The Pines - (Restaurants in Skala)

Karen M          10/10

The pines is just fabulous the staff  could'nt do enough for us.  Even though we had 2 nights of power cuts we were still treated  extreamly well and the food was still the best in the village.
The food was something else here.
Lamb a la Pines was incredable but so was all the food and the sweets were to die for.
The staff are so lovely but also are very professsional and did thier upmost to make the evenings at the Pines really enjoyable.
We ate here nearly every night it was so good no other restaurant touches it.
We were never rushed the food came out very quickly.  I think they need to expand as its very busy they could double in size and it would still be packed because by nine they have to start turning people away!!

Chop Sticks - (Restaurants in Skala)

Karen M (06 September 2007)

The worst place we ate in Skala the wine was lousy the food ok but very small portions walked away still feeling hungry.  But worst of all the owner stood and watched us eat every mouthful then as soon as we had finished thrust a comments book into my hand and stood there while I filled it in. Well I did not dare put a bad comment so I wrote - JUST LIKE HOME!!! 
I asked if there was Chardonney on the menu he said no but said he had something similar oh my god the stuff he bought was I am sure home made plonk that was so strong I couldnt drink it he noticed this and came over and bought somthing just as bad.  Just had to drink it and go too scared not too!!!
Never go there again stick to the Pines!!!

Symposium Restaurant - (Restaurants in Skala)

Karen M          6/10

Very special place to eat food a very high standard but not enough of it ! Felt starving afterwards had to have a huge pudding (no I am not overweight or a greedy guts) 
Great wine list.
Still a lovely place to eat though nice and Romantic.