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Nick B           

Nice quiet resort, typical of small little towns in Greece, couple of supermarkets, plenty of places to eat and a few quiet bars to drink in. No nightlife so not the place if you want to go clubing. But nice lace to chill out and a good place to see the rest of the island from. Beaches are nice, but require a car unless you want to walk up hill for 25 mins on the way back (which is not all that bad really).

Lorraine J           

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Quiet and laid back, Lourdas is a place for people that like the 'real' Greece - not too touristy.  My advice is to make sure you wander further afield than the main street for your choice of taverna, there are some real gems if you walk a little further.  We stayed at the Delifinia apartments, and went both ways  - to the Crystal Palace and the Olive Tree in Trapezaki direction, and downhill to Dionysos in the other.

There are a couple of good supermarkets for self-catering, providing both fresh milk and fresh bread as well as a good selection of everyday food and gifts.  The beach is so long, you should be able to find a quiet spot if you have your own beach umbrella.  We also loved the hazy views of Zante across the sea.
Highly recommended unless you want a lively nightlife (which we didn't!).  There are a couple of bars, but they don't intrude on the village atmosphere.

Bill S           

We stayed in at the Christoferos Apartments in Lourdas from July 9th to the 24th. Had an absolutely brilliant time and found all the locals very friendly. We mainly used Kanali beach which is halfway between Lourdas and Trapazaki, the path down is steep in places but manageable. You do need to take food and drink with you and a brolly as there is nothing down there but you will be rewarded with a VERY uncrowded beach. Also the sea doesn't shelve quite as steeply as at lourdas. Lourdas has several supermarkets and is well supplied with Tavernas and Bars.

Samantha W           


There are 2 decent sized supermarkets on the main road in Lourdas, almost opposite each other and they both sell full fat milk. Just make sure you check the dates as they don't seem as worried as us about selling stuff coming up to best before dates.
If you hire a car at any point (and, if you do, try Tasos at Sunbird), theres a large 'cash and carry' type place just before you get to Argastoli which will probably have a better range of stuff like nappies etc. HTH 
I'll be travelling with a 15 month old son this year so I'll be in the same boat as you.

Fred R           


We have stayed at the Eleni twice and the Folies twice - we had no problems with the accommodation and the views from both were spectacular,the Eleni has the advantage of a pool and on site delicious food is available - especially on the evening menu freshly cooked by Kostas.The resort is not rubbish - it is a quiet sleepy little village - although there are two really with Vlahata on the main road and Lourdata on the way to the beach,we found the shops to be OK as regards things to eat and drink although I cannot remember if the milk was full fat cow's milk - it may have been - try Maria's supermarket just down from the Eleni 3.There are plenty of restaurants to choose from although not a lot of bars - certainly no rowdy bars - the Muses down by Lourdata is probably the best and most popular - they have a huge TV screen if you want to follow sport whilst on holiday but you can also watch the smaller tv inside.We return to the Eleni in August and can't wait - also it is great being able to post messages on this board without some bighead over-reacting.

Pam S           

This is in response to Martin Nareys comments about Lourdas being a dump.  What a load of rubish.  View everyone elses comments that have said what a lovely place this is and you will see that Martin is in a very small minority!!
We have been to Kefalonia for the past two years, the first time staying in Lourdas, the second time in Trapezaki (because we couldn't get the accommodation we wanted in Lourdas!!).  We are returning to Lourdas later this year, staying in a lovely villa with a view to die for.
I can only think that Martin was in a very bad mood for the whole of his holiday.
We love Kefalonia and the people who work in Lourdas that make it a happy and enjoyable place to stay in.
Pam Scaife

Jodie P           

Lourdas is a quiet resort with no visible development going on which is good news.  It is made up of 2 villages, Vlahata up the hill and Lourdata (much prettier) down the hill.  Yes the hill is steep but is not beyond you if you are slightly fit - just attempt it in the cooler part of the day and stop at the bars along the way (any excuse!)  There are buses in between the 2 beaches, that will get you to the beach about 11 and pick you up at 5 so it is not essential to have a car just to get to the beach.  The beaches are both nice, but we found Trapezaki the best - chilled out and small with no nearby traffic, and only a few sunbeds (7 euro a set though, 6 at Lourdas beach.).  But it is a much prettier and less crowded beach, although both have lovely shallow water. 

