Korgialenio Museum

Places to Visit in Kefalonia

Johanna W           

This made for a really pleasant afternoon and a cool respite from the sun!
Really informative and although everyone says so-the pictures of the earthquake were so interesting.
Definitely worth a visit on a trip to Argostoli.

Richard T           

Like the tardis on television if your old enough to remember go inside; very functional, traditional and wonder at displays that have excellent legends defining the exhibits.

Phil M           

We have visited this twice. It is very well laid out and not like the usual stuffy museums. Great costumes of the past and room layouts with the old tools and implements. Well worth a visit.

Sophie H           

This is exactly what a small museum of this type should be like, it is one of the best of it's type that I've seen. Really excellent if you're interested in learning about the history of the island and how it's people have lived.

Kate F           

This is in Argostoli, and is well worth a visit if you like museums, and are interested in Kefalonia in itself. There are some interesting pictures of the earthquake of 1953, some great rescued religious artefacts, and lots of bits of history concerning Argostoli. Inexpensive to get in and much bigger inside than we expected.