Drogarati Cave

Places to Visit in Kefalonia

Belinda R          10/10

AMAZING a must to visit we went on our own when hired a car. they even let us take photos!!

Kate W          9/10

Enjoyed the visit with the island tour...we took plenty of photos and nobody made any comment150 steps down(and back up) but you can stop for a breather here and there. 2 cafe/souvenir shops at top.

Entrance is 1 euro cheaper if you go with the island tour.

Helen H          6/10


Vikki W           

This was ok for something to do and they didn't stop us taking a few pics, but the caves at Wookey Hole are better!

Simon H           

The Drogarati Caves are not far from Sami and it is signposted.

Simon H           

This was OK although you cannot take any pictures in there which is a shame!!!...Worth a visit although would suggest Melissani Lake is the better one of the two and isn't far away from here and you can also take pictures there too.

Amanda P           

Definitely go here, it's so beautiful. Mother nature at her best!  There are a fair few steps down which obviously you then need to climb back up but it's well worth it.

Emma M           

excellent - it was so cool, but i did get some brown stuff all over my legs and shoes but i don't care it was so worth it

Jodie P           

Very dramatic and well preserved, although a few slatactites broken.  Shame about all the people as this hinders photo opportunities, but well worth a visit.  Only 3.50 to get in too, bargain.  More impressive than the underground lake.  

Mick T           

This is a big hole in the ground and I have to agree with other folks, if you've been to Wookey Hole this is'nt anywhere near it. Lots of stalagmites and tities many of them damaged. however as a natural 'wonder' if you are on a bus trip it's worth the visit, in your own transport, if you've been to Wookey Hole you will be dissappointed. 


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Nothing to get excited about,if youve been to wookey hole, then this is not a patch on that.

But if you havent been to wookey hole then go

Susan S           

The caves were included as part of the round the island trip, it was good to see, but if you have been to the caves in Mallorca as we have, then dont bother with Drogorati caves as they do not compare.

Ann F           

  Not bad but nothing outstanding, better caves at Wooky Hole!! Ok if you want to waste 10 mins, not a lot to see except stalagtites (or is it mites!!?)

David B           

Well, it's a big cave....does exactly what it says on the tin. A few interesting rock formations, pleasantly cool, impressively spacious. Quite cheap to get in but you won't want to linger particularly long. Tacky gift shop best avoided really.

Richard T           

The decent down into hollowed earth was timeless, once inside the cave system there is evidence of mass geological vandalism over the centuries. The imagination takes over where stalagmites and stalactites have been broken. I even saw bats in the cave.

Elle W           

Lovely! We visited here really late in the afternoon and were the only people here. The cave is spectacular and defintely worth visting. Children would really love it. The way the cave has been excavated is sympathetic and shows off the stalagtites and stalagmites brilliantly, the lighting is quite haunting but gives a great light to take photographs.

George K           

Evan Ardovanis has posted a great photo of cave Mellisani - the one with the sunken roof and the lake in it. Unfortunately, the picture can be misleading as it identifies Mellisani as Drogarati. A minor oversight, which could easily be fixed, by someone with EA's obvious skill. Please don't just take the picture off the site. Kindly, fix it and post it on the Mellisani page.
How do I know the differance between the caves? I am from Kefalonia and I try to come back in the summers. I am currently living in the US, but if it's summertime it's likely I am in Kefalonia. I have been to each of those caves several times, (often as an impromptu tour guide for family and friends) and I will keep going back; for as you propably already know, Kefalonia is a great place, with very nice people, exceptional beaches and many instances of natural beauty - not the least of which are her caves.


The steps down to a up from the cave are really easy, unless you're fat and unfit (and it looked like there were quite a few people fitting that bill when we went). What do you expect, it's a cave! This must have been a truly amazing sight before all the paths were put in, the middle scooped out and the stalagmites chopped off. Even though, it's a pretty awe inspiring sight, especially when there’s hardly anyone in it. Try and go when there are no coach parties, as I would imagine it would be atrocious with loads of people in it.

Tim G           

Certainly well worth a visit, even if it just one big hole with broken hangy-thingy's.

P. A           

We visted here as part of the "Discover Kefalonia" tour organised by Pfannis via Kosmar.
We paid EURO 14 for the two of us to get into here and Melassani Lake. (I prefered the lake)
However, once inside it was an awe inspiring sight, but I agree with some of the last comments, that people had cut off lumps of the formations and the paths whilst meandering are not natural and the shingle circle in the middle is awful.
The steps down weren't that bad and I've got asthma!

Nigel C           

I was only half way down when I fell!, the organisers should clean the steps before opening as this would have saved me.However the wonderfull sights in the cave and the well thought out lighting made up a little to overcome the pain of my slip. Thank everbody who helped me up but the organisers only just shrugged their shoulders, I wonder what would have happened if I had broke my arm and back?


the cave was definatly worth a visit .very impressive.probably even more impressive if you are into caves.It was lovely and cool down thre and actually the climb back up the steps wasnt bad at all .I thiink some people are just lazy or smoke too much!

Mike R           

I thought that the Cave was fantastic even if there is over 120 steps to get down to(and up from)it. The entrance fee was only 3.50 euros as far as I can remember. The stalacmites and stalactites were excellent, and there are a couple of spectacular raised platforms within the cave created from the formations on which you can take some excellent photos. The walk back up to surface level though will have you gasping for a cool drink.


this was the worst part of a very nice trip. We went on the day trip called 'discover kefalonia' and this was the second stop, its just a good job that things got better. Very small, overpriced and quite frankly not worth the walk down all those steps!

Sharon M           

The only thing I liked about the caves was the fact that you could escape from the heat down there. We had a choice to either visit the caves here or the underground lake at melissani - my boyfriend choose the caves, but I would have prefered the latter.