IL Gabbiano

Restaurants in Lassi

David R          1/10

Do not bother going here the food is not good! Which is what most people would go to a restaurant for. The waiter was superficially nice enough ( he was the one who persuaded us to go in with his promise of Greek and Italian specialism ). We ordered cod and chips and baked carbonara. The wife's dish arrived and it was like two big fish fingers quite obviously from a freezer job lot, she ate it as it was edible but not what you would expect from a restaurant more what you would expect from a greasy spoon in a lay by. She foolishly expected fresh fish as we were meters from the sea! My Carbonara was tasteless. There was a texture of plastic and after a fork full i decided it probably was not safe to proceed. I informed the waiter that i would not have given this to my dog ! He apologized, stated " the chef must not know how to cook this properly " and continued to still charge me for the meal, but did bring two luminous drinks on a tip tray with the bill. Suffice to say there was no Tip left. I did leave him though the two complimentary drinks. Ate out every night and day for two weeks and this was the worst meal ever. Do not go there if you want good food.

Julian F          8/10

Went to il gabbiano's again as we did in 2008 we went 5 times over the 2 wks and personally for us the staff were friendly as ever and the meals were a good standard,would go back.

Sarah K          7/10

Returned from Lassi last weekend and ate here a couple of time, I expected it to be a lot beter having read some of the comments, however was slightly dissapointed, fod was good, but compared to other restaurants in Lassi was quite average, service was also average.

Don't be put off from trying Il Gabbiano, however there are pleanty of fantastic restaurants in Lassi & Argostoli.

Michelle F          10/10

Got back from Lassi on 26 August after spending enjoyable 2 weeks in the sun.  Went to Il Gabbiano probably about 10 nights out of the 14 as found the whole experience enjoyable.  Service was great, Staff were very friendly, food was delicious and excellent value for money.  Beef Stifado was really tender, Pizzas were to die for, Kids loved the Fried Meatballs and Fish and Chips!!  Mousaka was a favourtie of my husbands and I could totally recommend the chicken gabbiano.  If we do go back to Lassi in the future (this was our second time) we would definitely go back to Il Gabbiano.

Martin D          9/10

just got back from a great hol in lassi. stayed at the silo apartments which were very clean and really friendly. great pool & pool bar serves only fresh cooked food. my rating for silo is 9 out of 10.
there are lots of good tavernas in lassi the following are ones my family visited , Il Gabbiano really good food very friendly with good service and you must try the bar cos Panos & Nicky who run it are the best hosts you could wish for. Other very good places to eat are da veronica, phaedra, ionio, butlers place& nefeli. Agostoli is a must for an evening out get a taxi for 6 or 7 euros dont walk. Try the small greek kebab taverna in the corner of the square next to the internet cafe for a tasty cheap meal. Also try the Pizza pizza in the other corner for a great taste of greek cooking

Barry G          10/10

really good resturant. go in there and see the lady owner and mention BAZ  and ALI we just got back last week excellent

Eliz T          10/10

just come back from lassi yet again. dined here quite a few times and had no complaints was delicious and the staff very efficient. this being our third visit to the island it was a great feeling being remembered by Malamatenia and her family/staff. We too enjoyed the pizzas and chicken dishes especially Il Gabbiano style. will be going back again in 2 years as we alternate with Zante.

James T          10/10

By far the best place for food in Lassi, i ate here 3 times and the food was incredible. The chicken dishes are incredible and the staff are brilliant.
A visit to this restaurant is a must

Christine B          7/10

Went twice.  Good for deep pan pizza, no good for thin crusts!

Greek food good.
Good price.

Mark G           

It's an Italian so don't order anything Greek here.Pizza and pasta ok.Worth coming just to watch the staff rushing around

Ron N           


Really the best restaurant in Lassi, very good food en very nice, good people.
14 days Lassi, 10 days eaten at this restaurant.
the last day, they cooked for us a very well greek meze.
Fam Nijssen

Joanne S           

We ate at this restaurant three times during our two week holiday. We found that the atmosphere was relaxed and did not feel that the waiters were rushing us through the meal, unlike other restaurants we visited. The staff were very friendly and the food was excellent especially the pasta and pizza, the white wine was also worth a try.

Ruth S           

we went to El Gabbiano last year and we wasnt impressed. the food was overpriced. the waiters watched over your shoulders why you ate! we felt as if we had done something wrong. WONT BE GOING BACK AGAIN!. i woudlnt recomend it

Kate W           

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Enjoyed the food..Read that the chairs are uncomfortabe which I agree with.
Recommend the al olio pasta and the grilled chicken with Briam and thier pizza's.Fantastic service and very attentive,clean and the staff very friendly and kind.