There are lovely views from Vlahata as it is up a cliff.  Nightlife is taverna based, with a good selection, but you may struggle to get a place that is not serving chips with everything.  There is 1 down the hill in Lordata that is very traditional). Only 3 bars in the resort, no discos or clubs.  One taverna attempting karaoke one night but not too loud.  there are all the ammenities you will need exept a bank which is a pain.  Very friendly locals who appreciate the effort to speak even a tiny bit of Greek, and are fiercly proud of their island, quite rightly so.

Mick T           

Lourdas is ok. We stayed at Angelas apartments which I reccommend. It is at the bottom of the hill and close to mini market, and taverna's with no effort involved to get to them. The hill is a killer. If you are not used to walking then this (unless you stay at the bottom) is not the place for you. However the beach is great, the taverna's on the beach cannot be faulted for service or price and if you don't want to hire a car will not need anywhere else.

Graham G           

My wife, 13 year old son, 15 year old daughter and myself had a fantastic holiday on the island. This is the perfect location for a family holiday. We stayed at elenni apartments which were clean and spacious. The view from every angle was superb and the pool was positioned next to the resteraunt / Diner / Bar. The staff were delightful, polite and entertaining both day and night and our host Costas and his wife were a pleasure to socialise with. Costas is a quality chef and likes to clown arround with his guests which made us feel very welcome.

The whole resort is on a mountain and the hill is a killer if you dont hire a vehicle. We hired a car and a quad bike for the duration of our stay at a fairly reasonable cost from a very fair and polite man called Tassos at Sunbird rental, just down the hill from our apartment and we enjoyed the entire island. You will feel safe relaxed everywhere you go on this crime free island. Myrtos beach was our favourite place and we spent three full days soaking up the sun and braveing the somewhat tricky waves (not good for young children due to a strong under current). People with young children would be better off batheing at Lourdas beach or another of the many large and small beaches arround the island. We ate at a different resteraunt along the Laurdas strip every evening and never had a bad meal anywhere, the prices were also very fair averageing arround 8 euro's per person for a main meal and a drink or two.
We look forward to our next visit and meeting up with Costas and his gang in the near future.  

Pam S           

We came to Kefalonia last year for the first time and fell in love with it.  We stayed in an amazing villa and have booked it again for next year (full up for this year).

Can recommend La Mer restuarant on top road going towards turn off to Trapezaki, also Dianas restaurant in Trapezaki for a warm welcome.
Try Seven Cafe Bar in Lourdas for snacks and a great view of the bay - ask for Makis and Gina.

Maggie H           

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 been to lourdas 2 years in a row & then last year last minute could nly get scala.love lourdas, best apts are eagles nest, views excellent

Cathy A           

We stayed at the Lara Hotel in May '04 with Manos B&B. It was idyllic and we have just booked for next May at the Lara again, but with Kosmar Self Catering. Does any one know if there is a kettle etc. The First Choice brochure specifies kettles and toasters, but the Kosmar one doesn't say. Lourdas is lovely and we would recommend it for peace, wonderful views and great food. The local people are friendly, even more so if you try to speak a bit of Greek!


Fantastic resort still to be infected by mass tourism.
Stayed at Villa Mare (kosmar)which was excellent.Good atmosphere in resort,relaxed and friendly.Very clean and tidy.More for couples as based around the beach in the day ,or pool, and restaurants at night,no loud bars etc.Peaceful and tranquil.
Village at the top of the mighty hill was ok but preferred the beach/bay area which had it all.
Car hire (with Aircon)is essential to see this beautiful island and for those trips up the hill!!

