Kalafatis Restaurant

Restaurants in Argostoli

Anne K           

We have been coming to Kefalonia for over 16 years and always come to Kalafatis on our first night to meet the family who have become firm friends. We will be arriving this week and nothing will change! Their soup has become tradition for us!  Forget that someone is outside enticing you in - you are in Greece and that is their custom - you will miss a lot if you pass by! The banter we have will Elias always makes our day.  Anne, Mike, Di and Ted 


We ate at Kalafatis a few times loving the view and eating right on the waters edge.  The food was good, the meat or vegetable soup is excellent and the main meals very nice, too many nice ones to choose from!
We enjoyed various meals - moussaka, souvlaki, chicken. meatballs.spaghetti bolognese all nice.  Only downside was the staff, the young man on the pavement trying to encourage you in is very nice and not overpoweringly pushy but the waitress (who always worked in the evening!) was awful - very slow, we waited 30 minutes to order on our last visit, would have gone somewhere else but the food was good and we were looking forward to various meals on the menu so waited - but didn't go again after that!
(Beware of the one with very long dark hair!!!)

Sarah C           

Very pushy waiters practically forced us in this restaurant. Food Ok. Nothing more to say.

Min A           

I had never actually been in this place beofre though I had walked passed it a
thousand times.

I agree with one of the other reviewers - the staff harass passers-by to get
them into the place whilst ignoring those who are already in!

What I had was OK but only OK. We foreigners were not being given proper
receipts which means the money is bypassing their books. . . something
which annoys me (as a taxpayer!).

All in all, a poor show!!! I will return to my habit of walking past it!

Paul F           

The service isn't that great, as the waitresses are constantly looking out for new customers at the expense of existing ones. However it is very relaxing sitting by the water's edge and gazing across the water. Recommended if you're not in a hurry.

Ian A           

The Red Snapper was excellent, the best fish we had on the island. The service was a little laid back (although they did have to cross a busy road to bring the food out!)but the food made up for it, we went there twice.