Howard M           

Great food, good service. Try the Seabass - a real treat.

Sue S           

 This restaurant was quite nice, we only went once on out first night and the food and service were fine. My husband had a steak which he asked  to be well done, it was just right. I had chicken which again was fine. I think the only thing that put me off was it could do with a bit of a face lift it was a bit tatty. But give it a try, it may turn out to be your favourite.

Ann F           

  We liked this Taverna and found the food to be excellent, we only went twice in 2 weeks only because our favourite was Ionia and we ate out in Argostoli a few times too.  I cant remember what I had but husband had a pizza which was delicious, freshly made with a soft dough and lots of  topping.  There is a kids menu but on one visit they cut a pizza in half which the kids loved.  Another good point about this place is that at the far end of the restaurant there is a tv, which you cant hear so it doesnt disturb you but on the first visit my kids noticed a young Greek boy (the waitresses son) was watching cartoon network (which they love) so after their meal they wandered over and watched it leaving us to have a peaceful drink. The next visit the tv was on another channel, so we asked if the kids could watch cartoon network, which they changed over to straight away for us. There is also a separate bar area towards the backof the taverna, and alongside is a small playground with swings, all this just far enough away from the main eating area not to disturb you.


Went here on our first night, do not remember seeing 'Elvis' nor being dragged into the restaurant??  We ordered tzatziki and cheese pies for starters - mains we ordered chicken souvlaki and chicken in cream and mushroom sauce.  All of which were ok  - chicken a litte dry, nothing out of this world.  We did not feel that it was somewhere we would go back to during the week.

Chris & yvonne            

The Elvis look a like has now left the building. Yes he was big and some people did find him frightening but he did understand the words no thank you.
We ate at this restaurant a few times during the last 2 weeks we were there and have done several times over the last 11 years.
We have tried most of the starters and my favourite would be the sausage mixed with tomato and topped with melted cheese. Closely followed by the meat balls.
We found the chefs salad to have a much better ham and cheese topping than anywhere else we went.
The special pizza has a generous topping. My wife tells me that the swordfish is as good as any she has had on the island. The kleftiko melts as you eat it and the other Greek dishes are good as well.
I found the peppered fillet sauce a little sweet but the pepper corns were very hot.
The size of the steaks are not that big but this seems quite normal for Kef. Personally after doing nothing for most of the day I would not want a meal too large anyway.
The chicken and the pork all taste good. I think this could be because the meat is fresh, not frozen unlike some other places that we have eaten.
The Ice Cream is locally made and the cherry ice cream has large lumps of cherry in it ( Very Nice )
We have always found the service good and the staff very friendly and helpful.
The prices are good, they are cheaper than some of the other restaurants in Lassi.
I had a drink or two at the adjoining bar every night and noticed several people coming back to eat again. Some people ate there every night.
The bar has a childrens play area next to it, which is very handy for parents to have a couple of drinks whilst watching their children play.
We will be back again in September and will definitely use the place again.   

Jacquie C           

Just back from Lassi last week....went in this restaurant about 3 times...the service was good, prices good and the food was nice...not that we tried anything adventurous....

Chris H           

Excellent restaurant. Great food and the waiters/waitresses run about like mad! We ate here several times as we loved it!

Stacey C           

We visited Lassi mid May and although we didn't eat here we did visit the bar every night for a few quiet drinks. Sarafin the bar man was very welcoming and friendly as was the new Jordie girl at the front welcoming everyone in. Thanks both for making Lee and myself feel very welcome and we will definatly be returning early next June as it was a little chilly in the evenings in may. Thanks again guys x x

Carrie A           

Absolutely dreadful!!!!
We visited at the beginning of this week - Calamari was rubbery, meatballs were of the "bought at Iceland" variety and the pizza was the worst I had ever tasted, so greasy that it really did resemble a heart attack on a plate.
Not very cheap either.
Lassi had lots of fab restaurants, don't waste a night here!

Paul C           

The chairs in this place are uncomfortable, very straight and not relaxing. However the service and food are good. The manager does seem concerned about every aspect of service.

Kieran F           

It's interesting how El Gabbiano - and other tavernas - move up and down in
the rankings... I guess it shows how sites like this are worthwhile.

I wonder what the analysis of timings would show - whether there is much
fluctuation in early/mid/high season - I guess the longer the season drags on -
the more the ratings decline.

Won't be back next year - boo hoo - but I look forward to reading how Lassi
shapes up!