Iain L           

We stayed in a villa in Vlachata just above Lourdas so equally between Loardas and Trapezaki beaches. Car essential. I use running to keep fit and found that running down to both beaches was OK though rather steep but trying to run back nearly finished me off. Certainly need a car for family beach visits.
Lourdas beach was a fascinating setting with heavy vegetation immediately on the shoreline, giving an oasis like quality to the beach bars.
We hired a boat with awning and 30 HP motor for the day which cost Euro 110 for 9am to 4 pm and the fuel ended up costing 35 euros but we did go to Skala and back, which just about used all the fuel the boat carried! Also be aware of huge rocks as you approach beaches and some long outcrops runnning far out into the sea. Our anchor got stuck under a rock and I had to dive down to free it but apart from that a really good value day out.
My 15 year old son dived to get a football in the sea whilst playing and speared his finger on a Weaver fish ( we think) causing extreme pain and not knowing what it was, a trip to the hospital in Argostoli (30 mins drive) 3 Euros later and immediate treatment (not 3 hour UK timing)large jab in bum and many jabs in finger to kill pain and all was well. These fish are very common on UK beaches and treatment is to immerse wound in very hot water which neutralises the venom, but we didn't know that. Anyway very rare to happen but worth knowing what to do if it does.

Restaurants Lourdas/Vlachata best La Mer (only decent one we thought) Spiros was pretty good, Greek isle Ok and Olive tree on way down to trapezaki beach was OK with fun on a wed night with Greek dancing etc.

Overall atmosphere is of an emerging resort with best and worst of that.

Island in general fascinating, with the swallow holes, mountains, goats, vineyards, fantastic views, turtles (can be seen in port when fishermen cleaning out fish). We also saw the Olympic flame as a bonus. Perhaps a little too quiet for many people, but really a lovely island and very friendly folk.

Sue M           

Just got back after a week, staying at the Lara Apartments.
The beach was clean, fairly quiet, had all of the ameneties needed.
BUT , the hill as mentioned previously WAS a killer, especially in the heat, which was in the 90's.After walking up to the shops at the top of the hill, we decided to rent a car.
Rented a small Daihatsu via the Ford Rental at the top of the hill.
They have a special deal on , 4 days for the price of 3. 105 euros.
The views were spectacular, the locals were friendly & found it a good base , but you MUST have transport.


A lovely quite, pretty resort with everything you need. There are no nightclubs but bars/restaurants & supermarkets. A great place to go for a relaxing holiday and the locals make you feel extremely welcome.

Martin N           

Basically, Lourdas is a bit of a dump. It has a long, gritty beach which is susceptible to wind particularly in the afternoon. Behind it there is a dusty road and an untidy scattering of restaurants. Forget any ides of idyllic Greek coves. Go Makros Gallios instead or better still, Ithaka or Lefkada.

Chris H           

Lovely blue sea. Very clean although abit pebbly in places. If you want a sandy beach just walk along from lourdas to Trapezaki beach.
All the beaches were clean and the waters clear.

Kris W           

We have been to Lourdas twice now and we love it! Stayed at the buena vista studios, very clean and comfortable, well maintained by Elias the owner who takes great care of the gardens too! The village of Lourdas is charming, the people are friendly and the food is great. Lots of tavernas to choose from, our favorite is Spiros. We very much enjoyed our holidays, they were relaxing and peacefull, cant wait to go back.


We stayed at the Afrato Village, which is down a side road on the way to Trapezaki. It’ s a lovely quiet location, really peaceful with wonderful views and sunsets. Lourdas itself is a bit of a strange place, being very spread out with no discernable centre. If you’re after a quiet peaceful holiday this is a good choice, if you’re after bustling nightlife with clubs and pubs then you’ll be very disappointed.

The tavernas were mainly identikit places with no character or charm. As with most restaurants, your mileage may vary, we may have just been in on an off day, but over all the food was pretty uninspiring and getting chips with everything got pretty annoying after the second day. Going to Greece I wanted to eat Grecian food, not what I can get from the place round the corner back home.

