebrate Fiskado as the place that draws these creatures to one spot. And we should bless the local Greeks for keeping them entertained and keeping them there. "Greece is a wonderful school for hoggish nations; you suddenly realise that you don't need all the clobber of so-called civilisation to achieve happiness and physical well being. Just to think of a Paris menu, or a Los Angeles dustbin fills one with shame, makes one queasy. How did we get to be this way - we pigs? " So says Lawrence Durrell. Things have moved on since my 1978 edition of 'The Greek Islands' was published. Sadly, most of us have had our heads in the trough. But as Byron and Sir Charles Napier would have recognised; if all this trashy self obsession were to be swept away leaving only the legacy of the Hellenes, we would still have secure foundations to build anew.

Dancefloorqueen G          10/10

We are about to head to Kefalonia for our 5th trip in 10 years.  We always stay in Sami but have a night or 2 away in Fiskado.  We have always found the town to be welcoming and look forward to this each time. There may not be any beaches in the town but we have enjoyed snorkelling in the area and always find it a relaxing trip. It is true that it is more expensive than Lassi or Skala but it's a different type of town.  You wouldn't expect to pay the same prices in Fulham as Stratford!  We have 2 small children and wouldn't dream of basing our holiday here but a night here is absolute bliss.  This is the perfect weekend getaway and I cannot recommend highly enough.  We book a room in a small hotel and have a night out with wonderful seafood and usually 1 or 2 cocktails too many:- )  This is a beautiful part of the island and it would be a shame to let narrow minded bigots put you off it.  I would highly recommend that you make your own way here rather than take an organised trip.  There is nowhere better to sit and people watch with a glass of something wonderful.

Kevin H          8/10

Stayed here a week. Upside - Food excellent all week and so was service. Not expensive nor cheap. Value for money. Pretty place. Very relaxing. Found the locals friendly and chatty. Downside - most of the yachts were the rent-a-yacht crowd doing a sailing holiday, and they moored, bought alcohol from the supermarkets and then sat on the yacht drinking and being rowdy. Sadly they moor by the tavernas. It spoils the meal and the view. The few non-rent yacht people were generally fine. Use the tavernas where the local boats moor.  General - Enjoyed it here but a week was enough. Food is good and good value too. Locals friendly. A place to chill out. Glad I went but don't need to go back.

Freddy Johnson          10/10

click to enlarge The boy Andrew B, last comment, is talking absolute nonsense. He is struggling with numpty words like 'psuedo rich'. and 'surreal' to describe Fiscardo in a derogatory way and 'the only good thing about it 'is the ferry out'? He is the sort of person who would find a 'full english breakfast', a 'pint of guiness' and 'match of the day' on a television in some Tavererna in Kefalonia the ultimate'. Thats down in Scala mate, Fiscardo is obviously too sophisticated for the likes of you.  Fiscardo is the jewel in the Kefalonian crown without a shadow even although the restaurants are a bit pricey.

Freddy Johnson          10/10

click to enlargeI have read a few comments here slagging off Fiscardo for its high prices. Well they are on the higher side but you definitely pay for what you get. I have a villa above Fiscardo and when I'm there I have to pay all the time but I dont mind a jot because its so beautiful. I notice that most of the negative comments are coming from folk holidaying in Scala and there is a big difference between Fiscardo and Scala and thats why you're in Scala!! Let it go.

Mai S          3/10

stayed for two weeks but a week would have been enough. Beautiful place and

ideal to sit and people watch.  Restaurants exspensive, one inparticular was Vasso's only had one meal and never went again ,felt we were ripped off.  Not a place for sunbathing only two beaches in the area we where and both very small, a few people and they felt crowded. I felt it was more of a resort for a sailing holiday and would not return.

Julie E          10/10

Shabby Chic, understated, Beautiful!!

What a lovely little harbour, its very small to what I was expecting having heard all the stars stay there.... and can you blame them?  It's turquoise clear water with bobbing fishing boats alongside lovely expensive yachts and its lined with waterside restaurants, which are not all extortionate, a little more expensive but not toooooo much.  Well worth a visit to this quaint little place.

Michael H

We drove to Fiskardo but had intended to eat lunch in Assos en-route. Unfortunately, we missed our turning for Assos so headed straight for Fiskardo instead. Oh boy..we found a sea-front restaurant advertising crab salad at 7 euros each. Not bad I thought, I'll have that! What we got were chopped up imitation crabsticks served on 1 single lettuce leaf with dollops of seafood sauce poured over. It was disgusting, so we left it.

