Phaedra Restaurant

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Julie S           

July 31st 2006

Having just returned yesterday from a lovely week in Lassi I can highly recommend this restaurant as being the best place to eat in the resort.  The food and the staff/service is great.
Try the Sea Bass if its on the board  as 'Dish of the Day' it was beautifully cooked and presented - again the best I've had in a long time.

Lee C           

A lovely, friendly restaurant with a good selection of local meals at reasonable prices. We had chargrilled octopus, stuffed vine leaves, calamari and special souvlaki. All superb. Don't miss a visit to this restaurant!

Kevin K           

Best in Lassi, food always excellent, the meat pie is the best I've had, (I've had a lot). I can't remember ever having had a poor meal here. Service is excellent from all and the bill is surprisingly low.

Amanda P           

This was our favourite restaurant.  The food was fantastic, the service was great (very friendly) and you get a chocolate and a shot of liquer with the bill...a nice touch.

We can recommend the Kefalonia meat pie, the mousaka (this was the best I've ever tasted and I've had a few (!!)), and the omlettes. 

Michelle J           

this was our favourite restaurant that we tried, the food was gorgeous and service was excellent, cant fault it, would recommend.

Peter H           

We went to this restaurant 10 days out of 14 and were not disappointed once. All the food was excellent and we just about went through all the Greek dishes and some of the more cosmopolitan. Service was excellent and the staff, particularly Steve and Dmitris, were friendly and great fun. Canned music only, but as Dmitris said to me, you pay for the live entertainment one way or another. We were not the only ones who thought the place was great-we made our own entertainment with the people who went there again and again.

Susanne W           

We loved this place, so much we went their twice.  Friendly, good atmosphere and value for money.  The staff are efficient and polite and the food is absolutely Yummy!  I had beef stiffado (absolutely gorgeous) and my friend loved their greek salad.  She had the fried aubergines to start  which were fantastic and I had the stuffed vine leaves which I loved.  Nice house rose and red.  Everything is excellent.  Not a bad word to say about them.

Don't be put off by their checked table cloths .. go in and try it.  Its definitely worth it.

Cat N           

We ate her twice and it was really nice. Service friendly and quick. Food reasonably cheap and very nice. Lamb with tomato sauce one of my favourites. Normally busy and atmosphere good.

Gary L           

What a fantastic place to eat, recently spent a couple of weeks in Lassi , stayed at San Lorenzo village, and we ate at this restaurant at least 4 times.The cool guy who stands outside what a legend, always polite and never hassling, unlike some restaurant promoters !!!. The liver with onions best ever tasted.Prices about average compared with everywhere else, yet service and food much better than every where else

Gary Lee 

Nigel G           

Got back from Lassi a few hours ago. We ate at The Phaedra on numerous occassions. We did try others but always came back. The food was superb, the service excellent and the prices were average compared to others in lassi and Argostoli. Staff were very friendly and the menu had something for everyones taste (other than Chinese but if you want that there are a couple of restraunts catering for that as well). The fresh fish a Phaedra was excellent. Unfortunately fish is expensive anywhere on the island so we only had that on a few nights.

One warning to anyone visiting kefalonia for the fist time. Eating out is MORE expensive than on Zakynthos. I would say approximately 25% more but don't go on holiday to cook for yourself do you.
If you go anywhere to eat go to The Phaedra Taverna, it's great. 

John I           

Turned out to be our favourite restaurant in Lassi,food excellent,service excellent.
Favourites included,Garlic mushrooms,lamb kleftiko,beef stifado and Kefalonia meat pie,all excellent.
Overall,highly recommended

David F           

Having ate in a different Restaurant every evening apart from the twice we ate here, for the week that we were in Lassi we have to say Phaedra was the the best. Excellent food, service and price. All staff were very friendly and made you very welcome.Smile  


Visited this restaurant 3 times during our stay.  Food was always excellent especially the Greek Platter, comprising of dolmas, saganaki, keftedes, tzatziki and Greek sausage.  The beef stifado and chicken souvlaki were excellent and not forgetting the baklava.   Very good service from the waiters/waitresses very friendly to everyone.   Food was brought out a little promptly but put that down to arriving slightly late in the evening.  Would say this was our favourite restaurant in Lassi!!

Note:  The English waiter looks and sounds like Chris Finch from The Office!!

John C           

This restaurtant was like all the others in Lassi, not a negative thing,m just that the food and setting was very much the same as everywhere else. The olny real downside was the fact that this restaurant seemed to attract lots of local wild ferrel cats =with litters in tow? It is poffputting trying to eat with cats round ytour legs, halve starved and looking deperate.

