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Locko H

Hi, My fiancee and I (age 40/50) are going to be staying in Livadaki Village Hotel in Skala on 22nd July 2014 for a week. Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks Locko

Colin P          9/10

Just returned from Skala once again after a 4 year gap, and it's just as beautiful as we remember. There are so many good places to eat, love Milos Beach Bar for lunch and the Aquarius at night, also White Horse and Kaliva. The beach is outstanding, with 2 sunbeds and a parasol for 6 euros. Also walking along the beach road after a meal is lovely Colin & Caroline Parry

Dave A          10/10

Went to Skala last year and am going again in July, not usually one for going to the same place twice in consecutive years however Kefalonia and Skala had to be the exception. Of all the greek islands I have been to, Kefalonia is by far my favourite. Skala has it all, great restaurants, great excursions, a few souvenir shops, the odd bar, great beach and water sport activites and no late night discos or anything like that. Perfect. So if you want a relaxing holiday, Skala has everything you could possibly need.  

I would also like to add that the beauty of Kefalonia is the island on a whole and usually when you go on holiday there are certain resorts that you should ignore because they have been spoilt and lost their tradition and character (Laganas in Zante being the first that springs to mind). Kefalonia is different, I am yet to visit one resort in Kefalonia that has been spoilt. I only hope that this remains.
Skala, a beautiful place on a beautiful island.   

Damian S          10/10

We are looking forward to our 7th trip to Skala on June 8th for two weeks. We haven't been for three years and hope its not changed to much. If anyone has been recently and could let us know that would be great !

Donna C          10/10

first went to skala in 1998 (along time ago ) and will be going back for the 4th time this year  yipee

Gerald P          10/10

2001, 2002, 2004, 2007 and now 2009........ just brilliant! Excellent accommodation, tavernas, weather, the lot.

We just hope that it doesn't grow too large or get too commercial. Worrying signs of expansion out towards Poros.

Robert F          9/10

at least 3 ATM's now, and all working, great resort this was our second year there and  it wont be our last.

Dave P          7/10

I can't really say much as we only paused briefly here - the beach is superb but it is the 2nd busiest place on Kefalonia after Lassi, so not for us. Too many discos and bars!

Adam W          10/10

This is the very first time we visited Kefalonia and we booked at the last minute.Understandably we were anxious if this is a nice resort suitable for us with  2 teenagers.It was great and we were glad that we stayed in Skala.A biggish village,quite lively with a lot of people.Slightly uphill to apartment.No complaint at all.On the second last day of our stay,there were 2 ATM operating!!A great resort to go to indeed.

Ian W          8/10


Ann H          9/10

We were in Scala 19th June until 3rd July and the cash point was not working for the whole of the time! It was inconvenient but we used our credit card to pay in Solomos supermarket and most of the restaurants without any problems.

Have agreat holiday, sure you will!

Len B

For Gill Williams

Last visited Skala in 2005, and then there was only one ATM in the main street if I remember correctly. Before we went I looked on this site and then there was a comment that occassionally the ATM may not be working, so to be on the safe side we took a mix of cash and cards and travellers cheques. Depends where you are staying, we stayed at Aeolos and they changed up our Euro travellers cheques. If you are at one of the larger hotels you shouldn't have a problem. There is an earlier comment if you scroll down, that says there is a shop opposite the ATM in Skala that will change travellers cheques. If you go on any excursions/trips to larger towns you should be able to use ATM's there without problem.

Gill W

I am due to fly to Skala this summer, can anyone give me advice on the best way to change money whilst there.  Is there a well stocked ATM in the village or am I better placed taking travellers cheques ? Thanks

Kim D

Hi Stefan thanks for that.  it will be our 3rd time in Kefalonia.  we have been in May and July.  both times lovely weather.  we usually stay in the apollo apartments just out of the town.  this time we are staying near Katelios for a change.  We absolutely adore Kefalonia.  have a great holiday

Stefan W          10/10

Kim Dainton - We are coming to Skala for our 6 year on the 9th September, We absolutely love the place. Our first 3 visit to Skala were in the 1st too weeks in October, the weather was ok. On the sunny days it was lovely but you do get rain in October, mainly in the second week. You can wake up it's tipping it down and a hour later the suns out.