The Casa de Blue was awful, my prawns were over cooked and burnt while my partners prawn salad, was basically a large prawn cocktail with a jar of that sauce on top. We had to ask for the bill multiple times and even then it still took the best part of 30 minutes to arrive. Spiros’, Diana’s and the Tricolore were all pretty much of a much ness, bland and uninteresting food. The Crystal Palace was okay enough that we went twice, the squid was excellent. The Discovery on the way up the hill was excellent, even though it’s lacking in character. The discovery aubergine was really fantastic and my fish was done to perfection.

If you’re a veggie or a Vegan, then you’ll definitely want to check out Alexias Cosmopolitan Cuisine on the way down to the beach. This small restaurant was fantastic, the service was good and the food was superb. Overal it was the second best place we went to. The best had to be the Lourdas Diamond; just a stone’s throw further up the hill. Bags of character, interesting owner, great food; it was the place my partner and I enjoyed the most.

As for nightlife the Astra bar was quite nice, with good service. Although we preferred the Famous Pub, just down the hill as it had more character. It also had two very friend little kittens which provided hours of entertainment (although you shouldn’t feed kittens salted peanuts!).

The walks between places weren’t too troublesome, although if you’re fat and unfit, old or infirm, you may want to think twice about going here. There did seem to be some sort of minibus service between various parts of the village, but it wasn’t very well signposted and didn’t seem to follow a particularly set route, it also finished in the early evening, so was no good for going out at night.

Alison O           

Charming, peaceful resort, if a little spread out. Impressive views of Mount Ainos towering above it. Much of the accommodation was a long way from the beach, but the stunning views made up for it.
Good selection of restaurants, both up the hill and on the beach.
Good location for exploring the rest of the island.
Would recommend it to anyone looking for a peaceful holiday, but you do need a car!

Ian R           

1. Yes the hill really is an absolute killer. On its own it would be enough reason not to use this resort again.
2. Stayed at Anna studio - apt was clean enough, but noisy local neighbour and filthy yard.
3. Nightlife non-existant - all the bars empty for the whole week at end of September.
4. Locals very friendly.
5. Very peaceful - but too mountainous for walks

Sarah P           

I know that everyone has a different opinion of a place so here is mine. Lourdas is a disaster zone. since the village hit the dust afetr the 1957 earthquake little has been rebuilt appart from tourisat accomatation. as such hotles are seperated by piles of rubble and abandoned rubbish. we counted 4 burnt out scrap cars at the side of the road from the top of lourdas down to the beach. rubble and burnt out cars sounds more like Beirot than a holiday resort to me! pretty much all the tavernas are at the top of the hill and all are sperated by lenghthy walks. the beach is at the bottom of the hill, and when i say hill i mean side of a mountain! in the broucher they sate that lourdas is unsuitable for the elderly or infirm due to its hilly location, well im 23 and fit as a fiddle and i couldnt handle the walk from the beach to the tavernas. the beach itself is part sand part shingle part pebble and mostly grubby, it gave me the impression of what builders might leave behind after a days work. i cant understand why anyone would want to go here or find it charming when there is no original greece left, the beach is a mess and its spread out down the side of a mountain??? there are so many much nicer places to be on the island. for example lassie is a large resort offering numerous tavernas and good quality resaurants, beautiful sandy beaches and quality accomodation. people worry that lassie is over touristy and noisy but it isnt at all, it just provides what people want from a holiday. there are no nighclubs so no late night noise of drunken youths to spoil your holiday. for people who like it quiet try Sami or Agia efimia. Both have fab pebbly beaches with clear water to snorkel in. good selection of resaurants and shops and are very popular with the sailing faternity so there is also the snob value of going to either of these places. Just avoid Lourdas at all costs!

Patrica E           


Tony F           

Can only agree with Dave's comments. This was our 1st time to Kefalonia and certyainly will not be our last. Lourdas is a wonderful village and everybody there so friendly and welcoming. My two daughters aged 9 & 13 spent all their time in the sea and although the beach shelves sharply - it wasnt a problem as it is vitually impossible to sink in the sea and there are no currents to worry about.

