Monte Nero

Restaurants in Lassi


This was by far the best restaurant that we visited during our stay in Lassi - try the Lamb Kleftico - very nice

Karen F           

Having viewed some of the comments on the site I felt I had to add some of my own. We are only home and are longing to go back!! The whole experience in Monte Nero was superb! Couldn't fault it in any way. We were there for 2 weeks and having tried a few other restaurants in the area, I have to say we enjoyed the food soo much that we ate there pretty much every night from the start of the second week! The service was excellent, all the staff were lovely and very friendly!! The meals were devine! I experimented with the food over there and tried quite a few of the dishes on offer and I would go back to the island for them alone. The Chicken Skambi and the Chicken Bronze (baileys sauce)in particular were to die for! The baked potato filled with garlic potato and the rice on each dish made them just that little bit extra special. Also have to add that Zen makes the best Sangria ever!! Just don't drink too much of it, its quite potent!! Would recommend it to anyone, definitely worth a visit or 2!!

Katy P           

i had chicken and cream it wasnt too nice
i wouldnt reccomend it

Kirsty M           

We visited twice in two weeks due to the fact we first went on the weds night before we left we really wish we had found it sooner. Both times the food was lovely, just a shame the service was a bit slow on our second visit. Well worth going to

Peter D           

Excellent meal and service. This is probably close to the Gondola in the best restaurant stakes. All in all we could not fault it.

Stacey C           

Am really supprised to here some of the bad reviews here. My partner and i visited monte nero twice during our week stay in Lassi and everything was superb. I didn't think we were served to quick, in fact it was 2 of the most romantic, relaxed evenings of the week. I had ostrich and vine leaves and i highly recommend them.
We also had a few glasses of wine here mid afternoon as it was quiet and relaxing but also a good sun trap. 10/10 guys we had a fab time and will be returning next June for some more good living!!!!

A V           

Rude self important staff. Ordered fillet steak and this was nothing like (how hard is it to cook a steak?)We only went this once and it was so disappointing we weren't prepared to waste time or money to give them the chance to redeem themselves because after all, there were plenty of other options.

Simon W           

Good place. Service a bit fast (!), but food very nice. Try the meatballs

Paul C           

Due to the comments seen on this site we visited the restaurant twice. On the first occasion the main course arrive immediately after we had just finished the starters. On the sceond occasion both main course were spoilt by the addition of too much salt. We told the waiter about our complaint but nothing happened. We never returned and unfortunately would not recommend this restaurant.

Tracey A           

My friend held her wedding reception here in the evening and the food was fantastic. It was a set menu she chose and I have never seen soo much food in all my life it was unbelievable. I highly recommend the meatballs they just melt in the mouth. Again as somebody has already mentioned only wish we discovered it sooner.

Michaela S           

A bad recommendation.Restaurant wasnt full & we waited half an hour before order taken.Would have have walked out only for hungry 6 year old daughter.Seated close to kitchen-saw a waiter throw half dozen plates at a chef-noise awful.My Husband went to toilet with my 6yr old daughter only to see same waiter brawling with chef in full view!
Food arrived approx 1 hour later.Poor-very salty & cold.Only bad experience we had on this holiday-all other restaurants were great.

Claire C           

Myu comment is on, but forgot to put the ratings!! - so this is my ratings for the place!

Claire C           

We ended up in this restaurant for 3 nights out of 7! We were gutted we didn't find it sooner, as the food was the best we had in Lassi. The service was very good and very friendly. A very extensive wine list and nothing below par on the menu. Alot of locals eat there too, which says alot! Recommended to anyone who doesn't expect to eat burger and chips every night!
If you go, please say to Georgios that "the lovely Claire and Vivienne say Hi and Claire misses you!"

Jo S           

We went to Lassi for one week and ate at Monte Neros three
times. It is a very relaxing restaurant and a lovely ambience. The
waiters were great and the food was first class.

Fay W           

This is "The Ivy" of the Lassi strip! They serve the best wines of
Kefalonia with an extensive wine menu giving full descriptions of
each one. You know when you walk up that red carpet, you are
going to get the star treatment!
Right from the first sculptured ball of feta and garlic butter, you
knew you were in for a treat. We had the perfect grilled Octopus
for starters then I had a Fillet steak with Fois Grasse (Goose
liver) on a savoury sponge bed. Delicious!! My partner who is not
too adventurous but likes hot spicy food, had the meatballs
Mexicana. Huge spicy minced beef balls covered in a hot
mexican sauce with the biggest King Prawns on top that I had
ever seen!!
If you are very rich, eat here every night and just go through the
menu!! I wish I could have done!! BEST RESTAURANT 10/10

Joanne V           

We were looking forward to going here, as the location was lovely, set high up, with a sweeping red carpet. It was quite windy though, so tie your hair back otherwise you'll be eating it all night. We ordered, Pepper Steak and Chicken Marsala and wine and water. We were waiting for the bread and drinks to come and the waiter walked over with our meals, within 2 minutes, if not less. So this totally put me off. My chicken pieces was very poor quality,and the pepper steak was just steak in gravy, no pepper that we could taste. It totally put us off, we were finished within 10 minutes of sitting down. 'Luckily', after the main course we had to wait nearly half an hour for an ice cream.

