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Stu W

hi Going to nine muses in June this year has anyone been there, have heard its a lovely place to stay

Julie E          10/10

'Flammin June' is the Best!!

June is a lovely time to visit Kefalonia, its sooo green, hot n sunny, all the flowers are in bloom it's not too busy.  Will go again next year, hopefully June but if not I would consider late May.  Have a lovely hol!!!

Jackie H          10/10

hya carl we book with greekstones everytime we go to lassi we do it on line and get a fantastic deal from them antonis is one of the owners so ask for him an hel give you a good deal happy hols xxx

Jackie H          10/10

hya amanda,  my hubby an i are going to lassi on 22nd june and are staying at the nikos apts opposite the olive gardens this is our 3rd hol there cos we love it on the island the olive  has fantastic views and the apts are fab the bar and food there is supurb u must go to the bbbq night its great fun and lush food have a brill hol xxx

Amanda P

Im going to Kefalonia on the 17th of June. Its the first time I am going and was wondering if anyone has any hints and tips for me?? They would be really appreciated. We are staying in a place called Olive Garden Apartments. Anyone got any info on this place at all? Also has anyone done any excursions that they reccomend? 

Thank you Smile

Carl F


Going to Scala on the 17th June 2008, looking at hiring a car from Greekstones, any coments.

Sam W          10/10

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Spent first two weeks of June 2007  staying in Scala Kefalonia   , Had one nearly full day of rain in first week otherwise weather was great,  although swimming pool and sea were chilly at first things soon warmed up,  maybe last two weeks of June would have been a better choice, But saying that bars and beaches were nice and quiet ,and almost child and football shirt free, and many of the colourful plants were in full bloom

Karen C           

Just got back yesterday after spending a week (13-20 June) in Scala.  The weather was scorching, the day we left it was 36 degs!! a little too warm some would say.  Apparently the week before we arrived they had some rain and even a storm, so we picked the right time to go.  Early in the season so not heavily booked and easy to find a table at your favorite restaurants, and a sunbed on the beautiful beach.

Emma M           

Just got back yesterday and have had the best two weeks.

Went on the 4th June and it reterospect it may have been better to book middle or late June as beginning of June is still a little early and still a little cold and quiet. First few days cloudy and rainy, even thunderstorms but from about the 9th June it was starting to heat up and last week was red hot!

Scott S           

Never been this early in the year so far, but going on June 4th.........hoping it's gonna be red hot!!!!!!

John G           

we were in kef for 2 weeks, 5th to19th june. absolutley brilliant! had a couple of cloudy days with a few spots of rain but otherwise hot and sunny. resorts a little busier than the end of may when we normally go but very comfortable ( the waiters aren't stressed out either! ). if you enjoy a bit of walking in the countyside, june is a brillint time to go because the vegetation is still very green and there are some lovely wild flowers to be found if you take time and look for them. we are definately going back in june next year, this time from the 11th!

John H           

came back today waether has been great except for two 45 minutes down pours 1 in the afternoon and ! in the evening-both times we were in a bar.

Patricia S           

Hi everybody, went to Olive Gardens in June 2004, and Ventura in October 2004, absolutely love it / brill/ coming back in June, Hello to stan & family in the shop, Nikos & co at Zorbas, promise we will behave ourselves this time
PS were bringing our mates MATE!
Patsy & Marianne


We went on the 20th June and everyday was cloudfree, no rain, just pure sunshine! Each day got hotter and hotter so walking to the beaches and back was just about bearable. I wouldn't like to go in July as it would be too hot.

Aileen L

What will the weather be like in June in Kephalonia? I am possibly planning a week away around the 15th

Lisa A           

My Parents visited Kefalonia last year in June and then September. although they had good weather in September, June was far more the best they said. Lovely light mornings and light nights, very hot at night mon you , but they are going back in June this year and we are joining them, I fell in love with Captain Corellis Mandolin and seeing the shots of their holidays, well we cant wait to go.

Lucia B

I am going to Skala on the 3rd of June for two weeks with my friend. Can anyone tell me what kind of weather i should expect? I went last October and it was hot then so im wondering what June will be like!

Anna G

i am visiting kefalonia in june 2004 with my boyfriend, could anyone give us any tips on what to do and see. Also, where do i go to arrange boats trips and excursions, is it easy?! i would be grateful of any friendly advice on anything, i am sooooo excited about going, it looks fantastic! oh yeah, and wheres the best place to drink at night? Thanks!!!!

Chris G           

We are going to Kefalonia from 20 June. We are a couple with a seven year old. What we want is sandy beach, a room with a balcomy overlooking the sea and several tavernas to choose from. Any suggestions?

Paul B           

Just arrived back after fortnight away 17/ 1st july. We found a huge difference from the first and second week of our stay in Lourdas with the first week being very quiet and the pace of life really relaxing however after the sunday the resort had become quiet busy, or for this type of resort anyway but still very enjoyable. I would definatly recommed June and will be going back probobly the first two weeks though next year. Stayed in the Casa de Blue which was in a fantastic location.

Nia E           

We had a fantastic time..and the weather was very hot..couldnt of handled it much hotter butl by the beach though. Not a cloud ithe sky for the whole week, and so warm in the evenings. Heaven!

David C           

We went from June 8 to 15 this year, and obviously are slightly biased in that we think it's the best time to go!

But I have to say that it was starting to get REALLY hot and I don't think I could have lasted much longer than the week. The excursions weren't overcrowded in the slightest and the weather, as I said, was starting to really heat up.

Had we gone in July or August, I don't think we would have been able to stand the heat. Having said that, we all complain about the bloody weather in blighty, and then people like me complain about the heat when on holiday. I hope I don't sound like a 23-year-old Victor Meldrew!

Linda F           

Visited 1st to 15th June this year, Kefalonia in the middle of a heat wave! temperatures above 40c most days.

Shaun T           

Wonderful weather, a sunny mid 20c in the day and cool at night, no rain!

Andi W           


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