Sto Psito

Restaurants in Lassi

Harold S          7/10

Fantastic views although a little out the way[take the left fork off the main road by dolphin supermarket]reasonable food bit quiet on the night we were there so lack of atmosphere but worth a visit to eat and see fantastic sunset.Make sure you get a table looking out to sea.

M S          5/10

This place has a beautiful setting and the food we had was lovely - we had the friend vegetables to start  and something else I can't recall!  For mains I had the Kefalonian rabbit.  The only thing was that it was a bit lacking in atmosphere - probably because it was mid September and it's a little off the beaten track.  The food gets an 8 from me but the lack of atmosphere means I've given a lower overall rating.

Beverley H

I was in the party with the lady below, and can quite honestly say I have never met such a rude waitress.  The restaurant was not even full but she refused to move us to a better table.  Any way it was there loss because we were going to be spending a lot of money in the restaurant but went to the Ionio restaurant in Lassi and had the best meal ever!

Sharon H

I had read alot about this restaurant before coming to Lassi this year on holiday and was looking forward to visiting Sto Psito one evening.  Our family got a taxi from the other end of Lassi to go there and when we arrived we thought what a beautiful setting for a restaurant.  It then took a while before anyone came over to us to offer us a table (there was 9 of us!), when they did, a lady seated us right near the entrance to the restaurant facing a large mirror, which we though was a strange location for a table as you could only see yourself and bearing in mind, the main attraction here was for a lovely view of the sea!  We accepted the table as it was a very hot evening and we then waited what seemed like a long time to be offered a drink!  I called the waitress over and she said "wait 5 minutes" which I thought was very rude bearing in mind we were going to spending alot of money in this restaurant.  Eventually she came back with the menus, but not enough for all of us.  My father asked if we could move tables as we did not like the one we had been given.  It was right in a corner by the gate, away from all the other diners in the restaurant.  She said "no" and this was the only table we could have.  She then just brushed over the subject and asked for our drinks order.  Whilst the drinks were being arranged, we decided that as this was our second to last night of our holiday, we did not want to sit opposite this large mirror in the searing heat and we found the attitude so far of the staff very unwelcoming.  We decided that we would leave the restaurant and go somewhere else, as the menu seemed more like Argostoli prices, not Lassi prices, and to pay that much for our meal, we would have to have really wanted to stay there.  We advised that lady that we was leaving and she looked very surprised, but our decision was made.  I would not go back to this restaurant even though the setting looked lovely, the service and the attitude was very unlike any other greek taverna we had been to in Lassi.  At the very least, we would have expected some drinks to be served to us on our arrival after asking for this but it wasn't!!  We ended up in the Ionio Restaurant which was amazing and as soon as we were shown to our table we were given a carafe of white wine on the house!!! and the staff could not have been more friendly!!! This was the best restaurant in Lassi we later discovered, very reasonable prices and food to die for!!! And most of all, being treated like you would expect as a paying customer with very friendly service! 

Netta&john S           

Had a very enjoyable evening..the food was excellent!   It was my wife's birthday "bash",so we wanted something special..and we got it. Good food, very friendly atmosphere,..we really recommend "STO PSITO" 

Colin P           

Lovely location, excellent food, friendly staff.

The menu had a bit more imagination than the usual half a dozen dishes you find on every other restaurant menu, and dishes were well presented and tasted great.

Small word of warning - being basically an al fresco establishment, the local bat population do a bit of an acrobatic display for about 40 minutes around sunset (completely harmless to humans, and fine by me - anything that eats insects gets my vote !), but may unsettle those of a nervous disposition. Go a little bit earlier or later if you wish to avoid this.

Chris S           

Excellent restaurant with the best views in Lassi, perfect place to watch the sunset. Prices were reasonable and we ate here several times. I had the rabbit which was excellent, very subtle flavours. Also tried the agrillas chicken, which was beautiful, Stufffed Lamb which was also excellent.

Visit is recommended.

Gaz E           



Kevin W           

This was the first restaurant we visited in Lassi and it has to be said it was the best food we had all holiday. The service was good and the presentation was of a very high standard. The food had loads of taste to it and I would have trouble in faulting it. The Lamb in particular is some of the best I have ever tried!!!
The restaurant is very romantic and the view over the sea makes the dining experience even better.
It was that good that we had decided to go their for our final meal before we left Kefalonia. Unfortunately we had a thunderstorm that night and the restaurant was closed (due to the fact that it is openair)!!!
I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Lassi!

