Mikelatos (Scandinavia) - (Restaurants in Skala)

Sarah H          1/10

This was the worst Taverna we ate in whilst in Skala.  I had a dry and over-done steak and my husband had something which resembled a Birdseye frozen meal, but was supposed to be cod.  The Tavernas in Skala are brilliant, but this one let us down, and was the most expensive also.  PS: What's that garlic margerine they were serving with the bread?  (yuk)!

Siroco Restaurant - (Restaurants in Skala)

Sarah H          9/10

Siroco was one of the best Taverans we ate in whilst in Skala - the food was first class.  I can particularly recommend the Kefalonian Meat Pie - yummy - and the Swordfish.

The staff are extremely friendly and go out of their way to ensure you enjoy yourself.

The Pines - (Restaurants in Skala)

Sarah H          10/10

This place was just brilliant .  The food is really good, and not at all expensive.  We ate in the Pines (bread and humous, a main course each, and drinks - 2 people for a total of 23 Euros) - its a shame there aren't places like this back home.

Socrates - (Restaurants in Skala)

Sarah H          8/10

We loved this Taverna.  It's just about as authentic Greek as you will get (no dodgy garlic margerine here).  I had a delicious plate of Sole fish fillets served with garlic and olive oil mash, and my husband had their homemade meatballs - it was served with a side order of Greek beans and beetroot salad and was just fab.  Definitely recommend - if you can find it!!  You need to follow the signs for the Roman Villa and keep going for another hundren yards.

Apollo Apartments - (Accommodation in Skala)

Sarah H          10/10

Have just returned from a fab week at the Apollo Apartments.  The whole place has a tranquil and relaxing feel (which is helped being out of town).  The gardens are well looked after and stocked with a lovely array of flowers, shrubs and fruit trees.  The apartments themselves are better than we could ever have hoped for, with a lovely big balcony and air conditioning.  The owners and their children are very welcoming - and the pool bar is a welcome relief if you have just walked back from Skala on a hot day.

We went for the first week in October and, apart from a storm which lasted 36 hours and was an absolute hum-dinger, we had lovely sunshine everyday.