Liz J           

The best - and we tried loads. Food great, souvlaki excellent with pitta bread and tzatsiki automatically with it. Stifado great, stuffed peppers my favourite. Daughter (10)had the starter of cheese and ham baked potato (huge) as a main course. Excellent service and food always piping hot. To list all that was good would take too long - just go

Angie Ę           

We only visited Phaedra on our second last night, and are sorry we didn't discover it sooner. The menu has an excellent selection, and the service is superb even though it was very busy the night we went.Friendly staff and not only..(Stive & Bladie).Try the Stifado, and the local wine is superb also.


We only visited Phaedra on our second last night, and are sorry we didn't discover it sooner. The menu has an excellent selection, and the service is superb even though it was very busy the night we went.Friendly staff and not only...(Stive & Bladie) Try the Stifado, and the local wine is superb also.

Kirsty M           

This is another restaraunt we visited twice again its a shame we did not find it sooner.The service was very good and friendly, the food was fantastic we really enjoyed our meals on both visits.

Sylvia S           

It was the best restaurant we ate in, in Lassi.
Try the fillet a la phaedra and you will not be disapointed.
Say hello to Dimitrios and he will look after you he is great.

Jackie O           

just came back from lassi 20/06/04 ate here many times as was recommened to us by other holiday makers. Had many dishes from red mullet, lamb chops,steak all of which were very good and good value for money, staff very friendly and love watching the baby birds in the nest, nice to see them fly for the fist time.

Robert C           

Our favorite place to eat in Lassi. Visited many times and enjoyed every meal from kleftico to omlettes. The portions are generous and starters not always needed.

Jerry L           

Loved the view of the sea and the food was excellent. Word of warning with the moussaka... try sharing it as very filling, but lovely!!


Friendly, family run restaurant. All meals we had there were very tasty and the service was relaxed although prompt. Recommend Lamb kleftiko and Musaka.


We only visited Phaedra on our second last night, and are sorry we didn't discover it sooner. The menu has an excellent selection, and the service is superb even though it was very busy the night we went. Try the Stifado, and the local wine is superb also

Nick B           

we just came back from holidays.the food and generly evth was excellent at phaedras.the stuff was very friendly and helpful.beautiful view and u can enjoy the sunshine having their cocktails(kefalonian sunset).me and my wife went five times in a week. simply the best


This is a great restaurant, everytime we go to Kefalonia we go here, the food is great, the atmosphere is very relaxed and the staff are really friendly.

This in my opnion is the best restaurant in lassi.

Kieran F           

…used to be the Ambassador back in the early 90s... anyone

Doreen J           

We went 4 times and had excellent meals. The staff were friendly and polite. I think the Phaedra was the best taverna in Lassi. Try the Chicken Phaedra.

Priti P           

My sister and I visited Phaedra’s on a number of occasions. The food was lovely especially both of us being vegetarians - the Moussaka was to die for! We found the staff very friendly & got to know them all pretty well. We had lots of fun trying out Greek vegetarian dishes and mouth-watering desserts. The warm reception & the quality of their food would most definitely have us dining there again......

Fay W           

Excellent restaurant, the welcoming was genuine and friendly,
the service was excellent with very polite waiters and waitresses
and the food was delicious. Try the Octopuss salad, went back
twice for it!! My partner had meat dishes which were all cooked
to perfection. I would definitely recommend Phaedra

Chris B           

Top notch, we found Phaedra on our 4th night in Kefalonia and spent the majority of our last week there. The kalamari were the best I've ever tasted and my fiance had them everytime as a starter. The King Prawns Phaedra were also superb as was the Spetzofai. Service was excellent with nothing being too much trouble.

Jackie S           

Went to Phaedra 3 times during our visit and enjoyed each time. The prawn saganaki for starter is delicious and the Minestrone soup one of the best in Lassi. The fried meatballs are huge and are not recommended prior to the mixed grill, talk about a meat fest. It also served the best swordfish that we had during the stay. (If someone knows better please state). The only down side was that when my hubbie tried the battered cod it wasn`t as nice as when my Mum had it previously. Oh and by the way the Cheesecake is to die for.

Sara P           

This restaurant is just so run of the mill and I think it was only so busy because of it's very central location. The food was really average - far better meals in other restaurants in the resort. The service was awful - not a smile to be seen. They made us feel like they were really doing us a favour by serving us. Would go back to Lassi, but would definitely not go to the Phaedra again.

Gary P           

Went to Phaedra's on several occasions during my recent holiday to Lassi and found it to be excellent. Good food, good service and resonable priced.

The B           

Our meal started off ok but quickly ran downhill. After the starters we were ignored for at least half an hour - Then the waiter brought the main course but left the dirty dishes and cutlery on the table. Maybe we were just unlucky but it certainly put us off from going back again when there is so much competition nearby.

