La Luna - (Restaurants in Skala)

Natalie W          8/10

I went here on two occasions and found the waiting staff to be very attentive, polite and friendly.  Seemed like a particularly good place for families as the waiters were good at interacting with children.  We only ate basic vegetarian spaghetti and pizza meals but the food was good and very reasonably priced.

The Pines - (Restaurants in Skala)

Natalie W          9/10

Excellent menu with a large variety of dishes including vegetarian.  Food was delicious and the staff were all very friendly and attentive.  This is a busy restaurant and some people do feel that they are a bit "rushed" to finish their meal, but personally I like that food is bought quickly and the staff often check if you need anything else.

Liana Apartments - (Accommodation in Skala)

Natalie W          10/10

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Just got back from a week at the Liana apartments.  The room was very spacious and clean and of a much higher standard than I expected it to be, which was lovely!  Self-catering facilities consisted of two electric hobs and a fridge, but all the utensils you could possibly need were provided and I managed to do quite a bit of cooking. 

The room was cleaned three times throughout my stay, with towels changed regularly.  I had to change my own bins once but this was not a problem at all as large rubbish bins are provided outside, and also cleaning equipment is left in public areas at the apartments so if you ever need to give your room a sweep or anything, then you can.
The bathroom was small but functional, with a shower tray meaning the bathroom floor wasn't soaked every time I had a shower, which happens often in Greece so again that was a nice change.

The apartments are situated right at the top of the main street so walking back from the beach in the heat can be a bit tiring, but a great excuse to grab an ice cream on the way back.  Personally I liked being at that end of the resort as that is where a lot of the locals live and it was also nice to have a bit of a stroll down into town.

Also meant I had fabulous views from the balcony, could see the main street, the ocean, as well as right up into the hills.
Overall for the money I give the Liana a 10/10, and am planning to go back again this year.