I would recommend Patricias Restaurant and Cafe Seven on the beach front as well as Casa de Blue and Dionyess and after your meal you must visit Muses Bar where Nadia and the staff will ensure you relax totally in wonderful surroundings before retiring for the night.

Also do yourselves a real favour and hire a car so that you see the rest of this spectacular island.

I have never enjoyed such a relaxing and chilled out holiday and am counting the days until we return to this special island where you can really see what life should be like.

Dave F           

I spent a truely wonderful relaxing 2 weeks just outside Lourdas, staying at my partners family holiday home. I would recommend Lourdas & Kefalonia to anyone (except that I do not want it to become busy). I want it to stay a quite, low key island, as not to spoil it's beauty and charm.

The island is just spectacular in its beauty. Very mountainous in places, but also very lush and green in others.I found the people I met, very friendly, restaurents and bars a joy to visit to sample some traditional & not so traditional food and drink.

The beaches are just breath taking, with the sea so crystal clear and inviting to cool off in the heat of the day.

I would recommend hiring a car (with AC) for a few days to spend some time away from the main resorts to really see Kefalonia as it used to be - tiny villages, cafe's, long twisting winding roads etc. To enjoy a much slower pace of life, to make you realise, that their are places to go and see that makes our way of life in the UK appear truely mad with all of our hussle and bussle.

Mick P           

If you're going to any part of this lovely island you'll need a car. (Unless you're part mountain goat) We enjoyed every minute of our holiday and saw all the sights. A small car with air con. cost 310 euros for 10 days. Worth every cent. Lots of couples hired mopeds which are great if you're careful. Long trek to any beach, but lazy days by the pool were a lot easier. Local shops well stocked bar fresh meat. Can't wait to go back!
Mick, Pauline and Kids. (17th-31st July 2003)

Anne R           

Really peaceful. Stayed at Vrissida apartments which were halfway between main centre and beach so never had to walk far. Best restaurants: Triffili, Cafe de Blue and The Greek Island (who set a table on the beach for us on wedding anniversary!). Chilled out bar Bostani. Don't go to this resort if you want clubs, larger louts etc but absolutely perfect if it's a quiet life you're after.

Andrew T           

This was our third time to Greek isles and, as yet, never been disappointed. Lourdas was very nice but we would recommend a hire-car as it is quite a distance to the local beaches (Trapezaki being the better in our opinion) and you can see the rest of a very beautiful island.If you do not wish to drive then we do recommend you book a place not too far from the beach, or begin training now for the trek to the beach! Agios Thomas is a very pretty beach which is about 15 mins. drive from Lourdas. We certainly will be returning to this beautiful island.

Jon M           

Lourdas is slightly enigmatic, aspiring to be a resort, but retaining Greek atmosphere by really just being a number of studios and appartments spread over a slice of Kefalonia countryside not too far(if you have a car) from some nice beaches. You will also need a car to visit the other resorts and places of interest, unless you want to wake up very early to catch the buses which only run twice a day.(cheap though). All in all a very relaxing and beguiling place to stay.

Rebecca S           

Lovely village, definalty doesnt have the atmosphere of a resort, makes you feel like your I the 'real' Greece. People are so friendly and as there is only a few Tavernas they get to know you and treat you like a friend. We didnt have on bad meal and I highly recommend the Walnut Cake...You cant just have one slice. Beach never feels packed and sea is crystal clear....Only problem is the steep hill, but at least the excercise means you can have another piece of cake!!!

Shelly,jez,jack and ben            

Lordas...like a magnet you draw us back...we would be gutted if we could not enjoy one more late spring with you...