Trevor M           

After sampling the kefalonian meat pie elsewhere, i was disappointed with the one here as that was all i got - nothing with it at all!
Not even a chip!
The others had different meals which were no more than average.

Nicola F           

Myself and my sisters are just back from one week in Lassi, we found this the most friendly restaurant there, the staff wern't worked to the bone and were great craic. The food was excellent and Ice cream to die for, (all home made), and as for the Cocktails, the Kephalonian Sunset is one I won't forget.... They have a website if anyone is interested the address is

Kieran F           

Can anyone confirm if the Phaedra used to be the Ambassador 10 years
ago? Ah, the Melambus and the Pepper Steak!!

Richard D           

We both loved the food here. The service was great as was the setting. The platter for starters was lovely especially as my girlfriend is vegetarian.Would definately recommend it!!!!

Andrew D           

Good food in pleasent surroundings.

Roy B           

We found this to be the very best Taverna in Lassi. The food was excellent and reasonably priced, and the atmosphere, staff, and facilities were also excellent. We thoroughly recommend it.

Daniel W           

I do not understand anyone who gives this restaurant anything less than full marks. It was the best restauraunt we ate at (followed by The Olive Press and Sirtaki) and it was packed every night with people who obviously agreed with us. Fantastic!!!

Chris B           

Consistent if a little unimaginative. Service was charming and efficient and the food always hot. Could have done without the festering cats though.

M C           

We had been encouraged to go here by a few people and can only wish we hadnt bothered..The waitress brought out the starters in 30 seconds saying watch out the plate is hot. The starters were microwaved to oblivion and disintegrated on contact with a fork. they were also covered in a green (think Pie & mash) sauce, which in my 25 years of living and holidaying in Greece I have never seen. The main course of pork medalions which followed were also microwaved to oblivion with a thick sauce poured on top to mask the disintergration of the food below. we were unable to endure any more and asked for the bill. I asked the waitress was the food microwaved and she said that the food had been reheated in the microwave but had been cooked fresh that day and not yesterday (this was at 10pm). We paid up and left...they did deduct the starters from the bill! Maybe I was just unlucky or expecting too much but when I go on holiday I don't expect to go out to a restaurant and have a microwaved meal..there were plenty of other restaurants cooking freshly prepared meals and I can't see why this place could'nt do it. Sorry Phaedra

Tanya C           

We went here because of previous comments on this web site. We thought this restaurant didn't warrant all the praise it got but was average.

Matthew C           

Phaedra was one of the best places to eat in Lassi, overall we found that as vegetarians Lassi was quite limited and welcomed the vegetable Moussaka provided at Phaedras. None of the restaurants were expensive in Lassi yet this was probably the best for overall quality & atmosphere

Giles M           

Food was good, staff very friendly, they did make a mistake with the bill but did at least apologise for it which was more than some places (always check your bill - we were overcharged at several places).

Gerard D           

Visited twice in seven days. Great selection of food with variety of side dishes, not just chips. Chicken Phaedra came with spaghetti and tomato sauce - delicious.

Gemma T           

This was by far the best restaurant! The choice of food is great and you can reserve a table so you can sit in the best seats! The staff are really friendly, especially the main man ( who looks a bit like Steve Martin). The view from the restaurant is also very nice. We had many meals here and enjoyed all of them!

Martin P           

Simply the best – in Lassi that is. And we have tried most of the Tavernas in Lassi over the past three years. Friendly, helpful staff who serve delicious Greek and international cuisine at value for money prices. We found it later on during our first holiday to Kefalonia three years ago and have eaten there frequently ever since. This year we have been back eight or nine times - And we were honestly remembered by the staff when we returned! If you like beef, then try the stamna - Steak cooked in a rich gravy with vegetables, and then covered with melted feta cheese. If you like lamb then try the special cooked in a rich tomato sauce. The mixed appetisers (Various selections; salads; sea food; Chefs special etc.) are good for sharing and there are one or two special dishes added to the menu every night - including fresh fish (the red snapper fillets are grilled to perfection) plus various meaty meals are offered. All this on top of an intensive menu. It gets very busy earlier on – so have a drink in one of the bars, watch the sunset and the world pass you by – and eat from 9.30pm onwards. Oh! by the way --- the chunks of tender Chicken cooked in a pot with potatoes and mushrooms in a white wine sauce is to die for.

Eileen F           

I have eaten at this restaurant over the last5 years and the consistency has been excellent. The swordfish is cooked to perfection, moist, juicy and full of taste. The special souvlaki includes massive chunks of pork, lamb and beef, chargrilled yet again delightfully succulent. The service has always been efficient and the staff friendly. Value for money excellent.