Kate W          8/10

Visited Fiskardo with the Island tour. Very picturesque village...right on the harbourside, but didnt get much time to look around...only had an hour..but enjoyed watching the yachts etc coming into the the other half live eh? Nice to people watch..though dont know if I would want to stay there.

Tom C          4/10

Was a lovely place to visit for its stunning views but did not come across as a very friendly place compared to Skala,went to eat at one restaurant and the staff ignored us so went to another one nearby and got served the only bad food in our 2 week stay,cant remember the name of the place had a fish as its emblem.....totally disgusting. 

Shona W          9/10

Such a beautiful place...well worth a visit. We stayed at Anthis Beach Apartments which are lovely with beautiful views over the little bay. All the multi-coloured houses along the marina are so pretty and it's not as expensive as everyone made out to us...

Dave P          2/10

I really wouldn't bother with this place at all - so, it has a a pretty harbour and that's it unless you want to watch the rich, the very rich, the super-rich and the disgustingly-criminal rich pose and pout, and check out the menus - no prices on many so is this the old saying "If you need to ask then you can't afford it?" What prices we did see for basic food was beyond a joke or an insult. If you wish to be ripped off and are stupid enough to pay, then good luck. Very over-hyped and a long long drive from anywhere else.

Carol           9/10

Beautiful place to visit especially if you like boats and want to see how the other half live! Some lovely little shops but very expensive. Only downside was my other half eating squid in one of the waterfront restaurants and getting food poisoning

Karl           8/10

Great place to visit! Take your snorkelling stuff and dive off the rocks on the far end of the town. The walk to the lighthouse is great with fantastic views of Itahca and some of the other islands in the region.
I don't think this place is overrated - overpriced yes! It is expensive to eat and some of the souvenirs were way over what you pay in other resorts on the island. Fiskardo is well worth a visit.

Helen H          10/10


Christopher T          6/10

Fiskardo is a good looking village, a long drive form anywhere but worth the slog up form the South. Biggest problem in July this year was the wasps, while the rest of the island was wasp free seems that Fiskardo was buzzing them in by the coach load. The only problem with the resort was the pretenuious yachties who were marginally more annoying than the wasps. We stayed overnight and had a lovely ( but expensive meal) on the harbour front. Go, but take the inspect reppelent ( and that only for the yachties!!!)

Julie P           

We have been to Kefalonia for the last 6 years and find Fiscardo is well worth another visit each time. The drive up from Lixouri is best done early morning(if travelling in August) and the views are spectacular.Fiscardo is a busy little spot and has the attractiveness and interest of older buildings(pre 1953). The museum is well worth a visit if you can find it open. The port is a good starting place for ferries to Lefkada and Ithaca and if one wants to let the world go by..the ferry point is entertainment in itself!!

Albert H           

Not worth driving the extra miles from anywhere else to see. Best bit was watching the quay staff expertly backing vehicles onto the ferry ...

Albert H           

WE took a long drive up from Scala (OK, we stopped at Assos which was good), but this place really didn't warrant the praise that had been heaped on it. May have escaped the earthquake, but it's tiny and not that picturesque. Yes, it's trying to be a mini St Trop, but that's also overrated and overpriced.

Rob P           

Went to Fiskardo twice and quite liked it.  I get the feeling we'd have liked it all the more if we could have seen it but there are that many tourists its difficult to see the wood for the trees (yes, I know we were part of the problem too).

It seemed quite pricey - espescially for food - which was nice but fairly anglicised.

Peter & lilu            

Pretty little place. Attracts a lot of 'well to do' if you know what I mean. It isn't really that much more expensive. In fact we saw some items such as sarongs which were so much cheaper here. The food was also better quality. We actually had our most expensive AND worst meal in Lassi! Even if you only go a starters, which is what we did - dine here and watch the boats out in the sea. It's a nice atmosphere.

Riccardo S           

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Nice town... but it's very very small... Greek people talked about Fiskardo in a very impressive way...yeah, it's ok... but it's not this INBELIEVABLE place to go....

Amanda P           

 Well worth visiting.  It's so pretty and there are plenty of restaurant's and cafe's to eat and drink.