Niki M           

How surprised were we to find ourselves in the 3rd photo down!  What a lovely restaurant.  We went for a meal 3 times last June and for a breakfast fit for royalty on our last morning.  The Crayfish Spaghetti is to die for but make sure you take a bib!  The rabbit is wonderful and so is the cuttlefish.  The kids loved their meals and so did my parents.  First class view to match the food.  Can't wait to go back this year, see you in August!!

Lakis P           

Excellent view (especially if you are in the front row!).....
Excellent food (especially lamb KLEFTIKO )
Exsellend servis (especially MAKIS , DOYDA )

Gerasimos V           

used to work there so allow me to know what's going on ....I live in kefalonia too. when i am not in Southampton.The old restaurant was located in Arogstoli. Good food freindly atmosphere, the place was a top choice for locals too. and i mean all year around. the new one is located in lassi. Still the standards are kept high. its clean the prices are good. yes and the food is great too...2004 was a good year. yes sometimes things do go wrong sorry they are humans not robots. still if you are polite and ask for...anything you will surely get it and 9 out of ten times it will be delicious and you will get it fast.highly recommended. at least to greeks and why not brit's too. 9/10 they are good lads :) have fun u ppl.

Linda D           

excellent food, excellent service. in my opinion,the best taverna on the island

Linda D           

Very nice work...Guys keep up...Everything was perfect

Lakis G           

Fantastic place,wonderful people (greetings to MAKIS by the way who suggested the great seabass dish),amazing view, low prices and top quality food...The best kefalonian restaurant without a doubt

Jake R           

Due to apraising critics by friends of mine I decided to visit "Sto psito" restaurant to experience myself the traditional flavours and the kefalonian aroma...The result was more than satisfying: lightspeed service, friendly environment, astonishing tastes as well as a breathtaking view of Lassi's tropical peninsula.Surely the best way to finish your day after sunbathing on the beach nearby!


hey! we came to sto psito on our holiday in may! the waiters are really freindly! we only had a drink there, but will be back in august for a meal! we had a really nice time! keep up the good work!

Alison M           

We really liked this restaurant and soon became regulars. Makis and co made us feel really welcome. The service was excellent and the Greek dishes were some of the best we have had. Try their chicken kebab, mossaka and carbonara, Delicious. The view is outstanding with the best sunset you will see. Children made very welcome and free to wander around looking at the fish and terrapins. This place had a really relaxed atmosphere on a quiet road. Well worth a visit. Much better than the restaurants on the main road through Lassi

Leah A           

Forget about mock greek restaurants Sto Psito is the real MaCoy! We have found the service to be of the most genuine kind with a real feel for family which was really important to us. The food is original and Greek - What else wouold you want in Kefalonia! The staff are friendly and very obliging and will do anything to please. We have had several excellent meals and should we ever come back to Kefalonia, we will come back here again - we would not miss it for the world!

Renald L           

it is the best restaurant in lassi.not only the food was great but also the service was excellent.we visited kefalonia three weeks ago and we went there every night.remos,makis and duda are the best waiters.if you ever visit kefalonia than you should go to ''sto psito''guys hope to see you again


we came to sto psito after great recomendation from one of our friends! we were not disapointed by our welcoming and the service in which we had! the food here is very yummy, and the drinks come in good mesures. we will deffiently be returning in august and cant wait to see u all!
and to all of u who have said bad things about this wonderful resturant, u may want to get your taste buds sorted!
thanks for a wonderful evening, kerry! xxx
p.s. c u in august! xxx

Min A           

Excellent food.
Excellent service.
Excellent value.
Excellent view (especially if you are in the front row!).

Steve F           

Went to this restaurant based on some good reviews from other - but we were most disapointed.

The place was empty / poor choice of menu. They was a rickety old bridge and a dirty pool in the middle of the restaurant.

The house wine was off (white wine). A German family had the rose (also off) and sent back.

The Kephalonian Pie was tasteless and burnt.

Service was poor (two young lads who were more interested in the champions league game) - no music just the football in the background.

Probably the worst meal I have had in 6 years of visiting Greece.

Do not go here - it is crap - try Monte Nero / Phaedra / Sirtaki / Oscars for a good meal.

Simon W           

Not too bad, although not worth the walk down to it. Was completely empty and therefore no atmosphere!

Mike R           

After reading some favourable reviews of Sto Psito we decided to try it out. When we arrived it was fairly empty, and after reading the menu we figured out why. I have to admit it was pretty poor from a selection & price and service point of view, in fact so poor we got up and left without eating. My advice is to give it a miss and not bother walking out the extra distance to it.