Premier Restaurant

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Steve Harrington          3/10

Been visiting cephalonia for ten years and always enjoyed argostoli especially in the evening in the square. Premier became our favourite to watch the world go by with a cold drink! But this year! Wow what's gone wrong? Staff trying to drag you in as you walk by and then the lack of basic good service! Really disappointed. All surpassed by the waiting staff visibly having a disagreement over taking bill payments from people just wanting to get on their way! Very sad knowing the standards that went before. The younger waiting staff don't have the training and understanding of their predecessors! We were always made to feel really welcome before at premier but this time we just felt we needed to move on! Really sorry!

Sally E          10/10

 Amazing food, and fantastic service, very very child friendly wouldn't go anywhere else, all sweets cakes and icecream is home made which we just couldn't get enough of when we were over there. Can't wait to go again!!!!!!!

George P          1/10

Looooong wait for nothing. We were there in July, for dinner, We waited for 1 and a half hour to be served low quality food.

Victoria M          9/10

click to enlargeWe visited Kefalonia for the first time this year and visited this cafe/patiserie on several occasions. One of them being on the first day and as we had walked in from Lassi, we were met at this lovely corner of the main square, by a very informative waitress. We enjoyed our lemon and honey tea with side of cake or biscuit and another time pancake with apple, cinnamon and honey. The staff were always very charming and helpful when we needed directions or places of interest to visit. We are quite happy to give Premier and its staff a 9/10 rating I only have a picture of my travelling companion as the picture of the two of us outside this lovely cafe, is on her camera

Julian F          9/10

 We had 3 meals at the premier and enjoyed all three,the only niggle was the garlic bread, were was the garlic?,the mains were very good and the deserts were excellent,oh the staff were nice too,very good.

Harold S          9/10

Ate here on our first visit to Argostilli.The hostess offered us free wine if we went in and as we were going in anyway it was a bonus.The food was excellent,try the keffalonian meat pie delicious.For dessert go into the inside restaurant and choose from one of the largest selection of greek cakes you have ever seen!!! Lovely atmosphere sitting in the square watching the people go by.

Lyn C          1/10

went to the Premier for breakfast in June, which was fine, the waitress told us that it was their 20th anniversary, and if we came back in the evening they would be giving you a free glass of wine with every meal and a free dessert, they had been to a fare and were selling lots of new desserts which looked mouthwateringly delicious, we went back a couple of days later and the offer was still on, but how dissapointing it was. my husband ordered a pizza which was on the board but not on the menu he asked for one with everything on it and when it came it was just smothered in tomatoe puree sauce and horrid squidgy cheese and nothing else, we noticed that 3 girls at the next table also had pizza which had lovely bits of feta and olives and mushrooms on so I don't know why his was so awfull, I had mousakka which was gross, it was made of  recycled meatballs and potatoes and it was cold and vile, nothing like the one I had in Svoronata which was lovely. we were only given one free dessert to share which was a doughnut and ice cream, we weren't ask what we would like and really felt that once they got you in they couldn't care less about the food. Definatley would not reccomend .

Adam W          9/10

When we had an evening in Argostoli we ate there.Food was good with good service.Puddings were excellent too.Sitting by the square was wonderful in the evening.There was a group of 3 musicians singing at your table(of course hoping some money from you).It was a nice restaurant,we enjoyed it.

Steve H          10/10

Fantastic setting to sit and watch and enjoy lovely foods and drinks! A great experience - again and again!

Kev S           

Nice place to sit outside on  a hot day and have a relaxing drink and a yummy cake. Its right on the main square and perfect to sit and watch the world go by.


Went here twice once for an ice cream - strawberry is delicious.  Then again for a slice of cake and a drink.  A large selection of cakes are on offer, but slightly pricey.  Worth it for a treat.

Min A           

I love this place! It's an essential experience. Right on the square for people
watching. Waiters are unperturbable and do not bat an eyelid when I ask for
hot chocolate in August. Out of high season they will talk to you if they see you
come back time after time.

Assume a Greek mentality as you will spend as much as you did on your main
meal for a coffee and desert! (Or even just a coffee. . . )

Catherine A           

desserts to die for and you will when u get your bill!!!!
bottle of water always given even if not wanted.....
go for a special occasion

Alex M           

Desserts out of this world but everything very pricey. Well they have to recover the cost of the sweeties in the toilets some how.

Malamo C           

The Premier had beautiful desserts, but they just tasted ok. The food is way overpriced.

Anthony G           

They serve the most beautiful deserts.