Fiona Aparthotel - (Accommodation in Lourdas)

Christopher T  (27 July 2007)        10/10

Myself and my partner visited the Fiona Apartments in July 2007 and were stunned by the warmth of the welcome from Mehi and her staff. Greece like it used to be be!! Imagine a guest appreciation dinner consiting of T bone steak, Jacket potato and a desert for 6 EUROS!! The pool area was clean and the bar was imaculate. Mehi would often appear from the kitchen with tit bits for the guest sitting round the pool, NO CHARGE!! We founf the rooms basic but clean and fuctional, complimentary fans were provided from Petros supermarket up the road. It was always amusing to see wether you were going to get free sweets, lighters or Ouzo when you did your shopping. Cooking wasa non starter in the apartments as 1 plug in hot plate was all you had ( good job as it meant more time to explore the restaurants. For pizza, pasta nd steaks go to Olive Lounge, 1 between 2 on the pizzas unless you have a big appetite. Upmarket required, head for Andromeda, swish and elegant and the head waiter is a dead ringer for Danny Devito. CarHire we found excellent value at Sunbird, Tassos is a decent guy and flexible over terms and prices. Olympic were very pushy on using CBR but we found Sunbird better value and more friendly. Beach is clean but the walk is a killer, splash out and take a cab, or the bus as the sun is sweltering on the way back up. All in all a great quiet holiday and five couples clubbed together to buy the owner of our apartments a present so that says it all to us.

Sunbird - (Car Rental in Kefalonia)

Christopher T          10/10

Sunbird is in my opinion the best car renatl in the resort. Tasos was friendly, flexible on terms and the best value we could find. If you get a Matiz remember to switch of the air con when you go up steep hills, believe me it makes it easier.

Olive Lounge - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Christopher T          9/10

the pizzas are massive and very tasty, the service is lively and efficent. All in all a good place to chill, watch the scenery and enjoy great pizza, pasta and steaks.

Fiskardo - (Resorts in Kefalonia)

Christopher T          6/10

Fiskardo is a good looking village, a long drive form anywhere but worth the slog up form the South. Biggest problem in July this year was the wasps, while the rest of the island was wasp free seems that Fiskardo was buzzing them in by the coach load. The only problem with the resort was the pretenuious yachties who were marginally more annoying than the wasps. We stayed overnight and had a lovely ( but expensive meal) on the harbour front. Go, but take the inspect reppelent ( and that only for the yachties!!!)