Cyclopean Walls

Places to Visit in Kefalonia

Mick M           

We just happened to stumble across the signs for the walls on our way to Sammi, so thought we may as well go and have a look. The road leading up to the walls turns from a tarmac road, to a narrow road with potholes, then eventually as you get closer, it is a mountain dirt track - fortunately we had hired a 4x4, so we managed to get to it without fuss.  Once there you get out of your car and see them - walls -. And that's about it really.  Large stones piled upon top of each other, in a straight line, most of which have been knocked down, or have fallen as they have not been preserved.  I am not an archeologist nor a historian, so got back into the car and headed to went to Sammi, where I had a lovely cold beer.

Ken S           

After bouncing our hire car down a heavily pot-holed track we found - well very little really. most of the walls have long gone, you do get some idea of the size of stones they once contained and were obviously hugely impressive in their day, but unless you're an archeological junkie I wouldn't bother with the detour.

Steve J           

Presumably this refers to the ancient walls at Krane. When we went there (four years ago) there wasn't a soul about - very atmospheric.