Gary D

As of 7th August all bars etc were open for business, there was no damage to properties around Skala. The fire damage outside and on the edges of the town was severe, with fire damage from the hills right down to the coastal road. Quite a lot of the people staying were evacuated for one night so it must have been bad. However, at no time did this spoil our holiday and having arrived 4 days after the event  (31/7)  the whole event was a distant memory for the locals and they did not discuss the fire. In summary, nothing to worry about.

Gary D          10/10

Hi Chris, we retrned from the Crystal Palace on August 7th, there were a number of families with young children aged 3-5. Nikos who owns the complex will have planned which room will be most suitable for you,  and it looked like the families seemed to have ground floor apartments. None of the families complained about the rooms being non child friendly and the children were always in the pool, you will be ok. The complex is located just outside Skala (10 min walk) and it is built on a hill that offers total seculsion. Therefore be prepared for long walks  into town for water, meals etc and a hike back to the complex for the last part of the walk back. A lot of families hired cars for some of the time allowing them to get out more. The apartments are great and cleaned every day with clean linen provided and no one faulted the complex.

Vicky F

Hi Carl, lucky you!  No the fires didnt spoil anything for us (I didnt say that at the time!)  The hotel staff were wonderful and did everything they could to get things back to normal.  Im sure if it had happened in this country it would have been closed for weeks.   Nothing got damaged, just a lot of ash everywhere.  It actually made us appreciate the rest of the holiday even more.  I wouldnt be worried about the fires if I was you.  Everything from the top of the moutains to the road side (apart from odd trees and the buildings) has already burned so there is nothing left to burn (sounds terrible doesnt it?) It doesnt look as bad as you think though!  I would probably be a bit more concerned if staying in another resort on island that hadnt already been affected by the fires.   Take plug-in mozzie thing and also repellant (if you or anyone in your party gets bitten)  I normally do but was well prepared for them and only got bitten once.  The rooms also have insect screens in addition to patio doors/windows so keep them closed if you can.   Enjoy your holiday, need anymore advice let me know. 

Carl M

Thanks for that post Vicky. We are due to go to the 9muses at the end of the month. Anything I should bear in mind? We are a little concerned about the fires there at the moment. Did they spoil anything for you whilst you were there? Thanks again

Vicky F

Just returned from a week in the nine muses hotel, skala.  absolutely fab time.  lovely resort (no lager louts/burger kings etc) accomodation one of the best Ive stayed in for years.  Immaculate.  So close to beach, restaurants etc. Fires were horrendous to say the least however all back to normal the next day, hotel cleaned from top to bottom, they couldnt have done more.   Beach lovely, plenty of sunbeds 6 euros for 2 beds and umbrella.  Dont bother buying jelly shoes in England.  Buy the proper ones in resort 7 euros a pair.  Ok beach is shingle with pebbles but with appropriate shoes you will be fine!  Loads of lovely restaurants and couple of good bars - veto our fav.  Need anymore info let me know! 

Rob W          9/10

Just returned from Skala two days ago and had a fabulous time.Yes the Forest fires were scary but the town the next day was running as normal, it did lose the electric but that was back up in the afternoon.

One thing I must say is that I'm glad we went 'independent' ie booked Hotel, flights etc on-line, during the evacuation people who had to rely on tour operaters were very very unhappy about the lack of organisation, some people were told the next day that the town had burnt down!!!!

We were lucky, packed as much as posssible, jumped in the hire car and drove to a Hotel near Sami.

Lindsay G

There is only one ATM in the village, although i believe there are more in the village of Poros but you will need transport to get there.  I personally didnt use travellers cheques but there was a place opposite the ATM that changed money.

Lindsay G

Alan, just responding to your comment posted on 28th July.  We have just returned from Scala and witnessed the forest fires.  The fires did come close to the village and you can see the effects in the hills, but Scala village has not been harmed and is running as normal.  The fire was a terrible incident, however we still had a fantastic holiday and cant wait to return.  I cannot comment on the Marietta hotel as not sure where it is located, however as far as we are aware no hotels were harmed.


Alan H

Fires on the island of Kefalonia.

We are due to pay a return visit to Skala in four weeks time (end of August) and note with some concern the bush fires that are burning on Kefalonia, (as well as on other Greek islands). We are particularly keen to hear how Skala is faring, as more than once in the past we have watched the planes scooping water out of the sea to put out local bush fires.
We stay at the Marietta apartments, which we have always found excellent, and hope that they miss the flames! Any info about the position at the south east of the island would be welcome.