Avra - (Restaurants in Skala)

Steve C          10/10

Equally the best restaurant we used.  Food excellent, service first class, sea views as well.  We also had breakfast here several times.  the price was favourable too, compared to the Scandinavia. Always lots of customer too.

The Pines - (Restaurants in Skala)

Steve C          10/10

 We have just returned from our second visit to Skala.
As with last year The Pines is simply the best
The service here is second to none.
The food quality is always first class.
The best "Stiffado" in town
The house red wine was the best i had during our 2 week stay.
The location is perfect too. The scent from the nearby fkowers and trees is spectacular.

It would have been so easy to have eaten here each evening, but we do prefer to try other places also. The only other restaurant to come anywhere close is the Aeolos, but it is not such a good location for evenings and it is also considerably more expensive between 20% and 25% than others we visited.

There is also one or two tavernas that do very good food namely Kaliva and Mannolis.

We did not have a bad meal from any of the ten or so different places we visited in Skala, The food ranges from good to exceptional, but the service ranges from very poor to excellent or in the case of the Pines..consistantly excellent....

Aeolos Beach Aparthotel - (Accommodation in Skala)

Steve C          5/10

aeolos  towers?   

 disappointed  -  having heard so much about this hotel

we arrived at the aeolos directly from the airport in our rental car.  i was instantly asked to remove the vehicle as they need the space for a coach bringing the other guests. having done this i expected to complete registration and be shown to our room to freshen up after our long journey.  alas, not the case, we were told to sit in reception and await the arrival of the afore mentioned coach, as angela did not want to have to repeat the hotel rules and regs. twice.  despite not being offered a drink we sat and patiently waited, and waited.  the arrival of the coach signalled the well rehea**ed greeting ceremony.   smiles, and waving to the newly arriving guests, escorting them into reception, whilst their bags were being unloaded. in total contrast to the “shift your car, sit there and wait” greeting that we had encountered.  angela then proceeds to read the riot act to you, not failing to mention that “aircon” has an extra charge. (85 euros  2 weeks)

you are then instructed to take your own luggage to your room.

whilst the bedroom is spacious, (unless extra bedding/cot required) some more elderly guests may prefer a couple of easy chairs, and a table perhaps.  some guests may also be disappointed with no tv, or telephone, and having a noisy fridge.

 the aircon unit in our room was very inefficient

tip:  leave sliding door open a fraction, turn on aircon, leave key in slot. go out have a good time.  come back several hours later; enter through sliding door to cool room. (bit difficult if not on ground floor)

the rooms are not thoroughly cleaned, or at all on sundays.  towels are changed twice a week. my wife attempted to get a fresh towel on a sunday, but alas her visit to reception, and subsequent request to angela, was not greeted positively, resulting in us having to use the soiled towels for a few more days.  even replacing a spent loo roll was beyond them. 

the shower is of ample size, although getting hot water was not always possible.

the positive bit:-  good location for town, nice walk 15mins or so.  yes there is a small but very steep hill to the aeolos, but fit people will find no problem with it.  the aeolos restaurant (near the town) is excellent, if a little expensive by comparison.  also has a new supermarket next door.

 whilst the aeolos may not be the worst hotel in skala, we will certainly avoid a reservation here the next time we visit skala.  we will, i`am sure, prefer the san giorgio, where the standards and service is better, and has the interests, and the comfort of the customer in mind, rather than the owner.