Best Time to Visit

Richard Medhurst          10/10

love kefalonia very much we have had 3 holidays and always visit the middle to late May when it can still get very hot and its nice and cool in the evenings

Sandra M          10/10

we have been going to kefalonia for 10 years now and it is home from home for us.we usually stay in lourdas but you def need a car to see the island properly.The place is gorgeous and the people is spotlessly clean everywhere.we usually go end may or begining sept and the weather has always been! Maybe a cardi for the evenings.we only experienced the wasps once and that was september.they were a real nusiance.the food is great but kefalonia is not cheap but worth every penny.i love the place.

Michael S          9/10

We always go to Kefalonia late May and the weather has been fantastic. yes  a little cool in the evenings but who wants to sleep with air conditioning humming away? For those of you who want  wonderful beaches, good (if plain) greek cooking , cheap wine and good beer  and no "get your English breakfast here!" then this is the place for you. Yes some bars don't open till a few weeks later but then the beaches start getting crowded and the heat turns up. Went in mid September as well last year and enjoyed the benefit of warmer sea temps. However the wasps were a nuisance particularly in Fiskardo. May sees the Island at its best with wild flowers covering every available space!

Dee K          9/10

We usually go in September, but to celebrate my birthday and our wedding anniversary we went mid May. We thought it was great, ok, not a everywhere was open, but the beaches were deserted, the weather good. Rain 2 evenings, but we were in the bar anyway, cloudy with a shower one morning, but by lunchtime the sun was out.
Temps around 25-30 degrees, yes I needed a wrap or cardigan some evenings and hubby worn long sleeve shirts on a couple of nights, but the last 3 night he was wearing tee shirts and me sleeveless dresses.
We enjoyed the quietness of it all, on day we had a beach to ourselves - how good is that??

Martin W          6/10

First time we have ever been this early and will not do it again, The weather was great but not a lot open, great if you want a very very quiet holiday.

Andrea M          9/10

We are venturing out to Kefalonia for our 4th visit, only this time we are arriving 6th May for two weeks.  We usually visit beginning of September.  We are going earlier so the weather is not so hot as we are taking our son Harvey on his first foreign adventure.  We are staying at Pythos apartments (got a two bedroom) in Svoronata.  We usually stay with Voula in Marketos but she doesnt have a two bedroom apartment.  So looking forward to seeing the Island in May.
In reply to Natalie Rothwell, I havent been in May either, but my understanding is its probably jeans and maybe a fleece in the evenings, I am certainly taking a few long sleeves......Hope Kefalonia is all you want it to be, it is for me.

Karen H          3/10

went to lassi a couple of years ago, with my partner we loved it that much we  are getting married there may 2008 anyone out from the 13th of may  onwards your welcome to join us, only going to be the 2 of us,we stayed in the appartments in lassi which where very clean  going 1 step further and staying in the hotel med  this time the holiday was so relaxing and there is plenty to do in the evening, the bars are so chilled out  didnt want to leave.

Val D           

We went to Markriotika in May 2006 and it was percet for us, not too busy, lovely and warm without being oppressive, and the island smell is amazing.Cant wait till May again

Susan L           

Been to scala in the first week of May 2005, thoroughly enjoyed it. So much, that we are going back again this year, admittedly last 2 weeks in May, when the weather is guaranteed to be hotter. Weather last year was sunny but cool in the evening, but still too cold to venture into the sea. Scala is a quiet resort but with plenty of bars/restaurants. Definitely a family/ couple destintation without the usual crowds.If you are going for a week -treat it as chill time, if you are going for 2 get out and see the island - there's loads to explore. Really nice people, good food and very relaxing. You won't be disappointed unless you are a bit of a disco diva/ lager lout!

Nigel C           

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Early May must be one of the prettiest times to visit. The island is covered in Spring flowers. By the end of May though, most of them have finished flowering.

John S           

just come back from a 1 week hol.
10-17 may.
weather was great very hot last couple of days.first day or 2 was around 23C
BUT AT THE END OF THE WEEK WAS 30c and the nights were a touch warmer.,..
its a very quite  island not like next door zante, but very nice.
we went across to zante on the ferry with the car.
i would recomend kefalonia but 1 week was engough for me as it was not to much to due.
we rented a villa out with private pool ,this i would recommend highly  it was great!! it was in trapezaki overlooking the sea and zante.
may is a great time to visit.

Pete M           

Just got back from a 2 week holiday in Lassi (3rd May to 17th). The first week we had warm days but cold nights and I do mean cold. 2nd week much better. Beaches are empty at this time of year which pleased me. May is a good time to visit Kefalonia.