Sara P           

This restaurant has a nice setting, but can be a bit too open on a windy night. It was the only restaurant we went to where we felt a bit short of privacy as the tables were a little closer than we would have liked (maybe we just had the wrong table?) We had a bit of a nightmare with my meal as I'm not a fan of fetta and they seemed to put it in everything! Even the bread came with Feta Butter! However, my partner had penne pasta arabiatta and said it was one of the best meals he'd had in Lassi so all was not lost.

Trevor M           

Best kefalonian meat pie we had, and we tried a few!
Lamb kleftico very good but not as much meat as Sirtaki.
The sun can be a bit blinding though if you sit facing the sea.
Very nice food, we went on our first night and from then on all the others had to come up to their standard.

Nicola D           

Monte Nero is a great place to eat out. We were in Kefalonia for 14 nights and ate in Monte Nero on 6 of those nights. In fact, the only places we ate whilst we were in Kefalonia were Monte Nero and Gondola! They were both so good we didn't dare eat anywhere else. The staff are very friendly, the food is great and the atmosphere is lovely. We are going to Kefalonia again this year and are looking forward to a great meal in Monte Nero.

Julia G           

Ben to Lassi for two years running and have not found a better place to eat! The staff are friendly and attentive, the menu extensive and portions very generous. We ate here five nights out of seven this year and were delighted with the quality of the food and wine, along with the very reasonable prices. Would recommend the salads, stuffed vine leaves and all chicken dishes.

Darren P           

Delivered to our balcony on our wedding night by our rep, food very nice, equally so on our second visit. Fantastic service. Good set up that invites you to look in the kitchen.

James H           

Ate out every night for two weeks and this was the only bad meal we had in Kefalonia. When I say bad I mean revolting.

Liz G           

Yet again this resturant made our holiday, we went to Kefalonia two years ago and thought this was the best place to eat, freindly staff, good atmosphere, lovely food, and again it was as I remembered it last time, full marks.

Scott B           

We had a good meal here. Both of were very happy with the food and service. The fish is very good here so give it a try. The Klefitiko that i had wasn't the best that i have had but was good non the less. Wine list is pretty good too. Only went once but that was because we preferred eating in Argostoli.

John L           

Meal was poor. Soup smothered with salt making it inedible. Mined grill was dry and appeared to have been hanging around waiting for someone to order. Decor was good. Napkins were real and not paper. Meal did not reach our expectations.House wine was okay. One visit was enough.

Tanya C           

We came here twice as the wine was very good, service very good and a good choice of food. One of top 3 restaurants we went to.

Jon F           

Tried it the first night & returned for a second, food was very good & sevice was good & very friendly.The Chicken & the rocquefort sauce was very good, The stuffed tomatoe starters are well worth a try,the childrens chicken fillet was well worth it,reasonable prices,we are returning next year & will eat there again

Emma L           

We went here a few times and everytime had fantastic meals with a lovely bottle of wine. Service was excellent. Lovely setting with brilliant views of the sunset.

Adrian S           

We thought it was one of the most reasonably priced places we found, and the service was ok. There was quite a good selection of food and wine, with a excellent range of greek food. It might look a bit posh as it has a red carpet leading up to the restaurant, but it was lovely. The Moussaka was great and not just full of cheese sauce as some of them are. Enjoy !

Patricia A           

sorry to say we walked past the restaurant quite a few times, and on our last day we ventured in what a suprise the food, service and price where excellent beware of the gin and tonics (specially after the local house wine) they are leathal and they make a mean cocktail, don't do what we did and walk past go in and enjoy your self


We had starters: prawn saganaki & saganaki and main course the chicken with roquefort sauce and fillet monte nero. Both the food and the service were good. I would definitely recommend it.

Eileen F           

The restaurant looks beautiful from the outside but I had a chicken dish that was served cold, greasy and was inedible. Presentation was non existent. Other members of my party said their food was OK. Complaints to the staff was met with indifference and we only ate their the once.