St Georges Castle

Places to Visit in Kefalonia

David L

St.Georges Castle is currently closed for refurbishment (June 2015)

Ncfc68 C          10/10

Sitting on my balcony after a 10 mile circular walk to St George's Castle. Unfortunately the castle was locked as it's fast approaching the end of the season. My fault for not checking. Still doesn't effect my rating. Thought I would treat the wife to a light lunch in the Kastro cafe. What a fabulous experience. Before we even sat down Nikki was following us to our table with a glass of water. My good lady went for the deep fried prawn balls and I went for the Greek ploughmans. The wife's balls were tasty but not as tasty as my ploughmans. Squeezed in a slice of carrot cake and we both had a coffee for less than 20. Would recommend a trek up the hill just to experience this. That's the good news. The bad news is we were there on the last day of their season. You'll have to wait to next year. Enjoy.

Bloke W

Joe A,

Surely walking was your decision and not checking that the castle was open was also your fault? Giving 1/10 for an excursion you actually did not see is a little unfair and misleading??

Joe A          1/10

20/05/13 @ 14.00.

Due to there being no bus service on the island, I decided to walk from my Apt to this venue. After 2hrs & 8 miles later, I was confronted with the front gate to the castle & it was locked. Apparently, closed for the season due to renovation.
The walk was worth it purely for the panoramic view of the island.

Beth R          8/10

Castle is not much to look at, though amazing views Was more excited about trying the cheesecake in the Kastro, which didn't seem as tasty as the reviews made out, and I love cheesecake!! Still worth a visit for the views and perhaps an iced chocolate

Dee K          10/10

Kastro's - Homemade desserts to die for!

We had the Black Cherry Cheesecake .... OMG it was wonderful!

Mary W          10/10

 We visited the castle cafe on several occasions during our recent stay in Kefalonia.We have only two complaints the first that they dont have a sister cafe in Skala and the second that they dont have one in Derbyshire.We can do nothing but agree with every good comment that has been made about this establishment.The Greek/English combination must be the winning formula.Please write the castle cafe cook book for world distribution asap.

Julian F          10/10

Have just returned from kefe,went right to the top and the views were great,it's a must see,how on this earth did they build something like this all them years ago and as high??,amazing.

Kate W          10/10

Unfortunately we visited on Saturday and it was closed( check b4 you go). But although we didnt get into the castle, we went up to the locked gate and had fantastic views( and played with a lizard!). The village is beautiful with small arty shops and cafes. We enjoyed all this even though we didnt get to see the time

Ian W          10/10


Carol           10/10

This place is a must, fabulous views from the top and from the taverna, beautiful place to visit in a morning when it's not too hot and stay for lunch, it's just breath taking!

Karl           10/10

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Just going to add to the positive comments already expressed on here. The views from this castle are stunning.
Kastros is such a fantastic place to eat. The owners are warm and friendly - the food excellent. Can't rate this place highly enough.
(The castle is CLOSED on Mondays)

Lisa B          10/10

Great views of the island  but if you go you must vist the cafe on the corner called The Castle.  You are welcomed with a nice cold glass of water, and the food is wonderful and all home made -leave room for the desert as it is fantastic.

Lance F          10/10

4th year to the Island and will be going next year, always a pleasure to visit

the cafe and have be well looked after with great food and a welcome smile.
One of the most relaxing places on the Island to sit and relax taking in the most fantastic views

Tracie C          10/10

Arrived home a week ago from our 4th visit to Kefalonia.  Every year we vistit To Kastro and every year we receive a warm welcome.  Its well worth the walk up the hill. Nicky's Chocolate and Brandy torte was as good as ever.  See you next year. x

Kev S           

We hadnt intended to go here, but the weather turned dull. I'm glad, because we would have missed a real gem. The ruined castle is approached on a concrete road that had my wife feeling nauseous, but the views are breathtaking. The cafe called The Castle is run by a lovely Greek guy and his English wife. We only had drinks but the food looked delicious. Worth a visit if you get sick of the beach.

Lesley S           

Great place for a visit with stunning views over the island.  We arrived the first time at 2.45, only to find that the castle closes at 3 pm, so had to go back the following day.  Having read the other comments, we'll make sure we visit To Castro next time. 

Colin P           

Fantastic location, lovely altitude for views, but watch out for opening hours.... we almost had a divorce finding it, got to the top of the steep, hairpin bend access road, and found out it was shut, and was only open till 3 pm (this was at the end of August)

Looks in pretty good nick, from what we could see, so would be of interest to anyone into "purposeful" architecture....

Tracie C           

Me again.  If anybody is planning a visit  yo To Kastro, please get the recipe from Nicky for spicey baked feta for me.  Its absolutley fab, don't eat the red chillis on the top as its hot enough there already. Nicky is still working on Spriros to get a computer.  All the food at To Kastro is brilliant.  If you have a sweet tooth try the Chocolate and Brandy  Torte. Wow

Tracie C           

Not really into castles, but it was worth the walk for the home made food at To Kastro.  Nicky cooks great food and Spriros does a mean Bacardi and Coke. This was our 3rd year on Kefalonia and 2nd year of visiting To Kastro.  Fingers crossed it will be 3 wks next year. 

Sonia S           

You must visit the Taverna next door to the castle Nikki who moved from England about 14 years ago, runs this place with her Greek husband, the hospitality and the food cannot be faulted, you realy do get looked after so well, I think what makes this place so special is that they really do go that extra mile just to look after you, and if you get the chance you must try her new desert which as of last week she still hadnt managed to think of a name for it,  it consists of hazlenut meringues, home made chocolate sauce, ice cream and it is scrummy

Mick T           

Miss this and (my opinion) you have missed one of the best places to visit on the Island. The Castle is much the same as any other but the views are fantastic and after the taverna at the castle is the ideal place to end the visit.

Gavin E           

We had a great time scrambling round walls & down dark holes (must take a torch next time to see even further down the dark holes!!). The views are excellent, worth a visit just for these alone. We even did our own 'Time Team' looking at shards of pottery we picked up & guessing what they were for (to amuse my daughter of course). To cap it all The Castle (To Kastro) taverna by the entrance was just great. We had lunch here before we went round, came back another day for afternoon tea & cakes to die for, then we returned for an evening meal too. Nicki & Spiros were wonderful hosts giving my daughter a complimentary ice cream & we had a coffee each.

Paul D           

Just come back from my first time to kefalonia and will be going back again.The castle was ok but I much preferred the venetian castle at assos,excellent views and one bit of caution,do drive up to the castle,it is a hard slog on foot.We drove right into the castle and explored and thought it was a lot better.

Sonia S           

You must visit Nicki & Spiros, fantastic food, Nicki is from the UK and has been there for 16 years, they are really friendly and such fantastic views whilst eating lunch