Denise C

I am going to Kefalonia on the 22 May for two weeks. What will the weather be like? We are staying at Lido Villa, Aghia Efemia, will this be quite? Thanks for your help.

Pauline O           

Add your comment here..We have been going to Kefalonia now since 1989 sometimes twice a year and will be going back this June have been there between late April  and late October found the weather different so often. had it hot in May also chilly, the same in June, July has usually always been good, August days good maybe chillie towards evening likewise September, October not really  not recommended, but one year been there in July and returned October the weather was just as hot but this was exceptional  but what ever the weather always enjoy it

Richard B           

May this year (2004) was a bit uncertain weatherwise .. we really did need jackets in the evening. Yes it WAS cold at night (colder than I've ever known in Greece) and often less than comfortably warm by day. I have visited in May in previous years, and as a rule it's pretty good, though you should expect some cloudy days especially early in the month. Personally I reckon the best time to visit is end of May / early June when good weather is pretty well guaranteed ... though there are those who reckon Kef is at its best in September.

Gemma W           

Hi everyone i just wanted to say that Lassi is a beautiful place to stay and i have been there 7 times and gone for 2 weeks. Lassi has bad roads and there not very safe but that doesn't matter just enjoy what you haven't seen already. In some areas of Lassi, Argostoli is not far and it has beautiful night life. The restuarants are good, the best one i think is Ionio because the staff are lovely and the food is always great and we have a friend their called Lambros, he is greek and really friendly to me and my brother and always gives us a sparkler in our ice-creams. There is a brilliant beach near Lassi called Platis-Gialos and it is really cool and the sun-bed man called Yannie is really friendly too. There is a castle called ST.Georgio's castle and their is an english lady who works and lives with her family in the castle and she is our friend to but i can't remember her name.The weather is always hot when we go but it did rain once and that was on the last day(thank the lord). So, people who haven't been check this page out and read mine and everyone else's wonderful comments about Lassi. Trust me you will want to go.

Liz M           

May is a great time to visit the Island. Not too busy in the bars and restaurants and plenty of room on the beaches. Less traffic on the island as well, so its easy to get about. The Weather was hot for most of the time, although we did have a couple of cloudy days and one day when it rained all day. There are plenty of things to do on days like this and it did not spoil the holiday at all.

Gemma M           

Weather OK this week - Could of had a bit more sun but not moaning!! Good time to take the kids !!! Would go again in May Gr8 time the San Lorenzo Apartments were gr8 and safe !!! One day a couple got married and the bride looked fantastic!! We took pictures and the sun was bleeming........ Try May..... PERFECT!!!!!!!!

Darren P           

Just got back. Two weeks with two kids aged 3 & 4. Wether perfect 11 out of 14 without a cloud in the sky and just two days of rain which the kids incidently loved to play in. Excellent time to visit. We both have a great tan and the kids have played safely without getting burnt one bit. You still need air con if you hire a car. Nice and quiet with the tavernas offering excellent service.

David A           

Just got back from Lassi.Weather was superb for late May.The island was in full bloom, wild flowers in the hedgerows and verges,reds,yellows,purples and whites...gorgeous. Stayed at Lassi,a great base from which to tour the island.We hired a scooter and had a great time.Certain to go back for a third time.

Alison W           

We have just come back and it has been the hottest may on record in 39 years. Nice time to go not too busy. They only down side of things is the airport, you have to que up outside before you can go and check in as it only has 4 check in desks and one scanner where every piece of luggage has to go through. It took us over a hour to check in, and we were lucky as we were near the front. Other couples from our hotel who arrived 30 mins later it took them nearly three hours. You have to see it to belive it, travelled around the world but never seen anything like it at any airport. Be warned!!!!!

Graham C           

Late May early June is the best time to visit. The temperature is about right for all ages and all the flowers are in full bloom. Will be visiting for a fifth time this year.

Darren M           

my wife and i have been to the most beautiful island of cephallonia 3 times in may and we,re going this may. we love it, not too hot in may. all over the island by car. we saw nicholas cage in sami filming captain corelli. ( my wife loved that.) we,ve been to many other greek islands, but you can,t beat KEFALONIA. C U IN MAY 2003 IN LASSI. YAMASS.

Helen M           

The weather was just right and we had the added bonus of not having to que anywhere, (although the castle was not open). all the bars were open and all though they were not full,they were n't exactly empty and lacking in atmosphere. I was quite happy as i could still sleep at night and it only rained for 10 min one day

Emily S           

May was good because it was hot but not to the point where you can't sleep at night. We had one bad day with rain which was ok anyway. The temperature was around 22-25 and there were no clouds so we spent all week on the beach.

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