Archeological Museum (closed)

Places to Visit in Kefalonia

David L

The Archeological Museum is currently closed, as are other sites of archeological interest on the island.I suggest anyone planning a visit make further checks before visiting Kefalonia.(June 2015)

Peter & lilu            

Yes it was all very interesting seeing clay puts and stuff and I like mueums generally but I think I could have spent my time and money better. its not much - 3 euros each but I wouldn't go out of your way to visit.

Emma M           

i really thought it was going to be interesting but it was simply a room full of pots really. it's only a few euros so i suppose i cannot complain

Richard T           

Definetly go while in the capital. If you know anything about greek or Cephallonian history you will get to see the real artifacts and not just in the British museum. All exhibits are simply laid out for kids and adults to wonder,admire and learn. A real gem.

Pauline S           

I was looking forward to it. Then i got inside. It's just one room basically. pricey! some artifacts were fascinating but all in all i wouldn't recommend it.

Sophie H           

This type of small museum really puts some of those in Britain to shame. Well maintained, well displayed and above all interesting.

David P           

Well worth it a visit. Kefallonia has not only
excellent beaches, the local history is
very intersting too.

Kate F           

Small, but interesting museum showing the archaeological finds in Kefalonia. Lots of pottery, including an excellent mosaic depicting Poseidon. Also includes the relics from the Pan cultists found in the Melissani caves. If you think 3 euros is expensive (which it isn't) then go on a Sunday because it is free!

John H           

Well worth a visit. It opened our eyes as to the real history of the island. You can take photo's but no flash, and use a cam corder. The 3 euro's entrance fee is minimal for someone wanting to delve into Kefalonia's amazing history!

Giles M           

We too were a bit confused about where it was, and managed to walk right past it! It is a little expensive considering it's not huge, but it is air conditioned and offers a nice haven from the heat of the day with some very interesting stuff.

Sam K           

A bit of a let-down. It took us a while to find the place, it costs to get in ( around 3 ) and it is rather underwhelming once inside. There are some quite interesting artefacts but they are displayed in such a dull way that all interest is lost !

Susan A           

What a little gem! You easily go around the museum in 90 minutes, and see everything - ideal if you have children who really want to be on the beach, again. The jewellery and statuary were awesome.