Butlers House - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Lizzie R          9/10

The vine covered canopy and evening lights make it look enchanted.  They do not serve massive portions but the food is good quality and can be seen being cooked in a brick kiln.  My husband's meal wasn't what he ordered but he ate it and enjoyed it anyway.  My dessert came without a spoon.  I've knocked a mark off because there is room for improvement as far as the service goes.  Perhaps one waiter should be assigned to particular tables.  We were served by all of the waiters - no wonder they get confused.

Trapezaki - (Resorts in Kefalonia)

Lizzie R          2/10

Local Beach : Poor
Nightlife :
  Peaceful : Good
  Shopping : Poor
  Charm : Poor
Just returned from Trapezaki, our first trip to Kefalonia.  I was so disappointed.  It is completely lifeless.  The beach is about a foot wide, pebbly and has no character.  If you are staying in this location it is great for developing those old calf muscles!  Koyzina was a lovely little taverna.  The food is good and the service is excellent, especially from Stelios, a lifelong Manchester United fan.  I would not recommend this location for anyone without a car.  With a car, it wasn't a bad base to tour the island I suppose.

Argostoli - (Resorts in Kefalonia)

Lizzie R          5/10

Great base from which to start your trips around the island.  The Glass Bottom Boat trip can be booked from here, directly with Captain Markis, whose boat can be found moored outside Captains Restaurant most evenings.  Siesta is 2pm until 6pm and hardly any of the shops are open on a Sunday, although it may be different in high season(?)  There are no parking restrictions - which was very liberating!  Be careful crossing the road, particularly at pedestrian crossings believe it or not - as it doesn't seem to stop the cars, even when you are part way over.  It was a mystery as to what they were for, they didn't seem to serve any meaningful purpose.

Myrtos Beach - (Beaches in Kefalonia)

Lizzie R          10/10

This beach was like being in paradise.  You have to swim in the sea to appreciate it because it was idyllic - warm, turquoise water.  The beach is pure white - but not sand unfortunately - smooth, white pebbles.  The beach cafe was quite nice and the WCs were absolutely spotless.
It is a trek up (or down) mountainous terrain, so go on a day with guaranteed sunshine and leave yourself plenty of time to get back to where you are staying before it gets dark as night descended on us very very quickly (late September).

Anti Samos Beach - (Beaches in Kefalonia)

Lizzie R          8/10

Sadly the day we chose to visit the heavens opened just as we arrived and then the thunder and lightening started.  We were the only ones on the beach.  The journey home was trecherous, so make sure you visit on a day with guaranteed sunshine.  I can't give it full points because I didn't see it in any of its glory.

September - (Best Time to Visit)

Lizzie R

Of a 7 day holiday 20-27 September
Days 1 to 3 hot but not too hot,
Day 4 grey clouds rain in the afternoon. 
Day 5 torrential rain, thunder, lightning begain midday continued through the night and into the morning of the following day.  The villa we were staying in was struck by lightning.  It was so bad we could not go out in it, even to just walk to the local taverna as the villa was built on a very steep hill, so we had to go without food.
Day 6 heavy rain.
Day 7 light showers, high winds, warm in the afternoon.
I would never go at this time of year again as Kefalonia is very reliant on good weather - otherwise you may as well holiday in Derbyshire. 
The roads are winding, mountainous, primitive and treacherous in bad weather. 

Hertz - (Car Rental in Kefalonia)

Lizzie R          1/10

We picked up our Ford Ocus (The F had fallen off!) from Kefalonia Airport.  It looked like it had featured on Police, Camera, Action as it was so scratched.  It was also filthy inside and we had a slow puncture.  Never again.