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Maria R          10/10


Jason F          10/10

Stayed there in the first week of july.  Weather was georgous with a gentle sea breeze and not a cloudy day the time we were there  

Maria R          10/10

stayed here  july 10th - 24th was great weather mid 30"s raising to 40 was a really nice breeze which made it bearable. still quite peacefull not many people about for the first week,but think the local children broke up from school and the beaches had more people on them on the second week,but still really peacefull,great place hope weather is as good next year.....

Lorraine J           

We went to Lourdas for a week commencing 8th July.  It was hot, probably low 30s.  Even though I like the sun and hot weather we were definitely glad we took a beach umbrella to provide shade.  It also meant we were saving money not hiring one every day, and could choose a quiet spot to sit away from the crowded 'lines' of beds and parasols.  We also took the beach umbrella with us in the hire car when we ventured out and about and enabled us to enjoy beaches with no beds and umbrellas without getting sunburn.  They are available to buy in local shops if you don't already have one to take with you, but I would highly recommend one.

Emma M           

We went mid July and stayed in Poros - and the weather was great...hot yes - but there always seemed a nice sea breeze sweeping in - so it was quite bearable...

Steven W           

We stayed in Skala from the 18th to the 25th July 2006 and it was really hot but nice, take a dip in the pool around 1`ish or better still hire a car or bike (we got 2 motor bike) drive towards Poros (about a 30mins drive my bike) and there are few really nice breaches on the way, the best we found was about 10 mins from Poros back towards Skala. The main road passes it so you canít miss it. All pebbles but of a size that donít hurt shallow waters so you can lay down in the water during the hottest times. but if you wish to visit this breach and like a bit of shade take a parasol.

Gareth J           

We visited during the first half of July 05, and had great weather - hot but bearable, as long as you avoided the really hot 2-3 hours during the middle of the day. We could feel it getting hotter still during our last couple of days there, so from our point of view, we'd probably try and avoid the 2nd half of July and all of August.

Lynsey & caroline            

Was there start of july 2004 was a heatwave the first week and was incredibly warm, even the locals were finding it to warm!! although still very warm the second week it was bearable enough to walk around in and cooler at night. Was fairly quiet during our stay think it gets slightly busier end of July/August. caroline and lynsey (scotland) x

Robert P           

Had a brilliant holiday in Agia Efimia and were lucky enough to see the European football final (I think they won!)
Please watch out at the airport on you way home though. There's a woman in the duty free shop who clearly makes a nice living out of short-changing passengers. She will give you the right number of coins in your change but not the right denomination. It's only 1 euro each time but she was the only Greek to try this trick. I remember her doing the same thing last year and I was ready this time. Please make a fuss and perhaps she'll realise we're not entirely stupid. Check your change!

Janine E           

Very hot although the weeks we visited there was a breeze every day which made the heat bearable.

Skala is a beautiful place to visit, we enjoyed every moment we were there. Have a drink with Denis and Paris at the Green Paradise on the beach front, lovely lovely people, very friendly and welcoming without being intrusive.

Highly recommended.

Robert P           

Excellent weather generally but first week this year was over 40 deg C, whcih may be too much for some. I then settled down to mid 30's which was more comfortable. Saw a cloud on the Saturday but it didn't stay long!

Mike S           

perfect weather nicely hot.

Pauline S           

Some like it HOT! & if u do, this is the time to go. I went from 25th July to 8th August. We did get a break though. One wk in, there was a thunderstorm and it rained for 1 day. The following day. The lightning shows were so spectacular that my partner & i stayed up till 4am sitting out on our balcony in the Hara apartments with our shades on! There was no rain that day just lightning. It was really beautiful. Previous to that our rep had told us it hadn't rained since early May.

Nicola D           

This was our second visit to Kefalonia and once again, we went in July. It really is so hot in July so if you don't like the heat, don't go in July.

Is it just me or is Kefalonia getting busier? It seems a bit more tourity since we were there two years ago. I think Kefalonia's appeal is it's natural beauty so I just hope that they don't ruin it too much.

Fay W           

We took July 13th-27th (just before school hols!) and stayed In
the Liberatos village in Lassi. It was Hot Hot Hot! But being at the
top of the hill, had a lovely breeze which kept our apartment
bedroom at the back of the lodge nice and cool! Our balcony
from the lounge at the front overlooking the resort had the sun all
day. PERFECT!!!


we came to kefalonia in july 2002 and i must say it was very hot! we came back in october 2002 and it wasnt as hot which was nice. but then again the july heat must not have been that bad because we are going back in 2 weeks and its even hotter now. but i recomend people who dont like the heat, should think about coming to kefaonia in a differnt month. x x x

Sara P           

We visited from 8-22 July and stayed in Lassi. The beach was quite busy but never uncomfortably packed. The resort wasn't packed either - there are enough bars and restaurants for everyone, even at peak season. Very hot - first week the evenings were cooler with no humidity, but the second week was boiling and not easy to sleep at night. Would still go again at this time though as we love the sun!

Robert P           

Very hot every day; 35-40. Saw a small white cloud on 22 July, quite a talking point! Buy a parasol and annoy the baggage handlers when you are too mean to leave it behind!!

Emily K           

Just got back from Skala (July 22nd) after 2 weeks there i will never go back to Spain again. It was peak season yet still quiet, weather was in the 100's and i got burned once when on a lilo in the sea (very deceiving) would go earlier next time in the hope of more breeze! Not a cloud in the sky for whole holiday not a drop of rain. Bliss.

Jackie S           

Went to Lassi on 3rd July for 2 weeks. The weather was very hot so a high sun factor is recommended. For the two weeks we were there we had a breeze (strong at times) so it did take the intensity out of the heat. It even made the sea a tad cold at times but was great to cool down.
The resort wasn`t as busy as I was expecting so made for a really enjoyable holiday. Can`t wait to go back.

Laura J           

We have just arrived back from Lassi and we had the best holiday ever. The weather was amazing for the whole 14 nights but if you are not a sun-worshipper then perhaps this time of the year may be too hot for some people. Temperatures in the mid 40C's!! The beaches was fab and we hired a motor boat for the day and found some really amazing private coves which are the nearest thing we've seen to the Caribbean. We are going back next year for sure. Totally loved it.

Lisa L           

Just got back from staying in Lassi first two weeks in july. Weather was VERY VERY hot and not a single cloud did we see in 14 days. However, there was a nice breeze some evenings and deapite the hot sun we found the sea to be cold which was nice to cool off in. The evenings were about 28 degrees which makes sleeping pretty uncomfortable, especially when you cant have windows open due to mosquitos!

Sarah B           

Just got back from Poros - had the best holiday EVER! It was perfect - very hot (51į some days). It was very romantic, and I'd encourage everybody to visit - everybody loves it.

Nicola D           

This was our first ever Greek holiday, and boy was it hot! On arriving at our apartment, we decided to walk to the local mini market for supplies. By the time we came back (all of 20 minutes had passed!) I was burned on my shoulders and chest. I decided there and then that Factor 12 suncream was not enough and used Factor 16+ for the rest of my stay.....and I still came back a lovely shade of mahogany!!


we went to greece, kefalonia in july 2002 and thought it was alovely time to be there. the sun was lovely, the swimming pools were lovely and everybody there were lovely. we also went back their in october 2002 and that was alovely time 2 go 2. as you can probally tell i like the word lovely but thats what kefalonia is!!!! LOVELY!!!!!
see you in august 2003 kefalonia!!

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