Melissani Lake

Places to Visit in Kefalonia

Beth R          9/10

7 euros for an adult- and well worth it for the gorgeous views! our boatmen din't sing ( ) but it was still a lovely visit, so picturesque  I highly reccommend it!

Julie E          8/10

Very simple, just a smallish lake underground, went there in the jeep last week, which we hired.  We too got a singing boatman (the accoustics are better than in the shower!!!) and although the boats hold up to 14 people we were in our own boat with my sister and brother-in-law, just the four of us (& the boatman).  Its naturally lit by the sky and it is bright turquois blue (no colouring in the water like they do in the fairgrounds up and down britain ha!) its a little natural wonder.  Worth visiting if you have a car, we got out just in time though, as we were walking out 2 coach trips arived!! So glad we were there in that tranquil cave WITHOUT the herds of sightseers!  Oh I just love Kefalonia...

Belinda R          10/10

 Went here on our own when we hired a car well worth it great!! Singing boat man and he told you all the info you needed to know.

Kate W          10/10

Visited here with the Island tour...absolutely stunning..we had a singing boatman! Well worth the visit...colours are amazing..water really cold...but all very enjoyable.

Kelly J

Hi does any one know if it's possible to get married in mellisani lake?

Kristina G          10/10

Absolutely beautiful, well worth a visit. 10/10 

Carol           10/10

Another lovely place to visit, the tour cost 7 euros each and lasts about 10 minutes but it was worth it. Incredible underground lake and fantastic stalagmites and stalactites to see. My other half said the toilets were very clean too!

Christine U          10/10

click to enlarge whent on the jewels of kefalonia trip witch included a vist to this lovely lake if you go to kefalonia this lake is a must see.

Emma Z          10/10

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I thought this place was amazing, definely worth a visit. Plus, the person rowing our boat was very nice.

Trudy B          9/10

went to the lake and found it very interesting you walk down a very steep tunnel and then you get on to a rowing boat.................the man in the boat was very friendly taking photos for the people on the boat, but it was a very short visit took about 8 minutes..................but it was spectacular if its a choice between the lake or the caves go to the lakes..........

Lisa P          10/10

Kath, the lake is below ground and the ramp is quite steep ( I can't remember if there are steps or not ) and I do remember that there's only a rope type hand rail to hold on to.  It's really beautiful, but not sure if it would be OK for hubby.  You have to climb into the boats.  Hope this helps. 

I would say the same for the nearby caves too - they have very steep narrow steps.

Katy W

Kath -

There are some steps but most of the way down to the lake is down a carpeted underground slope.  It is about 100 metres long maybe (If memory serves).  The boats are rowboats so quite small, but our boatman was very helpful.  It is worth it - I found the trip short but very sweet.  The cave is gorgeous and the coolness is a great break from the heat.  Our boatman was friendly and amazed me by leaping seamlessly between Italian, Greek and English!

P G           

October 2006.We thought the caves were beautiful; the children were very disapointed as the trip lasted less than ten minutes. The boatman was too busy trying to impress us and the other boats with his singing rather than telling us anything interesting about the cave.

Vikki W           

Stunning - make sure you go on a sunny day and this is entirely worth the money!

Rina V           

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Really amazing lake, with the various colours of blue. Its best to go midday as this is the time when the sun is overhead capturing the colours of the lake. AMAZING!!

Peter & lilu            

A lovely place. The only downside is that it's a short little ride and you just want to stay there looking at the scenery around you. The staff were friendly too. The man rowing the boat was nice, he was telling us about the lake, how deep it was and took photos for us. If you can only do the lake or the cave - do the lake!

Riccardo S           

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Great GREAT GREAT... wonderful place!!

Amanda P

The Melissani lake is just a short ride from the resort of Sami and can be reached either on an organised coach trip or self drive if you hire a car. There is a car-park and once you have paid (5 Euro's each) there is a cafe where your husband can stay with the baby whilst you go down to the lake. Access to the lake is down a short ramp. There are 3 small row boats that take up to 6 people. They take you round the lake for approx 15 mins. When you get back your husband can then enjoy the experience. It is well worth going to the lake, it is so beautiful and you get a weird feeling when you look up at the gap left from when the ceiling of the original cave calopsed revealing the lake. Good luck and enjoy!!

Emma M           

it was so pretty and the man rowing the boat was hilarious and even took pictures for us.

Lisa T           

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Breath taking. The guide was very good, a bit cheeky as he threw his change on the boat when we were finished, so take plenty of change for a tip. We saw the same guide on TV recently in MY Greek Kitchen.

Jodie P           

Definitely worth seeing but not that dramatic really, quite small.  Pretty reflections though, and the boatmen will give you good commentary on the history of the lake.  Only 2.50 to get in as well, so really is a bargain, and only up the road from the caves.  Much less dramatic than Drogarati though.

Sabine I           

well worth a visit and the walk from sami to karavomilos along the waterfront is great.

Mick T           

We liked it. Although the queuing was a litle nauseous in the end it was well worth it and I wouild reccomend this by bus tour or in your car. Apart from the natural wonder what made it for us was the 'ferryman'. Broken English but full of life!

Wendy S           

We visited in the afternoon to avoid the tour bus crowds and it was nice and quiet and the colours of the lake were still beautiful. Stunning, in fact. Look out for the water reflecting patterns onto the walls of the cave.

Alan L           

click to enlargeVery nice. Worth seeing at least once. If you have a camera ask another visitor to take a pic of you and your partner in there (using the flash might help). Remember to return the favour!