Gary S           

Kefalonia is a Special Island and Lourdas is also a Treasure. The Local people cannot be more helpful and friendly. The Nightlife Is low key but the tavernas make up for it with the Greek Island Restaruants being our favourite. Car Hire is a Must at Some Point so you can Discover The Island. The Views from Lourdas are Special with most Apts and Hotels overlook the bay of Lourdas and you can see the Island of Zante. It is a Special Place

Martin W           

we stayed at the angelas appartments which is 20 secs from the beach and bar ( which is not noisy at night ) hired a motorbike and went all over the island with my wife on the back.Not a place for the cluby people but great for a relaxing hol

Colin C           

Perfect for what we wanted,a quite place with cheap-ish good food and drink.Shops poor,no meat fresh or frozen,if you want a barby the nearest butcher is 20k away,next to the nearest cash machine.Beach very impressive and worth the walk down.Local people friendly.If going for 2 weeks a car is a must as there is no bus service to speak of.

Philippa Y           

The resort is spread out and has no real centre but is a really charming place to stay, something for everyone, except lager louts. A bit of a trek from the beach up to the main part of the resort but overall i would recommend it to anyone.

Matt W           

Really enjoyed our stay here and it made an excellent base to explore the rest of the island. The sea was beautiful but the shingle beach a little narrow, especially when the waves started coming in! Although it's a long walk from the top of the village down to the beach we found the tavernas on the waterfront were better so I'd advise going for an apartment closer to the beach if you're looking to stay here. Wouldn't hesitate to return (tomorrow given half a chance!).

Phil P           

Only dropped in on our way back from Poros. Looked a bit spread out but nice. Beach was great nice sand and looked ideal for children.

Liz S           

Lourdas was a good base for our holiday but we only really spent 2 days there having hired a car for 4. Car hire was very useful. The tavernas in Lourdas were good, enough variety and quality to see you through a couple of weeks and the shops were fine too. Ideal if you want a quiet resort within easy access of all other places of interest (by car that is!!).

Russell P           

a strange resort very spread out for most accomadation a trek from the beach transport becomes a must the beaches were very nice though. no night life other than tavernas which suited us not alot of kids and no lager louts a couples resort we liked but next time would look for somewhere with easier access to the beach fine selection of tavernas though could eat some where new every night .lack of shops for presents to take home.

Ian C

I have noticed from some of the comments that Greece may be becoming expensive compared with previous years, as this is my first visit to Kefalonia, can some one advise re general prices, we have eaten in Tavernas on other islands for 2500 drac and a beer was 500 drac, replies welcomed please

Steve T           

Lourdas was our first visit to Greece. The beach is a Long hike down and an even Looooonger hike+ back.(especially at 38'c). The water itself has to be the best I have ever swam in and I've visited many countries around the world including south-east asia/Australia. Perfect weather, good food (but pricey coz of the 40% post euro nervousnous increases). The only thing missing is what to do after you have sun-bathed, drank, swam, drank, eaten, drank, rested, drank, dressed-up to eat again. Some might not want anything else, well before I retire I need a little, I said a little night-life to dance away all that 'Drank'.

Ian W           

very quiet and peaceful resort with no loud and brash nightlife.the 2 or 3 music bars were not to be heard after about 1 am.several good tavernas offering good food at reasonable prices.not a shoppers paradise at all.long walks to the beaches are unavoidable but they are worth it for the long stetches of shingly sand.take plenty of water/drinks down there as there isnt a lot of places to top up on pop/crisps etc when you are down there.in fact dont forget anything as its a hard walk back up the hill!

John S           

Everything we'd hoped for. No nightlife,Quiet, Few Children, Good Beach, Good Food, Perfect Weather, Beautiful Scenery. What more do you want?

Dave B           

We loved it here. The lack of nightlife is just what we wanted; a few good bars and restaurants and that's it. No clubs, no partying, just nice people behaving in a civilised manner. The beach is big and similarly peaceful; no radios, no jet skis, no posers. The beach is beautiful, the sea is lovely - bring your snorkel and head for the rocks at the end of the beach, the views are impressive and the locals are charming. However, we recommend you bring plenty of cash as there's no cash machine in town (nor for several miles around) and not everyone takes card payment. We also recommend you bring your own tea bags.

John K           

What a beautiful place! I would recommend it to anyone that appreciates peace, tranquility and natural beauty.