Jerrys Elliniko - (Restaurants in Katelios)

Min A           

I hadn't been here for many years so decided to give it a try (summer 03). It's
in a great setting right on the sea.
It seemed to be run by a variety of foreigners - mainly English and American.
They haven't quite got the idea of a restaurant. I found it difficult to get
anyone's attention to get a menu, ditto to order, the food was OK when it
came, but once again difficult to get someone's attention to pay. In fact . I
have never seen so many dopey people working in one restaurant.
Seemed more like an ex-pat club where - although they were supposed to be
working - their social needs took preference over those of their would-be

Siroco Restaurant - (Restaurants in Skala)

Min A           

Glad to see Kostas having a slightly more relaxing time running the cafe after
his years slogging away in the restaurant!
Exactly what you need for a cafe. Perfect spot to watch what's going on, good
service and decent coffee.

Stateri - (Restaurants in Argostoli)

Min A  (01 February 2004)         

I have been here regulary since it opened.
It often has many empty tables - don't let this put you off. I've always had
excellent food and good service. Slightly 'up-market' food beautifully
Waitress (well the one who's always been there for the last few years) doesn't
speak very good English or very good Greek but will get your order in the end.
Slightly off the beaten track, but worth making the effort to go here.

Mythos - (Restaurants in Argostoli)

Min A           

Open all year round and tends to be full of locals rather than tourists.
More interesting fare than the usual taverna stuff. Only a minutes walk from
the main square along the palm tree road.

Kiani Akti Restaurant - (Restaurants in Argostoli)

Min A           

Great location, great food.
Have been there over a number of years and always been happy with the
food. It gets very busy and the waiters can get harassed. Last summer
unfortunately had a very rude waiter who spoilt the evening. (He criticised my
Greek though I then realised he wasn't Greek and not used to the nuances of
the language!!!) However this has been the only glitch at this place.
Make the effort to go there.

Kalafatis Restaurant - (Restaurants in Argostoli)

Min A           

I had never actually been in this place beofre though I had walked passed it a
thousand times.

I agree with one of the other reviewers - the staff harass passers-by to get
them into the place whilst ignoring those who are already in!

What I had was OK but only OK. We foreigners were not being given proper
receipts which means the money is bypassing their books. . . something
which annoys me (as a taxpayer!).

All in all, a poor show!!! I will return to my habit of walking past it!

Bell Tower Cafe - (Restaurants in Argostoli)

Min A           

Great place for a relaxing drink morning, noon or night.
Watch people going by and support the project which gives gainful
employment to people with disabilities.
Buy various items of local produce inside.

Sto Psito - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Min A           

Excellent food.
Excellent service.
Excellent value.
Excellent view (especially if you are in the front row!).

El Greco Menu - (Restaurants in Argostoli)

Min A           

Great basic taverna fare.
Friendly service.
Reasonable prices.

Captains Table - (Restaurants in Argostoli)

Min A           

The one near the square. The Greek- American woman is friendly and not as
pushy as she first appears. The food is good, the service good, live music
frequently. Speak Greek for a smaller bill!

The one on the harbour. They haven't quite got it here service-wise. . . but the
food is fine.

La Gondola Menu - (Restaurants in Argostoli)

Min A           

Usually OK here and a change from taverna fare. Perfect for watching the
world go by.

Had one bad experience here one time, with 'off' cheese in my melitzana
parmesana. OK it happens and it was the end of the toursit season - but an
apology would have been nice. . .

Premier Restaurant Menu - (Restaurants in Argostoli)

Min A           

I love this place! It's an essential experience. Right on the square for people
watching. Waiters are unperturbable and do not bat an eyelid when I ask for
hot chocolate in August. Out of high season they will talk to you if they see you
come back time after time.

Assume a Greek mentality as you will spend as much as you did on your main
meal for a coffee and desert! (Or even just a coffee. . . )

Mythos Apartments - (Accommodation in Katelios)

Min A           

I understand that air conditioning is being put in ready for the 2005 season.

Andreas the owner will do anything to make your holiday enjoyable. Great pool area. Great
BBQ night.