Mediterranee Hotel - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Colin P           

This isn't a 4 star hotel, as some might suggest, but it's a perfectly respectable 3 star. It's clean, has friendly staff, the plumbing works, and the public areas are well presented.

We found the beds extremely uncomfortable, however (not much give in them).
Don't get too excited about the food. We were there on half board, but ate out quite a few nights. The buffet style meals are reasonably presented, served at appropriate temperatures, and nothing runs out, but the quality is basically canteen standard, rather than what I would call "restaurant" quality. 
Location by beach is excellent, and taxis can usually be found outside front door if you want to go off elsewhere.

Sto Psito - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Colin P           

Lovely location, excellent food, friendly staff.

The menu had a bit more imagination than the usual half a dozen dishes you find on every other restaurant menu, and dishes were well presented and tasted great.

Small word of warning - being basically an al fresco establishment, the local bat population do a bit of an acrobatic display for about 40 minutes around sunset (completely harmless to humans, and fine by me - anything that eats insects gets my vote !), but may unsettle those of a nervous disposition. Go a little bit earlier or later if you wish to avoid this.

Casa Grec Restaurant - (Restaurants in Argostoli)

Colin P           

Bit of a gem this - food was really, really good - a cut above the usual Lassi/Argostoli fare. Place is run very slickly by a Greek woman who has a Canadian accent.... may explain the on-the-ball service.

The house white wine, at 7 euro a litre was perfectly palatable, and the meal, considering what it was, was great value.
If you are after this restaurant, don't get confused with "El Greco" which is an altogether more basic proposition.
"Casa Greco" is found by heading from the main square towards the sea, and it's in a street off to the right. "El Greco" is also off the main square, but heading away from the sea. 

Assos - (Resorts in Kefalonia)

Colin P           

I'm a castle fan so stomped up to the top with high hopes, only to be slightly dissappointed by the castle aspect of it. It's very overgrown, with bits of stone peeking out here and there.

That said, the views, both from the road and what's left of the castle, are astonishing and I would highly recommend the effort of walking up to it. If you make it to the north end, there's a small ruined round tower. Be careful not to go too far past this, or you will fall off a very large wall ! (Bonus feature - there's a huge old cannon just below the wall.....complete with 1940 graffiti scrawled on it, visible if you've got a pair of binoculars to hand)

St Georges Castle - (Places to Visit in Kefalonia)

Colin P           

Fantastic location, lovely altitude for views, but watch out for opening hours.... we almost had a divorce finding it, got to the top of the steep, hairpin bend access road, and found out it was shut, and was only open till 3 pm (this was at the end of August)

Looks in pretty good nick, from what we could see, so would be of interest to anyone into "purposeful" architecture....