Butlers House

Restaurants in Lassi

Sue del S          10/10

we had a great time in lassie we went to butlers house for evening meal on several occasion we could not fault it one bit the staff was kind and helpful the food was great the portion size was just right I had my birthday meal there they made me feel very special I would recommend this resturant to anyone

Inger lise Olsen          10/10

Excellent fond and service. Best meals ever.

Sandra E          10/10

We got back from Lassi 2 weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed our meals at Butlers House, it's our second time to the Beautiful Island of Kefalonia and Butlers is our all time favourite restaurant, the staff are friendly, welcoming and go out of their way to make your evening special, the food is lovely and the service is superb, the singer that was there at the time of our stay was fantastic, thanks to all the Butlers staff for making our nights special.  Colin and Sandra Eastham England.

Tim           10/10

Just got back from our first visit to Kefalonia, we stayed in Lassi and read the reviews on here about Butlers House prior to going......
It just shows that restaurants are subjective and don't suit all of the people all of the time !
I'm just glad that I wasn't put of by some of the posters on here who gave Butlers a low rating.
What did we think ?
Surroundings excellent, the best in Lassi, yes the tables are close together but that just enhances the experience.
Atmosphere excellent, the best in Lassi, the singer was very entertaining.
Service excellent, the waiters were very considerate and created a great buzz and yes they were extremely busy.
Food excellent, yes there were other great restaurants but 'pound for pound' our experience of Butlers House was 'Best in Town'.
We ate here 3 nights and also tried 6 other restaurants in Lassi.
Just shows you have to make up your own mind !!!!!!!!!!!

Emma W          8/10

Ate at Butlers 3 times during a week in Lassi. Loved the ambiance and the decor of the resturant. Was always busy and has a real buzz about it. Food isnt the best in lassi however the atmosphere and surroundings make up for it. Good service.

Peter H          5/10

Ate at Butlers House once during our two weeks in Lassi.Were drawn in by the lovely look of the place and the substantial menu. The atmosphere was good, although it was very busy and waiters were rushing around.The food was fine, although the portions were small. This establishment came recommended but is no more than average in our opinion. Didn't like the Large TV screens situated in the restuarant given that the proprietor's own the bar next door! Restuarants are for dining and not watching sport etc.

Peter and Tracey Holliman.

Christine C          4/10

We ate here twice giving it the benefit of our doubt from the first time.  Meals were a bit hit and miss and quite expensive for what they were.  My chicken dish seemed to have had a tin of tomatos thrown on it last minute and was not really very nice.  We also ate a pizza and salad here which faired slightly better but was only average.  I think this restaurant is popular more due to the central location and nice surroundings and furnishings than it is for the food served there. 

Caroline C          8/10

We had lunch here on our way to the airport. The food was delicious and the service was great.

Zoe B          3/10

I agree totally with some of the previous comments posted here. Butlers House portion size was quite small and personally I found that it wasn't that tasty either. I have on many occasions tasted much better at other restaurants/tavernas.We decided not to go back and we didn't. Many better restaurants in Lassi. Ionio for one.

Rosemarie S          5/10

Ate at Butlers House once during our two weeks in Lassi...were drawn in by the lovely look of the place and the live Greek music.  The atmosphere was good, although it was very crowded and waiters were rushing around........the food was fine, although the portions were smaller than you get in other restaurants in Lassi which serve food as good, if not better, at more reasonable prices.  I agree with other comments about the waiting times and being served by several different people. Not the kind of restaurant you'd want to visit several times during your stay, in my opinion.

Jackie B          1/10

We have just come back from lassi and Butlers House was the worst taverna we went to!It wasnt too busy when we went, but we were still sat right next to the kitchen which was extremely uncomfortable because it was so hot.I ordered a starter which never arrived and the portion size was dreadful and the veg were also cold. I would not reccomend this restaraunt as it was terrible!

Julie C          10/10

   went to this resturant only once what a shame we didnt go there more . food was very
  nice very nice and hot which was nice . while being there also this waiter then started to
  sing opera i was taken back with what we heard what a great singer  and a great place i will say
  also i have never been to a resturant where the waiters are rushing round like they are on a merry
  go round this possibley could be off putting to some . bearing in mind the place was packed and
  the service was good considering the pressure they were under 10 out of 10 butlers lassi keep up
  the great work prices quite good as well.

Tracy G          8/10

My husband and I spent 2 weeks in june and 2 weeks in september in kefalonia and Butlers was superb the food was lovelly, ok you may have to wait if it is busy but isnt that normal???????????
Butlers is great , we were treated brilliantly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lizzie R          9/10

The vine covered canopy and evening lights make it look enchanted.  They do not serve massive portions but the food is good quality and can be seen being cooked in a brick kiln.  My husband's meal wasn't what he ordered but he ate it and enjoyed it anyway.  My dessert came without a spoon.  I've knocked a mark off because there is room for improvement as far as the service goes.  Perhaps one waiter should be assigned to particular tables.  We were served by all of the waiters - no wonder they get confused.

Sarah K          9/10

Returned off holiday last weekend, myself & my boyfriend (both in our mid 30's) ate at Butlers House a couple of times, we were wary due to some of the comments we'd read, however we have no need to worry the food was lovely, service can be a little slow when they're really busy but we didn't mind too much as the staff were so polite.

Would recommend you try Butlers House if your staying in Lassi.

Danni           10/10

I am amazed by the comments on here to be honest, me and my boyfriend (27yrs and 33yrs) visited Butlers in Sept 08 and it was the best restaurant in Lassi by far. The owner, the one who sits at the door and greets you was super friendly, the pizzas, pasta and the steak was delicious and we recived free desert and on our return the second night we were given a complimentary carafe of wine an. This was the theme the following nights though we insisted we paid eventually as we did not want to take advantage.One night we ended up staying til way after closing and never felt rushed as they continued to give us complimentary drinks and we toasted the owners and staff at the end. We did eat at other restaraunts to try others out but we kept returning here as it was just so great on every level. In regards to service, your in greece on holiday, generally your meal is the focal point of your evening and they may take a bit of time to serve but if that is the case for such great food and hospitality then i would be happy to wait as long as it took.

Sue S          1/10

Me and my Husband have just returned from Lassi..... All I can say about Butlers House is BEWARE!!!!!
We arrived and sat down after 10 mins the waiter came with the menu... we ordered 40 mins later our Starter arrived...... 30 mins after that our Main course which was very bland arrived....
We got the bill after asking but the WRONG Bill
At that point I lost it and complained ...it took me 3 times to 3 different people who just said we have lots of young lads working....
I paid the right bill.....Customer Service NO
Food Quaility OKish
Do I recommend it NO!!!!!!
Please Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ann H          5/10

Nine of us went to Butlers House, four of us ordered the Lamb Kleftico, the vegetables( which were very few) were steaming hot but the lamb, which was just a large bone with a little meat on it was freezing cold, twice we had to send them back to be heated thoroughly, very small portions still felt hungry afterwards, also very chaotic,waiters running everywhere.

Emma R          5/10

Me and my partner have just returned from Kefalonia, We ate at Butlers House twice the food is great but the service is very disorganised. On the first visit the waiter couldnt write what we were asking for, our starter dishes werent cleared away till the waiter carrying our main dishes noticed. We were then offered bread after our dessert. On the second visit, our drinks didnt arrive till after our starters were finished. On both occasion waiters seemed lost with no direction or roles. Overall very good food but service needs addressing quickly.